War On The Mainland: Sylvia vs. Buentello Live Results and Play-by-Play

As with every major show, BloodyElbow.com will be here to bring you live results and commentary for tonight's War On The Mainland in Irvine, CA. The live blog will start with the beginning of the Pay-Per-View broadcast at 10PM ET / 7PM PT so be sure to join us for this event.

As always we have our one rule: NO SPOILERS! In the interest of not ruining anything from the undercard that may make the broadcast we ask that you do not discuss the results of the undercard in the comments until either the broadcast ends or the fight makes the air.

Quick Results
Tim Sylvia def. Paul Buentello via KO (punch) R2, 4:57
Terry Martin def. Jorge Ortiz via split decision
Tony Lopez def. Jason Lambert via KO (knee) R2, 1:49
Matt Horwich def. Thales Leites via submission (RNC) R4, 0:44
Erin Beach def. Joao Silva via unanimous decision
Diego Garijo def. Jens Pulver via submission (guillotine) R1, 1:08
Gustavo "Ximu" Machado def. Rick Reeves via split decision
Cleber Luciano def. Todd Willingham via submission (RNC) R2, 3:18
A.J. Matthews def. Sean Choice via TKO (punches) R2, 3:54

Gustavo "Ximu" Machado (185) vs. Rick Reeves (183)

Round 1: Referee Jason Herzog in the ring for this middleweight bout. Machado throwing low kicks early. Reeves answers with some of his own and a straight right down the pipe. They continue slugging one another with leg kicks and trading combinations. Reeves comes inside with a flurry, but eats a counter right as Machado briefly clinches with him. Machado lands a right that knocks out Reeves' mouthpiece and Herzog quickly gets it back in. Machado tags Reeves with a hard overhand right, misses with a spinning follow-up kick. Machado keeps the leg kicks coming and Reeves answers with an uppercut to the body. Nice standing elbow from Machado in close quarters as the round ends. 10-9 Machado.

Round 2: Machado getting the better of Reeves early on, connecting with a pair of rights upside the head. Reeves using his front kick to try and keep Machado at distance, lands a few left hands of his own. Backing Reeves into the ropes, Machado pops Reeves with a few uppercuts. Reeves being the aggressor with 60 seconds remaining, landing left hands in flurries and using the front kick from closer in. Spinning backfist by Machado makes Reeves slow down. Reeves slips on the canvas as he tries to throw a teep and Machado presses him into the ropes until the round ends. 10-9 Reeves.

Round 3: Round is slow in starting as ref Herzog wants a piece of tape removed from a glove. Reeves tries a high double and Machado easily stuffs it. Another nice elbow from in close by Machado, who then decides to plow Reeves down and try for a leglock. It doesn't catch, and they stand again. Reeves takes Machado down, but Machado tries for the heel hook and they're quickly back up. 30 seconds left. Machado clinches Reeves into the ropes and Reeves puts on a lazy headlock. Footstomps by Ximu. And it's over. The decision could easily go either way, but I had the last round 10-9 Machado.

Bloody Elbow scores the bout 29-28 Machado.

The scores: 29-28 Machado (L.Landless), 30-27 Reeves (G.LeBell), 30-27 Machado (L.Cobian).

Gustavu "Ximu" Machado (19-8-1) def. Rick Reeves (10-4) via split decision


Jens Pulver (155.4) vs. Diego Garijo (153.8)

Round 1: Big John McCarthy is our third man. Pulver clinches immediately but eats a left hook that wobbles him. Garijo putting it on Pulver early on with combinations and leg kicks. Hard left hand drops Pulver near the ropes and Garijo snares a guillotine as Pulver's on his knees. Garijo jumps guard, wrenches the choke and Pulver is forced to tap. "Little Evil" throws his mouthguard on the ground in disgust.

Diego Garijo (5-1) def. Jens Pulver (22-14-1) via submission (guillotine choke) R1, 1:08


Joao Silva (153.4) vs. Erin Beach (154.4)

Round 1: John McCarthy back in the ring for this bonus lightweight bout. Silva immediately shoots a long single, but the boxer Beach wants nothing to do with it. Beach clips Silva with a right, but Silva picks the ankle and they plow into the ropes, sending the camera man tumbling off the apron. Silva jumps guard and Beach slams him hard enough that Silva eventually relents. Silva tenaciously going for the takedown but Beach making him pay with elbows. Beach starting to connect with punches, causing Silva to cover up. Beach rushes him into a corner and connects with a nice knee. Silva pulls guard and tries for a triangle, then an armbar, but Beach extracts himself. Beach with another nice right, but Silva slugs back with one of his own. Another heel hook attempt from Silva, and again Beach escapes. McCarthy steps in to reposition the fighters, who are near the ropes, but neither fighter immediately recognizes it and Silva keeps punching away at Beach. They're restarted with a few seconds remaining and Beach spends it trying to fend of an armbar. 10-9 Beach.

Round 2: Silva rolls straight into a leglock attempt but Beach hops away. The much taller Beach is punishing Silva and keeping him at range, clearly hurting him with the barrage of punches. Weak takedown attempt from Silva, who's clearly tiring. Beach backs him into a corner and nails him with another combo, causing Silva to flop down to guard. Of course, Beach wants him to stand. Beach just lighting Silva up, and Silva's answering with Hail Mary punches and single leg kicks. Beach drops Silva with a short right and Silva rolls into guard. Nope. Beach drops him again with a right. McCarthy tells Silva to stand. Another particularly hard looking right straight drops Silva. The round ends and this looks likes Beach's fight to lose as Silva is looking totally spent. 10-9 Beach.

Round 3: Beach backs Silva into the corner with a combo, and Silva takes the opportunity to rest against the ringpost with his arms on the ropes. One-two from Beach causes Silva to shoot, where Beach tags him with a knee and shucks him off. Another mile-long takedown attempt from Silva. Halfway through the round. Superman punch drops Silva, but he bounces back up. Beach chases him down and drops him again. Failed takedown attempt by Silva with one minute left. Silva has a huge mouse on the left side of his forehead where Beach's right has been landing for 15 minutes. 10-8 Beach.

Bloody Elbow scores the bout 30-26 Beach.

The scores: 30-25 Beach (L.Cobian), 29-28 Beach (L.Griffin), 29-28 Beach (L.Landless).

Erin Beach (2-0) def. Joao Silva (3-3) via unanimous decision


PWP Middleweight Title Fight
Thales Leites (184.6) vs. Matt Horwich (185.4)

In their pre-fight interviews, Leites talks about how you need jiu-jitsu to win in MMA today. Horwich discusses his interests in classical guitar, science, physics, poetry and God, then compares stringing submissions together to playing the guitar or subatomic particles.

Round 1: The beloved Nelson Hamilton refereeing. Leites chops the legs out from under Horwich with an outside leg kick. They tie up briefly, then disengage and Leites blasts away with an uppercut. Leites backs Horwich into the ropes, picks him up and slams him down. Leites working on Horwich's right arm from half-guard, but nearly gets swept as he passes to side control. Leites wrestles Horwich back down, but can't find a good position, so allows him to stand. Another thunderous leg kick sends Horwich to the mat. Leites rolls to the ground looking for an armbar, but Horwich escapes and takes Leites' back. Horwich is falling through the ropes and Leites is able squirm free. Horwich throws some slow-motion leg kicks and Leites pops him with a hard one-two. This is scheduled for five rounds, folks. 10-9 Leites.

Round 2: It's Horwich who scores an early takedown, but Leites is soon back on his feet. They clinch in the corner and Leites drags Horwich down and begins working an arm-triangle. Full mount for Leites momentarily, but Horwich stuffs him back to half-guard. Leites stands over Horwich, slapping his body with kicks. Horwich goes for a leg and is able to sweep. Both guys looking awfully tired with a minute left in the second round. Leites misses a jumping knee and falls on his ass. Horwich throwing elbows and punches from a guard which Leites looks too tired to close. 10-9 Horwich.

Round 3: Leites spends the first 90 seconds trying to drag Horwich to the floor, while Horwich hits him with double palm strikes. When Leites finally gets him down, he immediately goes for the arm-triangle. Leites secures it, but he tries to finish from mount instead of passing to the side and Horwich struggles free. Horwich turns the tables with an omoplata on Leites' right arm. Leites escapes after a brief scare and spends the rest of the round trying to pass half-guard. 10-9 Leites.

Round 4: Leites lobs some more leg kicks. Horwich clinches, takes Leites' back standing, drags him to the ground and sinks in a rear-naked choke! Leites taps!

Matt Horwich (25-15-1) def. Thales Leites (17-4) via submission (rear-naked choke) R4, 0:44


PWP Light-Heavyweight Title Fight
Jason Lambert (203.8) vs. Tony Lopez (204.6)

Round 1: Jason Herzog in charge for this, the second of three scheduled five-rounders. Lopez, who towers over Lambert, attacking with kicks to the leg and body. Lambert grabs a leg and Lopez stuffs him. Now Lambert throws an inside leg kick of his own and muscles Lopez into the corner. After a minute of clinching, Lambert trips the leg of Lopez and gets side control. Lopez rolls free and finds himself in the corner again with two minutes left. Lambert pops him with an uppercut inside. Lopez reverses out of the corner and Lambert muscles him back. Lopez reverses and nearly catches a retreating Lambert with a head kick but it's mostly blocked. 10-9 Lambert.

Round 2: Though he tries to keep Lambert away with long hooks and front kicks, Lopez soon finds himself jammed against the ringpost again. Lambert has Lopez' head and left arm isolated, and "The Punisher" sends about a dozen knees to Lopez' unprotected midsection. Lambert slips, Lopez escapes and grabs Lambert's head in the Thai plum, then connects with a vicious knee to the face. Lambert falls down unconscious against the ropes and Lopez follows up with a few grazing punches before Herzog steps in.

Tony Lopez (19-4) def. Jason Lambert (25-12) via KO (knee) R2, 1:49


Jorge Ortiz (169) vs. Terry Martin (170)

Round 1: One more bout before the main event and Nelson Hamilton is once again in charge. Ortiz slapping with leg kicks briefly before Martin plows him down. Ortiz closes his guard and begins angling for an armbar or triangle, but he's practically falling through the ropes. Not much offense from Martin on top as Ortiz does a good job tying up. They scoot away from the ropes and Ortiz pops his hips up for the armbar. It fails and he transitions to a triangle, which also fails and enables Martin to get side control. Ortiz works back to his feet and the pair flail away. Ortiz backs Martin into the post, but Martin doubles Ortiz over with a knee to the midsection and snares a guillotine. Ortiz extracts his head and circles out, then clips a charging Martin with a left. Cracking left hook from Martin has Ortiz clinching. Martin trips him to the ground with 30 seconds left and lands some short elbows. 10-9 Martin.

Round 2: Tight combinations from Martin to open up the round, going upstairs and down. Ortiz starting to slow down as he flicks kicks at Martin from way out. Martin recognizes it, walks in and grabs a leg, but he can't complete the takedown and Ortiz briefly threatens with a standing kimura. They disengage with half the round remaining. Martin is headhunting now, throwing single murderous hooks and uppercuts. He whiffs on one left hook and Ortiz tags him, sending Martin into shoot mode. He drags Ortiz down with a minute left. Elbows by Martin from open guard. 10-9 Martin.

Round 3: Ortiz throwing body kicks, but Martin doing more damage with his clobbering right hooks. Martin catches a kick to the pills and the action is halted. They resume and Ortiz is going all out, but his punches don't have much behind them. Martin trying to time his hooks with Ortiz' leg kicks, but he's just off. Nonetheless, he's damaging the sturdy but tired Ortiz, who's not giving up, still going for the home run shot. They slug away to the final bell. I'll say 10-9 Ortiz in the last frame, but should be a clean sweep for Martin.

Bloody Elbow scores the bout 29-28 Martin.

The scores: 29-28 Ortiz (L.Griffin), 30-28 Martin (L.Cobian), 29-28 Martin (G.LeBell).

Terry Martin (20-8) def Jorge Ortiz (16-7-1, 1 NC) via split decision


PWP Heavyweight Title Fight
Tim Sylvia (274.4) vs. Paul Buentello (251.6)

Round 1: John McCarthy back to officiate the main event. Sylvia trying to establish his jab early. He's connecting, but Buentello is light on his feet and circling away. Sylvia presses Buentello into the ringpost with double underhooks. Foot stomps by Buentello as Sylvia opts to come over the top with punches. They break. Sylvia tries a knee from the Thai clinch and Buentello answers with a hook. Sylvia bullying Buentello in the corner until McCarthy splits them up, then does it again. 30 seconds left and they're back in the corner. Wild exchange with both men connecting as the round ends. 10-9 Sylvia. Buentello's corner working on a mouse under his right eye and a bloody nose between rounds.

Round 2: Buentello throwing leg kicks, which Slyvia is countering with hard right hands. Sylvia begins kicking to the leg, then the body, then clinches up in the corner again. The several people in attendance do not sound impressed. McCarthy breaks them up and Buentello pops Sylvia with a quick punch, drawing an "ooh" from the crowd. They're quickly back in the corner. Steady diet of knees inside from Big Tim. They break and Sylvia is landing unchecked low kicks at will. Sylvia unloads a combination with just seconds remaining. An uppercut drops Buentello and that's all she wrote.

Tim Sylvia (27-6) def. Paul Buentello (28-13) via KO (punch) R2, 4:57

After the fight, it's announced that Sylvia will make his first title defense (har har) against Pedro Rizzo.

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