Updated: Who Lost a Fighter's Paperwork and Forced a Last-Minute Cancellation of a Strikeforce Challengers Undercard Fight?

A friend of Christian Grosinsky, who was scheduled to fight late replacement John Wood on the undercard of last night's Strikeforce Challengers 10 event, e-mailed Bloody Elbow to report that Grosinsky's fight did not take place due to yet another screw up from Strikeforce.  It appears that Grosinsky's fight did not happen after Strikeforce lost Wood's blood test results.

Of course, this is not the first time that Strikeforce has had a similar situation happen. on the undercard of the Rogers vs. Fedor show an undercard bout did not take place before the main card due to time concerns and was moved to after the main event, only to not take place because the promotion simply forgot about it. There has been at least one other case of a fight on the undercard not happening because of time concerns, and now this.

From Christian's Facebook page:

Guys my fight got canceled. They lost the records of his bloodwork so he can't fight. I'm so sorry guys

This is mostly upsetting to me because Strikeforce has now shown a pattern of not letting guys fight after going through full training camps, weight cuts..etc. Even if they're paying the fighter's full pay and win bonus (which I've not yet been able to confirm, but they absolutely should) they're still taking away the ability for a guy to get a win that could help them build their career.

I have reached out to Strikeforce for comment but they have not yet responded.  I will update the story with their response if they provide one.

Update #1 - A source from inside John Woods' camp tells me:

John took the fight on 4 days notice and had his bloodworked faxed to the arena. They told John they couldn't find his bloodwork and scrapped his fight. Then they refused to pay him. John drove from Vegas to Phoenix on his own and didn't get paid a dime. Strikeforce told John to talk to the local promoter and the local promoter told him to talk to Strikeforce and he didn't get paid.

John also cut 23 pounds the day of the weigh in (due to being a late replacement) only to not fight and not get paid.

From how the situation is being explained to me from different sources Woods sent his bloodwork to Strikeforce a few days before the weigh-in only to have them say they didn't have it, so the bloodwork was then faxed to the arena and John was told again that they didn't have it. It's unclear to me on the day-of-event fax if this was an athletic commission drop or the promoter, but it's clear that the initial loss of bloodwork was on Strikeforce.

And to make things worse it sounds like the fighters are not getting paid because the undercard was farmed out to Rage in the Cage rather than handled entirely in-promotion by Strikeforce.

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