M-1 Global's Vadim Finkelstein Says Fedor Emelianenko Could Fight in Japan or Russia This December

M-1 Global's Vadim Finkelstein talked to Championat.Ru (translated by LowKick) about their plans for Fedor Emelianenko's next bout. It seems like they're dead set on having his last contracted Strikeforce bout to be against Werdum, and if he can't fight him because of the injury, they would rather go to Japan or Russia next:

We plan to organize an interim fight for Fedor. We are considering two options: Japan and Russia. We have a lucrative offer from the Japanese partners, who are interested in Fedor fighting on the New Year's Eve. This is the most interesting option for us. But we are also not exluding an option that Fedor Emelianenko will fight in Russia, sometime in December. We have to organize another fight for Fedor, as Fabricio Werdum is currently injured and no one knows when he will come back. Strikeforce have absolutely nothing against the rematch, that's exactly why we are planning the last fight on Fedor's contract to be against Werdum.


There are some proposals. But I'll say it again, we are ready to organize co-promotion with any organization that is ready to meet our demands. We have repeatedly expressed our desire to organize a joint show, even with the same UFC, but all in vain. We are ready to fight with the strongest and to co-operate with worthy.

When asked about three other fights he would like for Fedor, he doesn't say Alistair Overeem or "Big foot" Silva. Instead, Vadim mentions Josh Barnett, and 2 fights that have almost zero chance of happening:

Of course, this is Brock Lesnar. But this fight will never happen. UFC President Dana White will always delay the fight between Fedor and Lesnar, finding more and more excuses. They offered us a one-sided contract, under which all rights for Fedor will belong to the UFC. Of course, this turn of events did not suit us, so we tried to compromise by offering to organize a joint show. And you know how it ended. Now this fight can be only dream. Randy Couture is also a very interesting opponent - he's a living legend of MMA, as well as Josh Barnett. Well, of course, fight with Werdum, who, unlike all the above, will be required.

After the jump, see what Alistair Overeem has to say about this.

Before you put out your pitchforks and say that Fedor doesn't want that mega-fight against Overeem, the Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion talked to mixfight.nl and said that it's not Fedor, blame his management:

It’s not Fedor that is "ducking" people to fight lesser competition. It’s all his management. What M-1 is doing is ridiculous; they are making demands and are using Fedor leverage for every organization. They can’t even organize good shows. If you look at the shows they produce, you would be crazy to do a co-promotion with those guys. It’s amateur level; leave the promoting business to the Americans and the Japanese.

They are also lying. I heard that they made a statement that all of the polls (indicate fans would rather see) Fedor fight Werdum again than a fight with me. I don’t know which websites they are looking at, but all of the polls I have seen said the opposite.

Now that Fedor has lost I hope they can’t "use" Fedor anymore. I honestly think that Fedor isn’t aware of what M-1 is doing to him. Fedor doesn’t care, he has enough money to support his family and he doesn’t care who he fights.

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