Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen: Immediate rematch?



I can hardly believe what I just saw.

Anderson Silva was dominated for 4 1/2 rounds and then found a triangle to win.

I'm so excited I can barely form coherent thoughts, but we have a lot to discuss so here are a few talking points. I look forward to seeing your thoughts.

1) Anderson is beatable. Chael wrote the formula: stick to him like Velcro. We have to question Anderson's takedown defense, but especially his ability to wall walk and get back to his feet--he seemed pretty helpless off his back right up until the moment he threw that insane triangle.

2) It's never over till its over. Chael made a mistake. Anderson has Nog jiu-jitsu in his back pocket that we've never seen him use. This is why Aldo took it easy on Faber for the last round. If Chael would have played it safe, he would have won.

3) Chael was classy in defeat. Rogan opened up the door for an immediate rematch, and Chael for once was magnanimous. I actually think this was a mistake--he should have amped up the shit-talk and gotten the rematch, which would do boffo box office. But I was impressed by his babyface turn--he made me a fan.

4) Anderson vs. GSP must happen. I wasn't a fan of this superfight before, but having seen Anderson's weakness to wrestling, we absolutely must see this fight to determine best P4P.

5) I feel bad for Chael. Never thought I'd say that, but you gotta feel for a guy who was so close to his dream, who could feel the weight of the belt around his waist, and suddenly lost it all.

6) That was one of the greatest nights of fights in recent memory. Hopefully this buries the meme that Anderson doesn't put on exciting fights or sell PPVs. I watched it at Buffalo Wild Wings and it was packed and the crowd was more enthusiastic and vocal than I've seen in any PPV this year.

That's all I got for now. Look forward to your comments. It's a great night to be a fan.

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