MFC 26: Retribution Live Blog and Results

Make sure to make your home for MFC 26: Retribution, tonight live on HDNet at 10:00 PM EST:

"Ryan Ford is not just a local star, he’s a world star. Tom Watson from England is a major-league star. (Luciano) Azavedo from Brazil, he’s a world star. These aren’t UFC washouts. These are guys that could be stars in any organization." said Mark Pavelich.

Before the live crowd and the millions watching throughout North America on HDNet Fights, MFC 26: Retribution will be one of the most action-filled events in the history of the Maximum Fighting Championship.

Main card:
Douglas Lima def Ryan Ford by submission (arm bar) round 2, 0:48
Antonio McKee def. Luciano Azevedo by TKO in Round 1. 
Jesse Taylor def Tom Watson by unanimous decision. 
Dwayne Lewis def Mike Nickels by TKO, 1:30 Round 1.
David Heath defeats Solomon Hutcherson by TKO 3:26 in the 2nd round
Curtis Demarce  def. Tyson Steele via submission, 4:09 rd 2

Live blog after the jump.

MFC 26: Retribution coverage

Live Blog

I had some technical issues with my cable box and missed the first fight so here's the finish, will live blog the rest:

Curtis Demarce  def. Tyson Steele via submission, 4:09 rd 2

David Heath vs. Solomon Hutcherson
Two UFC veterans fighting at middleweight. Heath says something to the effect that he didn't kill himself training for this fight. Hutcherson discusses the injury that handicapped him in his last fight. I still hold his The Ultimate Fighter season 3 antics against him ("team DAGGER"). Heath I associate with enjoying watching him lose to Machida and Time Boetsch (via redneck judo). Oh my god, Heath coming out to some old Ice T. Wow. Doesn't quite jibe with his "country boy" rep, but I guess it is pretty Bama to be playing the old school stuff. Heath looks a lot better at middleweight.  Round 1
Heath lands a right but Hutcherson tie him up. They're locked in over-unders and trading knees. Low blow to Heath, break. Hutcherson comes out with a body kick-left hook that drops Heath. He follows Heath down and attacks from inside Heath's guard. Elbows. Ref stands them up and puts them in center ring, back in Heath's guard. Heath threatens with an arm bar, but Hutcherson gets free. Back to the ground and pound. Heath's head is all red. Wonder if he's comparing Hutcherson's ground and pound to Babalu Sobral's. Hutcherson is doing nothing comparable to that storied beating, but he is remaining active and landing shots from the top. "Cracking elbow". "Tried to knock his ear off, Van Gogh style," says Schiavello. Heath is bloodied but looks like it might be Hutcherson's nose. Ten seconds left. Round ends. Bloody Elbow scores it 10-9 for Hutcherson. Round 2 Schiavello says Hutcherson's nose is broken. He's calling a  time out. Trigg is complaining about the MFC rules that allow that.  Now they're starting. Heath lands a right. Another to the nose. They're trading on the feet. Heath gets the better of it. Solomon lands with a right cross. A jab. Hutcherson's eye is cut. Jab from Heath. Another. Leg kick from Heath. Body kick. Hutcherson with a left. Heath counters twice. Heath dodges and lands a hard short counter. Spinning back fist! Heath tags him again to follow up on the flashy move. Good fight. Leg kick from Heath. Hutcherson misses with jabs. Heath circling away, dropping his hands. Hutcherson throws a combo. Heath drops him with a right! Finishes with hammerfists. David Heath defeats Solomon Hutcherson by TKO in the 2nd round.  Schiavello explains it was a "balk right hand", a Kyukushin karate technique. It's similar to the superman punch without the fake leg kick. 

Dwayne Lewis  vs. Mike Nickels Plenty of empty seats in the arena tonight. Nickels another 38 year old veteran of TUF.  Somehow his tatoos look even older. Lewis is 35 and coming out to Limp Bizkit. Yikes. I like the big ring. Round 1 Nickels with a body kick. Nickels comes in behind a jab and eats a vicious string of uppercuts from Lewis. Somehow Nickels gets back to his feet . Nickels shoots weakly, Lewis sprawls and feeds him more uppercuts. Once again. Damn. Bad shot behind a lazy telegraphed overhand by Nickels. Vicious uppercut drops Nickels and he's out, but the ref lets the beating go on for ome time. Dwayne Lewis by TKO, 1:30 Round 1. Would be more impressive if Nickels hadn't continually ducked his head down into the uppercuts.

Jesse Taylor vs. Tom Watson Jesse Taylor coming on having lost 3 of his last 5. Watson is English going in against  a wrestler. "Each man hopes to exude their will." Boy that's bad promotional language. Just bad language. I'm prepped for this fight thanks to this FanPost. Watson has a pretty silly ring entrance involving a King Kong mask and some, I guess you'd call it dancing. Schiavello love it. Trigg not so much. Watson weighed in lighter but looks bigger at the stare down.  Round 1 Taylor shoots, takes a knee, gets the TD on his second try. Taylor with back control. Watson stands. Now he's back down. Taylor inside Watson's guard in the corner. Some punches from Taylor. Watson back up. Back down. Watson grabs the ropes repeatedly. The ref takes a point away! Standing restart in center ring. Taylor gets him down immediately. Elbow from the top. Watson throwing elbows from bottom. Taylor gets his back. One hook in. Watson rolls out. Watson on top to end the round. Bloody Elbow scores it 10-8 Taylor with the point deduction. Round 2 Watson lands an uppercut. Taylor with a right. Another take down from Taylor. Taylor takes his back. Threatening the rear naked. How is he not getting the finish here. He's got the arm under the chin. Watson trying to punch. He's red faced. Watson escapes! Gets top position. Landing ground and pound. Watson trying to get the back. Taylor shooting on a sprawling Watson. Taylor drives through. Taylor on top again. Watson lands an elbow from the bottom. Watson looking better from guard now. Watson attempts a triangle, Taylor passes to 1/2 guard. Watson regains full guard. Ref restarts it. Taylor slow getting up. Taylor shoots, gets stuffed. Watson again trying to take the back. Taylor again reverses and gets top position. Trigg chastising Watson for not separating and getting the fight back to the feet. Bloody Elbow scores it 10-9 Taylor. Watson will need the finish to win. Round 3 Taylor immediately takes Watson down. Back to guard. Watson trying to stand. Taylor looking for the back. Watson reverses, in Taylor's 1/2 guard. Landing elbows. Watson lands a knee to the body and gets taken down. He really needed to stand up. Taylor has his back again now we're back to Watson's guard. Watson had many chances in this fight and kept refusing them. Watson reverses. Again he's staying on the ground. Landing elbows but Taylor reverses yet again. Watson tries for an arm bar, then nearly stands and....he's dragged down to the ground again. Taylor threatens the RNC again. Lots of action but not that much fun since Watson's bad ring IQ is killing any fun. Watson reverses, stands up, fires an uppercut at a prone Taylor but falls to the ground and ends up on bottom again. Bloody Elbow scores it 10-9 and 30-26 for Jesse Taylor. Much less one sided than it sounds. Watson had numerous chances to get back to his feet against an exhausted Taylor and just kept going to the ground. Jesse Taylor def Tom Watson by unanimous decision.

Antonio McKee vs. Luciano Azevedo Good smack talking from both guys despite the language barrier. McKee would have been a brilliant heel in the UFC. MdKee looking intense.  Round 1 Mckee went for a side kick and got caught in the groin by the counter. Azevedo with an inside leg kick. McKee slams him down. Into the guard. Forearms to the chest. Closed guard. Wow elbow lands and cuts open Azevedo. Massive bleeding. Azevedo waving it off. Is it over? Cut is horrific. Antonio McKee def. Luciano Azevedo by TKO in Round 1.

Ryan Ford vs. Douglas Lima Round 1 Ford takes a couple of knees before getting the clinch. Lima gets Ford down. Ford stands. Back down. Lima working toward side control. Ford rolling, gets on top. In Lima's guard. Lima with body triangle. Now in butterfly guard after a couple of sub attempts from Lima. Bloody Elbow scores it 10-9 Ford. Round 2 Lima with an arm bar! Douglas Lima def Ryan Ford by submission (arm bar) round 2, 0:48

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