Martial Combat 9 Preview


Martial Combat 9 Preview

  Chris Moore     vs         Wiktor Svensson

USA                               Sweden

1-0                                  2-0  

Svensson is definitely in the running for the award for most impressive Martial Combat debut. The only drawback of his 28 second submission victory over Seung Hyun Choi at Martial Combat 1 was that it didn’t give the Swede more of an opportunity to showcase his skills.  

Chris Moore is likely to provide a much tougher test. Svensson is a Jiu Jitsu fighter who has transitioned into Muay Thai whereas Moore is a Muay Thai fighter who has transitioned into Jiu Jitsu. Both men have professional Muay Thai experience and both men hold submission wins inside the cage.  

This looks to be an evenly contested match up between two well rounded, versatile fighters. With neither man having an obvious advantage in any one department absolutely anything could happen  

Chris Bostick    vs         Yoann Gouaida  

USA                               France

4-2                                  2-2  

Both these men have been fighting since 2007 and look to be well rounded. Gouaida is a crisp, technical striker who is extremely strong in the clinch. Bostick has a background in wrestling and Muay Thai but all four of his wins have come by way of submission.  

Gouaida’s only losses have come against two of the top fighters in Australia and this experience will only have made him a better fighter. Both men are coming off back to back submission wins and will be confident going into this fight.  

With his wrestling prowess Bostick may look to shoot for an early takedown but Gouiada will not be uncomfortable fighting on the floor. The Frenchman will probably want to keep the fight standing and look for the KO but with Bostick’s background in Muay Thai he will probably feel he can hold his own in the stand up department too.  

Arthit Hanchana            vs         Malik Mawlayi

Thailand                                     Afghanistan / Swededn

1-2-1                                            8-3-1  

Mawlayi is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belt who showcased his submission skills on his Martial Combat debut. Hanchana is primarily a Muay Thai fighter although he does hold a submission win.  

Mawlayi was up against another Muay Thai fighter, Cyrus Washington, at Martial Combat 4 and he took the fight to the floor almost immediately before sinking in a rear naked choke. With Hanchana coming off back to back submission losses the plan for Mawlayi will probably be to do exactly the same thing again at Martial Combat 9.     The Thai fighter will have an advantage for as long as the fight remains standing but if he ends up on the floor he is likely to get swiftly submitted by Mawlayi.  

Erin Toughill                 vs      Bao Yu Dan

USA                                        China

10-2-1                                     3-0  

Toughill is one of the top female fighters on the planet and her only loss in the last nine years came as a result of disqualification. Bao is much more of an unknown quantity but if Martial Combat has taught us one thing it is not to underestimate the Chinese fighters.  

Toughill will be an overwhelming favourite going into this fight but Bao’s Sanda skills might make the contest interesting for as long as the fighters remain standing. Sanda fighters tend to an unorthodox but extremely effective style of stand up fighting.  

Neither wrestling nor the ground game are strong points for Chinese fighters and Toughill’s experience means any area of weakness in her opponent is likely to be ruthlessly exploited.  

David Gardner              vs         Yang Seung Ho

USA                                           South Korea

18-14                                          10-1  

This is a huge step up in opposition for Yang, who is from South Korea but now calls Singapore home. Yang is a highly rated up and coming fighter but he faces a very tough test against the experienced American veteran.   Gardner gained notoriety for waving to the camera and shouting ‘Hello Japan’ in a fight against Japanese stand out Shinya Aoki last year. The stunt backfired when Aoki took advantage to sink in a rear naked choke and finish the fight but while Gardner did not cover himself in glory in this particular episode he is clearly a confident young man.  

Yang is a decorated grappler who has spent a lot of time working on his ground game in Brazil. Gardner’s wrestling is outstanding and he used it to devastating effect against another South Korean fighter, Doo Jae Jung, at Martial Combat 2.   Gardner did look a little vulnerable on his feet in that fight and this is one potential weakness that Yang might look to exploit. Gardner has been in there with some of the very best in the business though and will be confident he can nullify the threat of one of Singapore’s brightest prospects.

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