How Can We Know if the 10-Point Must System Works Without Applying it Correctly?

I'm a rare BE poster, so sincere apologies if whoring my article like this is "frowned upon".





"I'm deeply sorry sir, but your warranty claim has somehow been denied."


Give this a try:  go buy a lawnmower and remove all the blades except for one, then try to return it because it doesn't cut your grass well.  Or, go invest in a new car, take three of the tires off and drive it around, then go back and tell the dealer the car doesn't work right and you want your money back.


You may find yourself coming to a conclusion like:  "Aw shucks, that would be silly, you big turkey!" And yes, it would indeed be at the least "silly"; if not downright laughable, as anyone adopting this course of action would likely be assumed to be drunk or on drugs.  Yet the opinion “that the 10-Point Must System doesn't work for MMA" remains a prominent grievance, and the people manipulating the controls have tremendously over-applied one section and snubbed the rest.


“Dude… where’s my car tires?”


History proves that MMA judges overwhelmingly engorge the 10-9 count by cramming almost every available round down its throat.  Meanwhile, the 10-10, 10-8, and 10-7 portions of the system have been virtually unbolted from the machine to sit starving and anemic on the sidelines.


The scores of 30-27 (twice) and 30-26 rendered in the Junior Dos Santos vs. Roy Nelson fight illustrate this perfectly.  This means only one judge interpreted one round as "a contestant overwhelmingly dominates by striking or grappling in a round", and the remaining two judges assessed that Dos Santos' stand-up mauling of Nelson qualified as "a contestant wins by a close margin, landing the greater number of effective legal strikes, grappling and other maneuvers".


Most importantly, the bigger issue is that the clearly one-sided beatdown Nelson endured, i.e. "dominating through striking", is given the exact same value (and level of dominance) that Jon Fitch exhibited versus Thiago Alves in all three rounds at UFC 117.  When evaluating which fighter was more superior in a round of mixed martial arts, would any sane human being dare insist that Jon Fitch invoked the exact same level of dominance over Thiago Alves that Junior Dos Santos did with Roy Nelson?  That person might have more luck with the lawnmower or car warranty.



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