Shane Carwin and his "beef" with Why some people should just log off


Mixed Martial Arts' very own resident superhero Shane Carwin has been on quite the Twitter crusade lately against his self-proclaimed foe, top MMA blog 

A quick summary of the Carwin/ tiff. It all started when an article was written about his manager running afoul of th SEC. Then two articles were written in which it was stated that he was only getting 50,000 dollars and no cut of the PPV for his UFC 116 loss to Brock Lesnar (which was later corrected to 40,000). Carwin then found himself upset with a non-affliated fanpost that criticized some flaws in his game (including cardio). A post written by Kid Nate using quotes by Carwin also angered the fighter as it implied that he blamed the ref's words for causing him to push the pace against Brock Lesnar. Kid Nate also wrote a followup piece n Carwin's manager's SEC troubles.

So back to the present. At first, there was an exchange with an off-his-meds Twatter Mbungle:

@mbungle exactly they are bloggers and they mostly cut and paste stories. I have issues with the whole site and wont ever speak with them.
@mbungle you wont miss a headline at Bloodyknees if you visit mmajunkie, mmaweekly or sherdog those are usually the sources. Or the forums

Carwin's tweets above clearly show that he fails to understand what a blog (and thus bloggers) is. A blog, for all intents and purposes, is not a news site; that is not to say they cannot break news, as has done now and again, but they are primarily a blog. A blog amasses news and information, grabs hold to the bigger stories and puts some opinion to those bits.

Technically Carwin is right, if you go around to MMAJunkie, Weekly, Sherdog, Yahoo MMA, ESPN MMA, FanHouse, etc. you won't miss a headline, but who has time to go around to all of those sites? That's like saying, "You can go to a butcher, a farmer's market, a bread shop and a dairy store and get all your food." Oh what an innovative concept, but who wants to do all of that when you can go to a grocery. Why expend all that extraneous energy tiring yourself out when you can focus on the one place and achieve your goal? Sound familiar Mr. Carwin?

Yesterday, when Kid Nate reported that Brendan Schaub had moved from Carwin's current manager's agency to the new agency started by MC Hammer, Carwin started to throw subliminal disses:

ShaneCarwin: Owning a Wordpress Blogsite does not make you an expert on ANYTHING other then owning a Wordpress site.

MMAScrapsRadio: @ShaneCarwin Mind sharing this particular blog? You've peaked my interest

ShaneCarwin: @MMAScrapsRadio Not enough characters to list them. Maybe I will put them on blast since they seem to want to fight, I am a fighter an all

ShaneCarwin: The best way to know something is to ask the person. Why go to when you can just ask me. I can speak for myself

@MMABeatdown not really a site I was using a general url. They know who they are...

I am not anti all journalist I would just like to see more factual reporting. Get real sources and speak to those affected by your words.

I dare Carwin to find out something that was written as FACT about him that wasn't accurate or at least accurate based on the information given by sources. Carwin has been calling BE inaccurate ever since the article about his UFC 116 pay. BE has sat on the source emails (to protect the source) as any journalist should, but Carwin's accusations might bring those emails to light.

A fan then throws as the possible source of his bellyaching, Carwin finally starts to acquiesce:

GirlLovesNascar: @ShaneCarwin ??? @BloodyElbow: Shane Carwin vs. Loser of Roy Nelson vs. Junior Dos Santos Hinted by UFC UK President

S.C.: @girllovesnascar LOL breaking news we just got a hint... One of the worst sites out there.

JeffMMAWeekly: @ShaneCarwin any story in particular?

S.C.: @JeffMMAWeekly rather not bring any unnecessary traffic their way.

If you'll remember in the story referenced above, it was only a direct quote from the President of the UFC's UK office. No added commentary or opinion and yet Carwin's "grief" is that blogs don't check sources. Carwin desire to not give "traffic" held stern for a few minutes, but like a 13-year old girl who was just told that everybody's least-favorite Science teacher was arrested for drug possession, Carwin just can't resist spilling the beans:

ShaneCarwin: is a great example of what not to do. They are a cut an paste site with no real journalism. That site is anti MMA

Relaxtakenotes: @ShaneCarwin Your cardio is anti-mma.

S.C: RT relaxtakenotes @ShaneCarwin Your cardio is anti-mma. funny like your face

CapsFanJon: @ShaneCarwin What did BloodyElbow do?

ShaneCarwin: @CapsFanJon they lack integrity and make stuff up as it goes along hoping for clicks and ignorant fans to buy into the BS from BE.

TxDogoArgentino: @shanecarwin @bloodyelbow I strongly disagree. Why the hate for them?

S.C.: @TxDogoArgentino How can you support a site that writes stories without fact checking any of the topics? They bash fighters and profit. scum

SethPoints: @ShaneCarwin you can't be serious. Bloody Elbow is right there with Sherdog as the best MMA sites.

S.C.: @SethPoints serious they are crap

These highly incorrect statements border on libel. It's quite within his right to believe that "sucks" and are "crap" and "scum" as they are opinions. However, it is quite another thing to say that "make[s] stuff up" or they don't check facts in what they print are not opinions. For instance, I can say Shane Carwin has no cardio and acts like a child when interacting with people of differing opinions. I would advise against saying "Shane Carwin is illiterate and can't read" as that is not an opinion nor is presented as such. Now, I am not saying Carwin is libelous, just saying the line is blurred.

Chimaican72: @ShaneCarwin u pissed at @MMANation b/c their story of SEC investigation of your mgr? Why be angry if investigation is real? Seems petty.

ShaneCarwin: @Chimaican72 That really is not any of my business other then they are trying to make it mma related. They are scumbags

UFCfan621 : @ShaneCarwin so to be clear, bloodyelbow is just making up stuff about your next match?

S.C.: @UFCfan621 they make stuff up, cut and paste from other news sites, and never once fact check things with me when about me.

I would think a story involving the agent of the last number one contender to the UFC Heavyweight Title being arrested is in some way "connected to MMA". And why wouldn't Carwin believe his manager's trouble is "any of his business"? Carwin again references the story from above involving the UFC UK President suggesting a possible match involving Carwin. Here he again states they make things up and don't check facts (with him) before running the story. Newsflash, no one has to run everything written about a fighter with that fighter. The story wasn't about anything that Carwin said or did.

SethPoints: @ShaneCarwin why? Because they don't just bow to the UFC's every request? Sherdog and BE are two of the few true MMA journalistic sites.

S.C.: @SethPoints you are welcome to your opinion, just is not right. you are a mma news fan not a fan of fighters

SethPoints: @ShaneCarwin so you're calling an opinion incorrect? wow, nice try. I'm actually one of the biggest fans of the sport you'll find.

S.C.: @SethPoints you questioned my opinion not the other way around. @mmanation and the rest of cut and paste bandits can have you

@sethpoints broke the record for going from followed to blocked in 2.3 tweets

Carwin fails to grasp what an opinion is. An opinion can be misinformed but it can't be incorrect. Also, as you can see, Carwin once again acts like a child with a reader who dares speak out against him.

Duresportmma: @KidNate gives full account of posts leading to dispute with @ShaneCarwin: ... Transparency is a good thing.

duresportmma : @ShaneCarwin What part of that code do you believe Bloody Elbow broke? You surely can't believe they (A) hate MMA and (B) are getting rich.

S.C.: @duresportmma how about the link you posted outing a source? Would you do that? Why do you and BE care if I dont like them, it seems mutual

Duresportmma tries to bring some balance to Carwin's rampage by posting the history between and Shane Carwin as Kid Nate posted here. Carwin, of course, is having none of that saying that BE broke a code by "outing a source". The funny thing is, no source was ever released. The most information ever given was that it was "someone in Carwin's camp". Then Carwin asks why does care that he doesn't like them. I don't work for, but I can say that...they don't care. There may be some readers that wonder why Carwin dislikes them so strongly, but most of the staff, if not all, are not kept awake at night by that. If you'll note above, it was Carwin who resorted to childish name-calling and insults and not the writers at

This was basically written to get it out in the open a "history" of the "trouble" between Carwin and and because I found his latest set of "Tweets" to be wholly obtuse, misinformative and downright incorrect. If there was any information missed, I would appreciate it being put in the comments.

The above article was written of my own volition is was not solicited by or affliated with any staff writer, editor or staff. The above is the opinions of one man, Black Lesnar.

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