The Week in Quotes: August 15th - 21st

Photo by Esther Lin for Strikeforce


"Some are cool, some are idiots. They're fans - they don't know what the [expletive] they are talking about. That's why I'll say it again: '[Expletive] the fans.' A lot of them ain't educated. They're just bandwagon jumpers." - "King" Mo Lawal, addressing the feud he's built up with the MMA fanbase. Truth hurts. (Ring Psychology Podcast)

"I think he's the favorite. I'm the underdog even though I'm the champ." - Lawal, on challenger Rafael "Feijao" Cavalcante. Cavalcante stopped Lawal in round three of their championship bout at Saturday night's Strikeforce: Houston show. (Fight Line)

"I know more about 'Feijao' than he knows about himself." - Lawal, turns out the inverse was true as well. (MMA Torch)

"He likes to keep his hands low to throw from different angles. I guess that's good for him, but it's a double-edged sword. With your hands low, you're asking to get hit." - Lawal. Projecting much?


"When you hear people say you're the greatest lightweight of all time and this and that and this and that, it's bullshit. It's not real. It's fake. You know, being the champ is fake, all of that is all fake. The only thing that's real is the fight. Everything else is fake." - B.J. Penn, extracting my thoughts on championship belts, Inception style. (MMA Mania)

"The judges, as we all know, they don't know what they're doing." - Penn (Cage Writer)

"I don't think anyone should get any points for any of the grappling positions. It's all about damage and submissions attempts, that's the only thing that should matter in the fight." - Penn, with an idea that should be incepted into every MMA judge's brain.

"I look for ways to try to build the sport, ways to put more fans in the seats and more money in our pockets. I want to see James Toney go in there and do good." - Penn


"I had a chance to look back at the situation. I know I have things to correct." - Thiago Alves, who did not make weight for his fight with Jon Fitch at UFC 117. (MMA Fighting)

"It was just a half-pound, so I'm sure my body could have flushed it out. But I didn't want to. I just wanted to concentrate on the fight." - Alves. "I could have done it. I just didn't want to." Yeah, right.

"It was just easier for me to give up the money." - Alves

"When things like this happen, you see people's true colors." - Alves. The total lack of self-awareness is striking.


"But from what I hear everything they did was approved by the commission so we'll have a conversation with them." - Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker, on oxygen cans used by K.J. Noons and "King" Mo Lawal at Strikeforce: Houston. (MMA Nation)

"His shots were getting weak[er] and weak[er]. I was able to stuff him and push him down, which is exactly what we planned on doing." - Chad Griggs, who defeated Bobby Lashley as a +700 underdog after Lashley became stricken with a severe case of lactic acidosis. (MMA Mania)

"I expected him to want to grapple. He countered with me the whole time and I was surprised." - Tim Kennedy, verbalizing the progression of Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza. Andre Galvao, take note. (

"He's squeaking by on these decisions, yet he's talking like he's already a world champion." - Kenny Florian, on opponent Gray Maynard. If you weren't aware, Mr. Florian finishes fights. (MMA Weekly)

"[I told Vince McMahon] you should be afraid of anything that will take away from your pay-per-view dollar. They are going to reach into your pocket, rip it open, and all those dollars are going to flow right there." - Paul Heyman, becoming more prominent in the MMA scene, on telling Vince McMahon not to the let the Ultimate Fighter air immediately following WWE's Monday Night Raw. (MMA Fighting)

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