How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 1st Week of September


A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA Twittersphere.



"@femelianenko Fedor is now Challenging me via twitter? Makes you think is it really you Fedor or is it just the famous M-1 tactics again LOL"  -Alistair Overeem, does M-1 expect us to believe that Fedor is a guy who would be on his mobile phone trying to call out Overeem?

"For the record: I will fight in the K-1 and not against Alexander E. I read something on the web and I'm not fighting him."  -Alistair Overeem, shuts down rumors he was going to face Fedor's brother who has Hep C.

"@ Bigfoot Silva; Everybody is talkin about me and Fedor, it’s not fair to you. Fedor should fight you in December, then problem is solved."  -Alistair Overeem

"The real reason M-1/Fedor called me out is to distract attention of a possible match with Silva. He wants Fedor but M-1 don’t want Silva"  -Alistair Overeem



"So nice of @silverbackseth to let me borrow his mouthpiece!"  -Tom Lawlor

"Got my own place, and IMMEDIATELY turned into my father. Does the microwave clock have to be on all day? Shut the door, the AC is on."  -Amir Sadollah

"Now it's game time we have a fight nov 13 against okami"  -Vitor Belfort, YUS!

"ok 7 weeks of intense training and dieting start this morning. Had my 4mile run, now off to the wolfslair to get beat up! ...good hard days training done, stuck to the diet well too. Always hard to do that, weighing 215 right now so I got a bit to lose... Good morning, Off to the wolfslair shortly, boxing, then jujitsu then sparring in the evening,maybe a few sit ups due to all the fat jokes -Michael Bisping

"great days training finished, akiyamas at jacksons mma, I guess hes gonna try and hug me to death then."  -Michael Bisping, lots of people would pay big bucks to get hugged by a man that sexy.

"@Verafied Brandon I am sorry you are not satisfied with your performance. Maybe we can get together and spar sometime. Respect!"  -Jon Jones

"CANT STOP!!! WONT STOP BABY! Gonna hit the gym hard."  -BJ Penn, hmm.

"The Belt is just an Accessory ;-)"  -BJ Penn, hmm.


"Yes my next fight is gonna b in the boxing ring... I'm gonna throw these hands.. don't count me out of mma entirely though.."  -Kimbo Slice

"lets the game begin KIMBO is in TRAINING! looking at todays heavyweight boxers ,i truly believe he was in the wrong sport the whole time"  -Jared $kala Shaw

"1st day in the books ....we got a man made for this occupation @kimboslice"  -Jared $kala Shaw

"RT @malkikawa: Here's one with @jonnybones and miguel cotto... @danawhite #mmaisbetterthanboxing"  -Jon Jones




"My girls trying to get me to go see justin beaver this wednesday in syracuse, need a excuse not to go. Someone save me!"  -Jon Jones, gave a prize to the fan who had the funniest excuse...

"Lol im sorry :-) I guess its "bieber" "  -Jon Jones



"@aaronsimpson you look chubby in your twitter pic"  -Ryan Bader

"@ryanbader you look like an a-hole in yours"  -Aaron Simpson
"You're wrong @ryanbader... @aaronsimpson looks cute :) "  -Kyle Kingsbury



"I am very happy and tomorrow I will do cyborg five years we're married .... to the leaps and bounds .... lol!"  -Cris Cyborg

"The cyborg and the people who helped me be where I am .... always motivated me in times of trouble .. always took care of me ... In the joys always appear many friends but few are in trouble .. nothing like having a great husband and a great friend! Thank God"  -Cris Cyborg, I'm not sure what you meant, but congrats on the 5 year anniversary!

"photo shoot with Evangelista Cyborg you'd better b tough if u want @CrisCyborg calling you hubby"  -Cris Cyborg





"Did you check my wallpapers at Click on the banner this is just one example"  -Alistair Overeem


"Having a blast out on the town sporting his new BIC look."  -Heidi Northcott, Chuck Liddell shaved his head for charity.


"Just beat a friend of mine 2-1 in fifa world cup! Feeling good haha... This needs a victory picture hahaha.."  -Alistair Overeem


"Oh shoot! @ChuckLiddell just knocked out @THE_REAL_SHAQ"  -Heidi Northcott


"All smiles after @randycouture s win"  -Heidi Northcott, is beside a few of the very best fighters of the decade.


"Two of the toughest men in the UFC:) look at Rashad being so sweet and helpful."  -Chandella Powell


"Aww:)"  -Chandella Powell




"does Jenna really talk mma......she should stick to porn well I guess it is kind of grappling lol"  -Mrs. Mir

"Mrs_Mir needs to stick to popping out kids and eating Bon Bons, and hating from afar. Baby, I'm a self made multiple millionaire. Nuff said."  -Jenna Jameson

"Aaaaw, so the truth comes out, @mrsmir is a stripper and she calls me a whore? Go grind some more laps, for five bucks lol"  -Jenna Jameson

"your just mad because his cock is the only one you can't suck....oh yeah and my husband is the MAIN event"  -Mrs. Mir

"Just so you guys have the background to our little fight ......when Forrest who is Franks training partner and Tito fought She started screaming because I was cheering for Forrest I wasn't even being disrespectful I was so pissed but I hold myself  Higher than that that's what started it all... to set the record straight Frank and I have nothing against Tito he has been nothing but friendly when we see him... and we didnt have anything against Jenna either until she verbally attacked me at Tito and Forrest fight for cheering for our teammate-Mrs. Mir

"No one knows my side of the grudge with Mrs shatserface, she runs her trap, like the low rent stripper that she is."  -Jenna Jameson

"Look guys even the classiest of women still have there breaking point.....she is my breaking point... This whole thing is ridiculous I wish I would of never stooped to her level its my fault I let her make me that mad... There is nothing in my past present or future that can be compared to her and I'm better than that"  -Mrs. Mir



"My best friends...can't help but love em. My fav bubu took the picture...:D"  -Arianny Celeste


"Glen Davis from @celtics wearing my shirt!...pretty awesome! :)"  -Arianny Celeste


"Good morning. Mini vacay with my loves :D"  -Arianny Celeste


"And one with my beautiful girls!:)"  -Chandella Powell


"Workin workin! Not at expo yet..."  -Rachelle Leah



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