Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Arrested to Cap Off Terrible Week for Him Personally and Boxing as a Whole

Mayweather_mug_shot_2010_mediumThe Las Vegas Review Journal reports:

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been arrested and booked on charges of grand larceny related to Thursday's domestic violence incident with an ex-girlfriend, Las Vegas police confirmed Friday.


The charge stems from personal items Mayweather took from ex-girlfriend Josie Harris' house Thursday morning, including her cell phone.

This caps off a week in which he posted a video making racist remarks about Manny Pacquiao and then apologized. Scott Christ at Bad Left Hook summarized what was so stupid and pointless about the remarks, they didn't accomplish anything:

This is really the first time Mayweather has talked in a while, and holy hell, could he have not come off worse. "Money" sounds insecure, at a loss for anything intelligent to say, childish, and ignorant. This is a complete waste of time. There is good trash talking, stuff that drives interest in a fight, and then there is "trash talk" that just makes you seem like a stupid 13-year-old trapped in a millionaire 33-year-old man's body. This is the latter. Mayweather has driven zero interest in a fight with his moronic ranting in this video. 

Carlos Acevedo (via the Boxing Bulletin) points out that there was some informational value in the Mayweather video:

Mayweather, by revealing that Pacquiao consented to stringent drug tests, basically admitted that negotiations were, in fact, ongoing, and, most importantly, that the demands he made were merely smokescreens. If the holdup was drug testing and Pacquiao agreed to them, then what kept the fight from happening this time? Mayweather claims he is on vacation and not interested in fighting-unless, it seems, one counts women-but no longer does he deserve the benefit of the doubt from his few remaining acolytes. He is merely waiting for Pacquiao to show signs of slowing down or to lose outright.

And Jason Karp sums up why not putting together Mayweather vs Pacquaio is such a sin and a travesty, with an emphasis on the faults of Pacquiao's management:

Unlike team sports such as baseball or hockey, where an off night is swallowed up by the sheer number of games played, in boxing a fighter's prime is limited to only a hand full of fights - a window of time that can literally be measured in minutes. Every fight carries the ability to leave a disproportionally large mark of a boxer's legacy. As such, every fight must be chosen with care. This is especially true for a fighter like Pacquiao, whose interests are not only financial, but historical.

For Top Rank to select as Manny's opponent a man who is both tarnished with the stench of cheating and the suspicion of being a shot fighter is to not merely make the type of decision that has, admittedly, been made in boxing before, but in this case is to waste one of the precious few fights Pacquiao has left to etch his name into the history of boxing, and one of the final chances fans will have to view a once-in-a-generation pugilist at work. For this reason, any outrage on the part fans, regardless of precedent, is certainly justified.

All in all, boxing is making me glad I'm an MMA fan these days. We may never get to see Brock vs Fedor, but at least there are plenty of other great fights featuring those guys instead. Mayweather is just cooling his heels and Pacquiao is fighting a guy who shouldn't even be allowed to fight anymore.

Mayweather mugshot via TMZ.

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