How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 2nd Week of August


A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA Twittersphere.



"@patrick_cote I think it's u that attacked me, met u and thought we were cool, then u go talk shit to a journalist, classy guy!"  -Michael Bisping, has beef with Patrick Cote.

"I would never fight Werdum!!! He is family and my boy... I repeat, I would not fight Fabricio Werdum!!!!! Someone told me a few websites said I would. Guess what!! They are wrong."  -King Mo, doesn't want beef with Werdum

"San fran chronicle says they hate UFC and would NEVER cover the UFC and were such rude dickheads to our pr girl. Hey SFC, fuck u!!!! ...San jose mercury, oakland tribune, contra costa times, west county times, valley times and many more thanks 4 ur support!"  -Dana White, has newspaper beef

"@danawhite You let half ass media that dont give a shit about MMA cover the UFC, but you wont let Inside MMA w/ Bas, Kenny , Guy in , why ?"  -Mark Cuban, Has beef with Dana.... You're asking why? It's simple. They've got the hardcores locked up, and those "half ass media that dont give a shit about MMA" are the ones who bring in a new demographic and new eyeballs to the sport.

"It's official I'm 100% back at team jacksons about to gear up and spar.. My heart is very warm at the moment ;)'s ww 4 now but I can't wait to show @danawhite the last fight was a unfocused fluke. Lw is always there if the fight is right-Diego Sanchez, canned his beef with Greg Jackson's

"yo boy is off 2 South Africa,going back 2 da roots lets see how they put it down over there,then i go 2 Japan,then i start the killer camp... I finally made it 2 South Africa,it was a long flight,and I could have done with out the lady next 2 me farting,btw I paid her back"  -Rampage Jackson, ate beef, and let it out.

"Still not date or opponent for me. Which is fine as I am healing up"  -Shane Carwin, is still having a hard time recovering from lactic-whachumacallitosis, otherwise known as lack.of.cardio... beef!


"Watching James Tony absorb all this MMA training in preparation 4 his HUGE fight against @ -Rachelle Leah


"For all the MMA fans out there u came real close to losing one of ya guys me and Johnny "Bones" Jones next!!!! ...@dannawhite don't be mad at me when I retire ya boy from the UFC early. U bumped into the wrong one-Andre Berto, the WBC welterweight champion has a staredown with the Martian Manhunter... Seems like a pretty fair fight.





"UFC on PSP out soon! We are so small!!"  -Mike Swick, I want one.




"I'm gonna beat Akiyama, then beat Sonnen. He can't do that to me. come on you salesman!!!! cause you can't hold me down fag!"  -Michael Bisping, either the Brit has some strong words for Sonnen, or he just wants a cigarette.

"nah just kidding, sonnen did an awesome job, was nice to see silva tested, thought he showed alot of heart..."  -Michael Bisping, said he was only joking 11 hours after the original tweet (which got deleted shortly after)

"Extremely impressed with Jon Fitch tonight. He proved he is the next #1 welterweight contender. He def improved as an athlete. Amazing... Some people just look & judge without any true knowledge of what they are looking at. Ignorance is bliss?? I'd say ignorance is sad... Someone's boring could be someone else's masterful performance. It's hilarious to hear ppl's comments when they have never trained a day in their life. We are all warriors on the couch. I know... People saying Fitch just "laid on top of Alves" = extreme ignorance to the grappling game. Grappling is an art deeper than the ocean."  -Kenny Florian

"That was a tap and a siiiiiick fight!!!!!"  -Dana White, is happy, and who can blame him? If Anderson just walked through/danced around Chael, people would still be all "mehhh" every time he fights, but now they could possibly have a rematch down the road that people would really look forward to.

"Compustrike: Silva was hit w/ 289 strikes after being hit w/ 208 strikes COMBINED in his first 11 fights. Sonnen did everything but finish."  -Jon Anik

"What an amazing performance by Chael! The ability to grind/wrestle is a powerful thing. But Chael did tap imo. Was winning the whole fight... What heart & finish by Anderson Silva. What a champion!! Rematch is in order down the line, no doubt... When Silva went back to his corner after 1st round, u could see him complain about his rib."  -Kenny Florian, this is also the reason why I put most of the blame on Maia and Leites for having a boring fight.

"Didn't feel that well in the locker room for the fight, that's why I struggled the 1st round So I decided to go all or nothing the 2nd... I heard some comments about me throwing a leg kick immediately after we touched gloves..I saw it back and yes That was not correct.. It was not my intention to get a cheap shot, it just happened in the heat of battle... Big props to Cristian for his powerfull first round, you are one strong dude and I'm sure you will be back in the UFC soon!!"  -Stefan Struve, has a very bright future in MMA. I think he should train (and eat) with his countryman, Mr. Megareem.

"Roy who?"  -Shane Carwin, after he was asked if Roy Nelson could be his next fight...

"John Fintch is a B-Level Antonio Mckee"  -Mark Pavelich owner of MFC, has B-Level spelling

"BJJ - thanks to Nogueira brothers"  -Anderson Silva, after pulling off a miracle victory via triangle choke.

"My wife caught exact moment Silva kissed Steven Seagal before entering the octagon. Gotta be 1 of a kind pic!"  -Mike Swick




"check out my new video"  -Brittney Palmer

"Me, Renzo Gracie ,Ralf in San Francisco Alcatraz in the background"  -Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira


"I just got a SayNow number. it's 818-237-4245 and you can text me by typing @joerogan to 729669... The SayNow number is going to be my new fan line so I can send you guys texts and let you know when I'm doing shows. Sign up! ...To text me write @joerogan and your message to SAYNOW (729669)"  -Joe Rogan

"Just saw the craziest shit, a truck driving around san fran with a clear box in the back filled with strippers dancing.... Eddie Bravo and I were walking home to our hotel from some late night Chinese food in San Francisco when I truck drove up with a clear box in the back filled with strippers dancing. Pretty fucking kooky."  -Joe Rogan, the video doesn't show anything, but it still might not be safe to watch with your boss beside you.



"In no way do I condone street fighting, but when a guy puts his hands on a woman he deserves to be knocked the f*ck out. Good for Roger... that’s what should happen to everyone that sucker punches a woman!!!"  -Dana White

"@joerogan haven't talked to you but how awesome was roger? Super hero shit!!! Can't stop thinkin about it. Have a ton of respect 4 him!"  -Dana White

"I'm down with Roger Huerta. Karma is a bitch, and so are you if you sucker punch a chick. @rogerhuerta -Joe Rogan

"Congrats to Roger Huerta 4 being a man n taking care of business after seeing a man KO a woman in Austin, TX n then KO'g the A-Hole! Solid!"  -Bruce Buffer

"Just to be clear to anyone who has asked I support Roger Huerta 100%. The guy Roger put the boots to earned it."  -Josh Barnett



"@MCHammer you are the fucking man!! And you KNOW what I'm talking about... no, seriously thank you and welcome to MMA!!!"  -Dana White

"@danawhite Great Nite, Great Fights, Dana !!! Oakland and the Bay Area Salute To you and the UFC !!"  -MC Hammer



"First off I wanna thank all of you that have been writing to me. I have been getting mail from as far away as (cont) -War Machine, follow the link to see an extra long tweet about his adventures in Jail. He talks about improvised Jail Moonshine, almost getting in trouble for drugs, and making new friends with Muslims and Mexicans.



"I got NOTHN!!!!!!!!"  -Rachelle Leah




"Shhhh secret squirrel mission starts now..reunion begins!!"  -Arianny Celeste


" whos texting who? Ashley @chandellapowell?"  -Arianny Celeste, sigh... I wish @LoStanton would tweet more... better yet, #BringLoganBack!



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