"Shark Fights 13: Jardine vs. Prangley" Live Results and Play-by-Play

The biggest event of this jam-packed MMA weekend goes down tonight in Amarillo, Texas, where UFC veterans Keith Jardine and Trevor Prangley square off in the light-heavyweight main event of Shark Fights 13.

BloodyElbow.com will have full results and round-by-round coverage starting with the live undercard stream on Sherdog and continuing through the pay-per-view portion of the show, so make sure to join us back here at 8:00 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT.

Quick Results

Trevor Prangley def. Keith Jardine via split decision
Houston Alexander def. Sokoudjou via TKO (punches) R2, 1:31
Paul Daley def. Jorge Masvidal via unanimous decision
Danillo Villefort def. Joey Villasenor via unanimous decision
Tarec Saffiedine def. Brock Larson via unanimous decision
Paul Bradley def. Johnny Rees via submission (RNC) R1, 4:28
Ronnie Mann def. Douglas Evans via split decision
Aaron Rosa def. Devin Cole via unanimous decision
Daniel Straus def. Karen Darabedyan via unanimous decision
Eric Davila def. Pete Spratt via submission (guillotine) R2, 3:49

205: Keith Jardine (15-8-1) vs. Trevor Prangley (22-6-1)
Round 1: Jardine shoots in and Prangley negates the takedown with the Thai plum. Jardine muscling the South African against the fence. Prangley drops Jardine with a knee all the way up the middle from the clinch! Jardine survives and pulls guard, catching Prangley in an armbar as he gives chase. Jardine comes close to finishing, but Prangley steps over and twists loose. Jardine now bleeding from the corner of his left eye where he caught the knee. Prangley kneeing Jardine's body as he works from side control. Punches to the ribs seem to irk Jardine as he closes up his guard. Jardine grabs at an inside heel hook and uses the hold to escape to the feet with 30 second left. Jardine lands a cracking left hook that makes Prangley grin. 10-9 Prangley.
Round 2: Leg kicks from Jardine the only meaningful offense in the first half of the round. Texas crowd begins to boo. Three minutes in, Prangley cracks Jardine again and the "Dean of Mean" goes to his backside. Prangley rushes and shoves him into the cage. They break and Jardine goes back to his leg kicks. Prangley with some kicks of his own, also pumping his left jab into Jardine's grill. Jardine tries a takedown with 30 seconds left but only winds up with a waistlock against the cage. 10-9 Prangley.
Round 3
: Jardine emerges aggressive, pouring on leg kicks, but he needs a finish here to win. Jardine finds an overhand right as Prangley continues to swing and miss this round. Jardine is landing a few glancing blows for each of Prangley's counter-punches, but Prangley's landing harder. Hard right lands for Jardine at the four-minute mark. Prangley tries a takedown but Jardine pops back up. Jardine starting to wing desperate punches. Prangley tries to tie up but Jardine's not having it. Prangley looks wobbled! Knees from the clinch by Jardine as the round and the bout ends. Too little, too late. 10-9 Jardine in the third, but 29-28 Prangley on my unofficial card.
Trevor Prangley (23-6-1) def. Keith Jardine (15-9-1) via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

205: Rameau Sokoudjou (9-6) vs. Houston Alexander (10-6)
Round 1: Tentative stalking and exchanging of leg kicks in the first 90 seconds. Sokoudjou's left leg heavily taped as usual. Sokoudjou explodes and drops Alexander with a big left, but Alexander survives by clinging on to the Cameroonian's leg. Sokoudjou pounds away but can't finish and Alexander gets back up, still wobbled. Sokoudjou landing shots at will as Alexander hangs in. Right hook puts Alexander on rubber legs again! He stumbles away from the fence and they wind up on the mat in center cage, Sokoudjou in Alexander's half-guard. Alexander sweeps with 45 seconds on the clock, begins smothering Sokoudjou with one hand and punching with the other. Alexander gets away with a pair of blatant headbutts from guard. Referee Steve Armstrong does nothing. 10-9 Sokoudjou.
Round 2: Alexander hurts Sokoudjou with an uppercut, then a knee. Sokoudjou goes fetal against the cage and Alexander wails away for what seems like 20 seconds before the ref steps in.
Houston Alexander (11-6) def. Rameau Sokoudjou (9-7) via TKO (punches) R2, 1:31

170: Paul Daley (24-9-2) vs. Jorge Masvidal (20-5)
Round 1: Daley letting his right hand go early, both to the head and body of Masvidal. Left hand over the top backs Masvidal up. Masvidal says he caught a poke to the eye as he shot for a single-leg and Kerry Hatley gives him a break. Masvidal only takes about 15 seconds to recover and they're back on. Masvidal's not throwing, only circling the perimeter of the cage. Daley tries a wacky handstand-kick and is taken down soon after. He creates some distance and pushes Masvidal off. Masvidal still not pulling the trigger, nearly gets taken down toward the end of the round. 10-9 Daley.
Round 2: Left jab working from Daley, slapping body kicks too. Masvidal catches a leg and brings "Semtex" down, but Daley scrambles back up. Another takedown for Masvidal, and again Daley walks up the cage. Half the round gone as they clinch and stall out against the fence. Masvidal spins Daley out and connects with a knee to the body as they break. Masvidal effortlessly takes Daley down again, this time in the center of the cage. Not much going on and Kerry Hatley stands them up with seconds left in the round. Okay. 10-9 Masvidal.
Round 3: Daley gets taken down again and puts his back to the cage post and looks at the referee, imploring him for a restart as Masvidal isn't doing much. He gets it and Daley starts hunting again. Masvidal keeping his distance from the hands of Daley and slipping the single punches "Semtex" is throwing. Daley sneaking the left jab through with 90 seconds left. Masvidal shoots and Daley lands about 10 quick shots to the head as he spins free. Masvidal looks to be hurt, but he recovers as Daley backs up to let him stand. 30 seconds left and Daley is looking for the homerun shot. Out of nowhere, Daley grabs a waistlock and scores a takedown with 10 seconds left. Vicious hammerfists and forearms from Daley to end the fight. I think Daley stole it in the last minute and a half. 10-9 Daley and 29-28 "Semtex" on my card.
Paul Daley (25-9-2) def. Jorge Masvidal (20-6) via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

185: Joey Villasenor (27-7) vs. Danillo Villefort (11-3)
Round 1: Villasenor initiates the clinch, but it's Villefort who trips him down and moves to half-guard. Villefort with head-and-arm control but can't pass to the side to finish off the choke. He stands over Villasenor and dives through his guard with a few bombs that just miss. Back to half-guard. Villasenor escapes and lands a right on his way out. Villefort botches a takedown and pulls guard as the round ends. 10-9 Villefort.
Round 2
: Villefort knocks Villasenor down with an overhand right. Looks like Villasenor may have slipped on the mat as he pops back up. Villasenor connects with a cracking knee as Villefort shoots, but the takedown comes anyway. Villefort still can't pass Villasenor's half-guard, but he's threatening with subs nonetheless. Villefort finally passes to Joe's right as the round ends. 10-9 Villefort.
Round 3: Slower-paced round with Villasenor actually spending some time on top, only to be swept by Villefort in the last minute. Villefort hopped into mount at the very end of the round but couldn't finish Villasenor. 10-9 Villefort again and I've got it 30-27 for the Brazilian.
Danillo Villefort (12-3) def. Joey Villasenor (27-8) via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

170: Brock Larson (32-4) vs. Tarec Saffiedine (9-2)
Round 1: A pair of southpaws squaring off in this one. Larson charges in and Saffiedine makes him pay with a nice left. Saffiedine misses a head kick but lands the follow-up right hand. Larson's single-leg attempts aren't taking and he settles for pushing Saffiedine into the fence. Saffiedine gets tripped but winds up on top with 90 seconds left, punching away at Larson from half-guard. Easy round to score, 10-9 Saffiedine.
Round 2: Saffiedine working leg kicks and catches Larson flinching when he feints a jab. Larson looking tired already, keeping on the outside with his hands by his sides. Saffiedine rushes in with a knee and Larson spins him into the fence. Larson working on a high-crotch single but Saffiedine is using the fence to stabilize himself well. They break and Saffiedine lands a nice knee on the exit. Saffiedine just walking Larson down now. He lays an arm across Larson's throat and pushes him into the cage. Commentary team pleads for one of the men to steal the round with 10 seconds left, but it was all Saffiedine to me. 10-9 Saffiedine.
Round 3: Right hook and outside low kicks by Saffiedine. He digs one to the body of Larson, causing the wrestler to shoot immediately. Saffiedine sprawls and goes back to stalking Larson. Another single-leg attempt from the tired Larson. Saffiedine being held against the fence but sending elbows to the body and the side of Larson's head. Saffiedine yanks his leg free and finds himself in Larson's half-guard. Elbows from on top, knees to the body by Saffiedine. Larson looking to frame up a kimura on Saffiedine's left arm. Saffiedine grinding on Larson for the final minute and should take the decision handily. 10-9 Saffiedine and 30-27 total for the Belgian.
Tarec Saffiedine (10-2) def. Brock Larson (32-5) via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


170: Paul Bradley (12-2) vs. Johnny Rees (12-2)
Round 1: Bradley scores an early takedown and works from half, then stuffed back to full guard. Bradley gets to side control and sinks in a choke, then walks around to north-south position! Looking bad for Rees. Can't tell if he's gone to sleep or he's just trying to fake Bradley out. Looks like he's playing possum as the camera shows his legs still bridging. Rees escapes, but Bradley transitions to a rear-naked choke and it's tight. Rees taps. Very impressive showing from Bradley.
Paul Bradley (13-2) def. Johnny Rees (12-3) via submission (rear-naked choke) R1, 4:28

145 Title: Douglas Evans (10-6) vs. Ronnie Mann (17-2-1)
Round 1: Lots of activity early on from Mann, mixing up punches and leg kicks on the defending champion Evans. Mann chopping away at the left leg of Evans when he gets caught inside and Evans underhooks him into the fence. Guillotine attempt from Mann causes Evans to back out, but Evans scores a takedown soon after in the center of the cage. Mann looks for a triangle, then an armbar, then a leglock. Evans avoids them all and snares a tight-looking guillotine of his own at the very end of the round. 10-9 Mann.
Round 2: Evans still trying to find his range, loading up on a big right hand that keeps missing. Mann counters a leg kick with a flying knee and knocks Evans to the canvas, but they pop right back up. One-two lands from Mann, followed by a hard right. Flying knee from Mann misses and Evans uses the opportunity to score a takedown. Mann uses the cage to sweep and escape with 90 seconds left. Mann stuffs a takedown and looks for a guillotine, causing Evans to abandon the attempt. Yet another flying knee attempt from Mann as the round expires. 10-9 Mann.
Round 3: Mann sparks Evans with a head kick, maybe the hardest shot of the fight. Evans regains his senses and scores a takedown, but Mann swings his legs up and snares an armbar. Evans lifts Mann off the mat and slams him on his head. Mann looks stunned but survives and turtles up against the fence with Evans in north-south position. Evans tries for a guillotine, but Mann gets to his feet and frees himself. Mann stuffs a takedown attempt and Evans eats a knee for his troubles. Mann grabs a guillotine on another takedown attempt, but Evans pops his head out and the round ends. 10-9 Mann.
Round 4: More chopping leg kicks from Mann and Evans' shots are fading. Evans motions that he catches an eye poke, but the ref Steve Armstrong disagrees and tells him to continue. High kick from Mann catches Evans around the solar plexus. A repeat of the end of the third as Evans shoots from way out and Mann snares a guillotine. It looks tight, but Evans waits it out and extracts his head. 10-9 Mann.
Round 5: Mann keeps working on the legs of Evans, now also landing short hooks from inside. Evans tries a low single that Mann easily defends. Mann kicks to the body and Bas Rutten goes wild. Another failed takedown attempt by Evans, whose punches are all missing by a good margin. Right hand stumbles Evans but Mann doesn't charge. Mann still trying the flying knees with 30 seconds left in the last round, and one yields Evans a takedown. I have the last round 10-9 Mann, a clean sweep for the challenger on my card. The announce crew seems to think it was a close fight, though, and this is Texas, so we'll see.
Ronnie Mann (18-2-1) def. Douglas Evans (10-7) via split decision (48-47, 47-48, 47-48)
Common sense prevails and Ronnie Mann is your new Shark Fights 145-pound champion.

HW: Devin Cole (14-7-1) vs. Aaron Rosa (14-3)
Round 1: The two heavyweights grab one another and punch away, Frye-Takiyama-style. Ironic, since Frye is in the booth tonight. "Remember that?" Bas Rutten asks. "Barely," Frye replies. Cole pushing Rosa into the cage, but Rosa sending some nice knees inside. Cole drags Rosa down and Rosa closes guard. After a moment, Cole stands up and Rosa follows suit. 10-10.
Round 2
: Cole seems to catch an eye poke, but referee Steve Armstrong doesn't take action. Just big arm punches from Cole now, Rosa keeping his range and digging to the body. Cole pressing Rosa into the fence with over-unders, looking for a trip. Good dirty boxing from Cole and Rosa disengages with a kick to the body. And back to the clinch goes a tired-looking Cole. Head kick from Rosa just misses. Cole desperately looking for a double, then a single, but there's nothing doing and he goes back to shoving Rosa into the cage. Nice takedown from Rosa toward the end of the round. 10-9 Rosa.
Round 3: Rosa keeping his distance, pumping his jab while Cole tries leg kicks and arm punches. Rosa looks the fresher of the two and lands a nice front kick to the breadbasket. Rosa puts together a three-piece but wades back out after a Cole uppercut. Leg kick from Rosa causes Cole to wince and shake his head. Another nice combo from Rosa causes Cole to clinch up. Rosa reverses and Cole's back is to the cage with a minute left. Knees to the thigh inside by Rosa, then a nice one to the body from the clinch. Cole scores a takedown with 20 seconds left and pounds away, but it probably wasn't enough to take the round. 10-9 Rosa in the final frame and 30-28 Rosa on my card.
Aaron Rosa (15-3) def. Devin Cole (14-8-1) via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

155: Karen Darabedyan (9-3) vs. Daniel Straus (12-3)
Round 1
: Darabedyan stuffs a shot early and makes Straus pay with some strikes from the clinch and a guillotine attempt. Straus pushes Darabedyan into the fence and Darabedyan reverses, landing inside knees and foot stomps. Straus explodes out of the clinch with a glancing high kick. Straus rushes in with a combo and pushes Darabedyan into the fence, gets reversed, but then plants Darabedyan firmly on the mat. Straus takes mount for a moment, but Darabedyan uses the cage to work back to his feet. Darabedyan drops for a leg and rolls over on the heel hook. He can't get enough space up against the cage and Straus extracts the limb. Darabedyan takes side control to close out the round. 10-9 Darabedyan.
Round 2: Darabedyan pushes the action early on, but the fighters settle into a slow pace for the middle minutes of the frame. Darabedyan working leg kicks, Straus head-hunting with a nasty left hook and some body/head kicks of his own. 10-9 Straus.
Round 3: Straus sprawls well on a Darabedyan takedown attempt, then trips Darabedyan down himself. Quickly into full mount, Straus tries to flatten Darabedyan out, but he's shrimping hard underneath. Straus back to half guard with Darabedyan looking for a submission on the left leg. Straus frees himself but sacrifices position, and they're back to the feet. Low double from Darabedyan puts Straus on his back against the fence. Straus looks to be tiring and in trouble, but manages to sweep. Back on the feet, Straus is motioning to the referee in frustration as Darabedyan pushes him into the cage. Ref Kerry Hatley restarts them with a minute left. Long shot from Straus scores, but there's not much time on the clock. The final round is 10-9 Straus on my card, giving him the fight 29-28.
Daniel Straus (13-3) def. Karen Darabedyan (9-4) via unanimous decision

170: Pete Spratt (21-17) vs. Eric Davila (17-10)
Missed the first round due to loading issues with the Sherdog stream, but Davila knocked Spratt down with a nice knee midway through the second, pounced and then locked up a tight guillotine to get the tap.
Eric Davila (18-10) def. Pete Spratt (21-18) via submission (guillotine choke) R2, 3:49

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