My Personal Version of Ground'N'Pound

Hello BE community! I am a long time reader, and bring forth a fanpost today to be analyzed by what I feel are the sharpest minds in MMA discussion. As a disclaimer before you read any further I must let you know that I myself am a professional MMA fighter and the following may reek of shameless-self promotion. My intentions are nobler however, and that is my deep desire to make a meaningful contribution to the Martial Arts community, MMA especially. In my ongoing quest to climb to the top of my weight classes (185 lb) rankings, regionally first, then internationally, I've always placed great emphasis on not only winning, but trying to go above and beyond to put on exceptional performances that really make the fan have an exciting experience to tell their friends about. Everyone knows that the fans want to see brutal knockouts. In my experience, the more violent the KO, the more responsive the crowd will be. To feed all of your (and my) insatiable hunger for earth shattering finishes, I have devised my own method of rendering opponents unconscious that I am hopeful will be the future of ground and pound.


Maybe after watching, my fellow readers here can coin an audibly pleasing name for my method. What’s important is not the name, but the technique behind it. I will walk through step by step, doing my best to imitate our original Judo Chopper Kid Nate.


JOSH SAMMAN vs Mike (via

In the first video you see yours truly in the black trunks ready for war. Take note that this was early in my career and took place when I was still subjected to fighting in a square cage in Valdosta, Georgia. My opponent (and unfortunate victim) was Mike Adams. The first round begins with some back and forth action not particularly worth narrating or including in the video. What comes early in the second round though is what, in my MMA dreams, is the beginning of a revolution (exaggerating only slightly).

Now I wish I could credit my methods to meticulous game planning masterminded before the fight, but as it turns out this was born simply out of quick thinking. Round 2 begins with my opponent getting mounted and immediately covering his face with both forearms, making it near impossible to get a true knockout, although I probably could have pitty patted my way to a far less violent referee stoppage. What comes next is something so painfully obvious that sometimes I will now watch fights at all levels and wonder how people don't see it. The answer of course is hitting your opponent with both fists at once. Everything about this is so devastating, from the mechanics of the move itself, to the psychological effect it has on your opponent (not to mention referee!).

First and foremost, this maneuver eliminates the need to place your opponents head against the cage, which while is very crucial to inflicting maximum damage, can often compromise your position. There is literally nowhere for his head to bounce to, and the results are simply devastating. Seeing the look in the grounded fighter’s eyes when they realize they just got mauled with an attack they’ve never seen before, let alone planed for, is truly priceless in a sick sort of way. As soon as Adams feels the impact, his natural defense is to cover up the sides of their face where he just got hit. This of course leaves the front of his face open to what else, but a double hammer fist! While the double hammer fist does not have quite the effect as the first punch, it still leaves him helpless to wonder what the hell is coming next in this onslaught. Panic surely ensues and it isn’t long before he wakes up wondering why the hell he wanted to do this darn cagefightin’ stuff anyway.

JOSH SAMMAN vs Miguel Shoffner RCC (via chachicoldstream)

Next up is a lovely fight promotion by the name of RCC in Jacksonville, Florida on March 1st, 2008. Victim number 2: Michael Shoffner. This was yet another brutally violent fight, one that ended very quickly. Immediately once the fight starts I turn to my bread and butter comfort position, the Thai Clinch, Plum Grip, Collar Tie, whatever you’d like to call it. It isn’t long before this man trying to take my head off is hit with what we later find out to be a jaw breaking knee. How he continues on after this is beyond me, but in retrospect he maybe should have stopped because what comes shortly after is none other than my patented double fist, shattering his orbital bone in multiple places. To my knowledge, he hasn’t stepped into a cage (or ring) since.

JOSH SAMMAN vs Colby McMahon UBERSMASH (via chachicoldstream)

3rd on the list is quite a memorable fight for me, considering it was my first opportunity to fight in front of my always supportive hometown of Tallahassee, Florida. After some sloppy clinch attempts and questionable technique by both of us, the fight ends up on the ground with my opponent Colby McMahon on top trying to go all animalistic on me. I do my best to neutralize the beast with my Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu (Blue Belt!). Switching from triangle attempt, to arm bar, back to triangle, I finally settle on my tried and true scissor sweep. I’m sure you guys can imagine what comes next…

Hopefully by this point you guys haven’t fallen asleep, or even worse, scrolled down to the comment section to let me know what an imbecile I am for thinking this is a relevant martial arts technique worthy of sharing. Bare with me through one more video, then tell me what you guys think.

JOSH SAMMAN vs Chris Cope UBERSMASH 2 .mov (via chachicoldstream)


My most recent KO via my now signature move was by far the most violent, and was one that actually had the crowd and I worried for what seemed like an eternity after the fight. Cue in January 23rd, again in Tallahassee. My opponent this time is a very talented fighter and Team Quest product by the name of Chris Cope. If this name sounds familiar it is because he most recently fought on an undercard of Strikeforce, winning by TKO in the 2nd (congrats!). Now as you’re watching the video you will notice something noticeably different about this fight. Not once in the 54 second exchange did I ever have Cope mounted. This didn’t deter me from walking away with my coveted KO, as I soon realized that a double fist while straddling someone’s back is just as equally, if not more, devastating. Make no mistake- these were not strikes to the back of the head, but rather directly on the ears, sending my victim’s cerebral fluid into a shitstorm of confusion. Referee Frank Gentile seems to not realize just how unconscious Cope is, and I switch to single hand punches as to prevent much further damage. The fight is then stopped and we are all left scared shitless wondering whether Cope is going to wake up any time soon.

Now just a couple more things before I feed this post to the wolves. I’m well aware of Sakurai’s (as well as Leben's, Sonnen's, and Pacqiou’s if you can even count them) attempts at double fists. All of which I think were more of an attempt to taunt and tease their opponent or simply stay busy rather than pursuing vicious knockouts. Of course I would like my claim-to-fame to be more significant than just a silly named-move designed to retire every one of my opponents, but we can only ask for so much. Hopefully I can continue my winning streak to the top and truly become relevant in the grand scheme of things, but as we all know our sport is very unpredictable. Relevant or not, I will continue to try to stay innovative in my attacks and maybe just maybe one day people will speak about this as they do Evan Tanner elbows from guard, or Urijah Faber knees from a single leg.

Lastly, for those who are interested, just a bit about me and my career… I am 22 years old, sport a 9-2 record, and am the proud MMA instructor at Tallahassee Combat Sports. My last 3 fights have all ended in less than 5 minutes total, and I most recently triangled David Bagget, beating him quicker than Ryan Bader, CB Dolloway, and Phil Davis! My next fight will be on August 28th against the last person to defeat me, John Walsh. All of you in the North Florida area interested in training or spectating (as well as sponsors or Zuffa employees!) are encouraged to contact me at or visit! Thank you for your time and (hopefully) recs in advance and happy reading!

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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