Dana White and the BElitists

[If you get all, "rabble, rabble"-y while reading this post, to the point you would like to mock me or read something more important, please fast-forward to the final two paragraphs.  Aside from that, I feel it is read most effectively in order.]

Recently, our own BE came under fire by the the most thrust-upon-us personality in MMA, Dana White.  Unexpectedly, White took umbrage with Kid Nate's point that there may be some type of connection between (1) admitting to losing millions of dollars in a matter of hours while playing a game of chance, and (2) people believing you are a degenerate gambler.  While I tend to see the causal relationship pretty clearly and Dana White may not, mostly this reaction was unexpected because White tends to ignore my beloved BE and not credential its writers (while I understand the logic behind pandering to sports writers that will provide exposure to the uninitiated, completely disregarding the hardcore fanbase and loyal opposition is no way to win a popularity contest, but I digress).

More importantly, Dana White noted in the very same tweet that BE had finally reported something right.  Naturally, many people reacted with a slightly defensive tone.  ("And I could give a fuck what Dana thinks of BE." ~Kid Nate)  I found Mr. White's contention to be preposterous, however, because there are few MMA sites with such a focus on intelligent discourse.  So few are similar sites and such is the focus on maintaining said discourse that members of the active community have come to be known as BElitists.  Quite the reputation to impugn, Mr. White.  However, while I too initially reacted defensively to the assault, I was able to see Dana's statement for what it was.  Which brings me to my point . . .

Dana White does not believe his own bullshit.  He is, first and foremost, a fight promoter.  He is the logical end to corporate shill-ism; he is the carnival barker in front of the big top tasked with separating each local from his nickel.


(He's got a few of my nickels; via

Dana White has admitted in the past to the importance of smoke and mirrors in his job.  Understanding this fact is important because we are not the yokels that fall for the simple carny tricks.  We BElitists are the bastion of intelligent discourse in a sea of godawful nonsense.  As such, we must accept that Dana White's role is to support the UFC both passionately and prejudicially.  Dana White's true beliefs are impossible to ascertain because whenever he is in front of a camera or microphone he will have his promoter hat on.  Because this is the case, there are a few things we can take solace in:

  1. Dana White must publicly attack any dissent against the UFC, regardless of his personal beliefs.  We will never know whether Dana White the human-being (rather than Dana White the promoter) wanted Chael Sonnen or Anderson Silva to win.  Likewise, we will never know if he enjoys the unique perspective that BE provides because part of that perspective is to second-guess and comment upon his decisions.  The very fact that Dana had to note that BE reports things falsely means. . . 
  2. Dana White has read some BE in his day.  Probably not as avid as myself or many in the community, but he has read enough articles questioning his decisions to know how to respond in promoter-speak to questions about the site.  And, finally . . .
  3. Mission Fucking Accomplished.  Because the contention that BE reports inaccurately has been heavily refuted (see Carwingate), the anti-BE idea must stem from the opinion and commentary on Dana White's decision making and dissension regarding UFC policy.  As long as the BE community's ideas are able to penetrate his thick skull, the purpose of discussing what we view to be problems in MMA--to have those problems rectified and to improve MMA as a whole--has been achieved.

So allow us, as the harbingers of intelligent discourse, to now disregard Dana White's promoter-speak, avoid attacking him personally, and focus rather on improving MMA by promoting the marketplace of ideas and allowing discussion to further those ideas into the future of our sport.


*  *  * 

Full disclosure: I do not believe any of this tripe.  The inspiration for this piece came from a discussion I had with Brent Brookhouse in the comment section of this article, which the vast majority of the BE community found to be both condescending and poorly written.  

My goal for this FanPost was to couple readability, logic, and an opinion counter to the trendy narrative without belittling the audience (e.g., disrespecting their intelligence by ordering them to get a dictionary because of the author's unnecessarily obtuse word-choice).

In reality, I believe Dana White fully believes his own bullshit.  He, to a very disturbing degree, reminds me of every overbearing jerk-off baseball coach I had through high-school and college (the quote from White in the linked article says it all).  While I respect and appreciate his accomplishments for the sport of MMA, none of the redeeming factors apply to what Dana White said about Bloody Elbow.  Consequently, I continue to dislike him a great deal.  

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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