How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 1st Week of August


A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA Twittersphere.



"Saw street named Zzyzx. Does anyone know how to say that? I will give you 5 twitter dollars if you can. Note: Twitter dollars do not exist."  -Amir Sadollah

"X"  -Frankie Edgar, well said... that's pretty deep.

"Fact: Some people are so smart they are stupid."  -Miguel Torres, and some people are so stupid, they're... uh... very. stupid?

"So my tire blows out. A guy recognizes me and stops, takes a picture of me and the tire, then bounces. True story."  -Amir Sadollah

"The pot holes in new jersey are so big they show up on mapquest. In a suprise turn everyone in jersey has been really nice. Stereotype done"  -Forrest Griffin, is still on his book tour... I heard Shogun loved reading it.

"I can't stand it if chicks in porns don't take their shoes and socks off. And now you know that."  -Amir Sadollah

"in case anybody cares @kurtpellegrino and I are now starting a twitter bromance"  -Frank Trigg, joins Kurt Pellegrino's collection of summer bromances, which already includes Miguel Torres and Kenny Florian

"before baseball, basketball and football was invented, there was one sport. Remember that things always come full circle."  -Pat Miletich, and remember kids, an apple a day keeps the doctor away!


"Lord I thank you for my victory and my blessings"  -Jon Jones, actually tweeted this BEFORE his fight against Matyushenko.

"3 wrestlers in a row, I think you guys are ready to see me bang again and I can't wait to do it, I think the UFC will oblige us!!!"  -Brian Stann, got taken down for the most part, until he sunk in a triangle in the third, which earned him a FOTN bonus.

"Thank you for all your support!! I'll be back!! And I'll be a lot better because of this! Much love to u all!"  -Mark Munoz

"Thank you for all my fans!! I'm back!!!!"  -Takanori Gomi, brought back memories after he knocked out Tyson Griffin this past weekend.

"Since the day of Fight was set,I had a hard time. It was a first time in few years but,miracle happend."  -Takanori Gomi, Jones made us get excited about the future, but this guy got us all nostalgic.

"Thanks to Griffin for the destiny that I fought with."  -Takanori Gomi, I want to see him against Sean Sherk next.




"NEXT TIME ILL BE BULLETPROOF.........."  -Diego Sanchez, will be coming in prepared for Paulo Thiago and BOPE.

"Getting ready!"  -Anderson Silva, for a dance off?

"Whats all this cro cop talk ? Ive made no comments on cro cop . I have a ton of respect for him but us fighting is kind of old news !"  -Randy Couture, no one wants to see two legends face off?

"You could have practiced your left hook on me and made some money, but noooo you had to go and retire jk @frankshamrock -Pat Miletich, what about these two legends? No?

"If you were fighting a guy with an 18-10 record, would you think he's a great fighter? ...Glad you guys are on the ball. Randy is 18-10 The MMA world is slowly adjusting away from boxing mentality n padded records"  -Pat Miletich

"Toneys biggest issue is going to be the man he is facing. Randy is the real deal & it is like putting Roy Nelson vs Tyson in a Boxing match... Tysons punchout and fat tyson LOL"  -Shane Carwin, I think Roy has a bigger chance against fat Tyson than Toney has against Randy.

"He 100% can knock anyone out. If he is not respecting BJJ or Wrestling he is not going to do well. Punchers Chance at best... that is all he has and really all he can hope for. If I was Toney I would be living in a Gi and paying people to attach me... in Boxing I might lose to Toney in MMA there are many men that can defeat him and will. He will see."  -Shane Carwin

"Toney is hurting for money bad enough to get dumped on his face and mauled like a groundhog by a grizzly."  -Pat Miletich

"JDS is a top HWT and Roy does not impress me. Maybe he will prove me wrong."  -Shane Carwin, I like that Shane is talking about this, because I think he will get matched up against the loser of this fight.

"Fighting Jordan Mein in Lethbridge Alberta on August 27th."  -Jason High

"I was hopeful that I was fighting Aug 7th, but that obviously isn't happening. Thought I'd be fighting Aug 21, but that seems doubtful too... Hmmm... looks like @mmasarah Kaufman and I have both beaten 5 of the current top 10 (Aug 2010) women at 135 lbs... (cracks a sly grin)"  -Tara LaRosa

"Things are just tough right now I guess. The top 125ers are either moving up to 135 for SF or down to 115 for Bellator... I'm trying to put weight on, but I'm still IMO too small for 135. I want to fight both div though. Frustrated!"  -Tara LaRosa,

"If I can get up to a vry solid 140lbs, I would do it without hesitation. I just broke 135 last week. Been tryin 2 since May...My goal was to hold the #1 spot in both 125 & 135 at the same time. -Tara LaRosa, when asked about moving up in weight for a potential title bout against Strikeforce Champ, Sarah Kaufman.



"Check out this cool painting @alexgarantart made of me. I'm honored!"  -Joe Rogan


"Anderson Silva w @April_Milan, @kendaperez Amber and Me..Big pimpin!"  -Arianny Celeste


"@UFC's new website has bugsss. and @NathanMarquardt seems to be fighting twice! (...and no,I don't speak Spanish)"  -Anton Tabuena, to be fair though, the new website looks pretty cool.


"nice! I can go 6 rounds if needed"  -Nate Marquardt, I wonder what the odds are on a Marquardt parlay.



" Hey @marcelogarciajj @MGInAction it's your fav student can u come to my house and break my other leg for me thanks"  -Kurt Pellegrino


"Pain pump for my leg comes out in 3 days"  -Kurt Pellegrino


"My bathroom sure hope I don't have to take a shit lol"  -Kurt Pellegrino




"Please caption this photo (respectfully por favor)"  -Rachelle Leah, ha! as if you can actually reason with the internet.


" my green machine energy drink...filming the next ufc ultimate insider!"  -Arianny Celeste, here is the first episode of that series Arianny is taking about. Oh, and if by any chance that you were stupid enough to miss UFC 116, this video is all you will need... and for the sickos people who only click this to see ring girl pics, watch the video and skip to the 10:18 mark.


" choco bunny booty! :)"  -Arianny Celeste


"Shooting with my one of my faves Shane Oneal!"  -Chandella Powell


"My wifey is so hot... Charis and my patty cake were up at moto gp it's crotch rocket Crazyness!"  -Diego Sanchez



"Umm...very interesting gift I received from a fan that's a first."  -Chandella Powell


"Kenda Perez's sexy photos for UFC Magazine [GALLERY]"  -Cage Potato, there's a few more photo's from the host of Best of Pride if you follow the link.




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