UFC 117's Chael Sonnen Joins the Denial Parade

Ariel Helwani catches up with Chael Sonnen and at the end of the video Sonnen claims he has never done an interview with Larry Pepe (host of Pro MMA Radio) and never spoke of Lance Armstrong:

Yahoo's Cagewriter blog put up this video with the audio of the Pepe interview (and a picture of Larry Pepe interviewing Sonnen):

This seems to be the new trend in fighter/media relations. Fighters give quotes or information to media and as soon as the slightest bit of heat comes back on them suddenly they claim that they never said it or the quote was taken out of context.

Take Brian Stann on MMA Nation for example. Stann claimed on Twitter that a quote posted by Luke Thomas from his interview was taken out of context. The quote in question was Stann stating that Rashad Evans would beat Jon Jones and then expanded into Rashad having more experience and Jones still being young. The quote as posted can be read here. Luke also put up the audio of the entire interview in the same post.

So what was the "context" of the quote? Taken word-for-word from the audio:

Luke Thomas: If Jon Jones has to fight Rashad Evans, who does Brian Stann pick to win?

Brian Stann: Rashad Evans.

And then Stann expanded on the experience difference and Rashad's grinding wrestling style. Exactly as Luke said in the article.

Ken Shamrock used the "out of context" shield when he got heat for his steroid comments on Fighting Words. In effect he really meant "I didn't explain myself well" but of course he had to blame someone else for his misstatement.

And, of course, anyone that follows Bloody Elbow closely knows about the situation with Shane Carwin's management providing information on his pay only to throw us under the bus when heat came back on them.

The "I never said it"/"it was taken out of context" trend is one that I'm sure most reasonable people can do without. If you say something, own up to it. If you want to correct or clarify something, do it. Just don't blame others for the words you (or your representation) provide.

[UPDATE] - Chael Sonnen on the Jim Rome show:


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