Ed Soares and Dave Meltzer on Chael Sonnen's "Quick Tap" Against Anderson Silva at UFC 117

Photo by Tracy Lee via Cage Writer

Some of my beloved readers have deigned to question His Nateness and my remarks about Chael Sonnen allegedly "quick tapping" against Anderson Silva at UFC 117. Just for the record, I'm not the only one. Here's Dave Meltzer, the dean of MMA writers:

Silva got a triangle with 2:00 left. Sonnen couldn't escape, and tapped out at 3:10 of the fifth round. Sonnen halfway tapped, and then tried to keep going. Silva got mad and didn't want to release the hold but they finally broke them up. This isn't the first, or second time this has happened with that team.

Meltzer is likely referring to Matt Lindland's infamous quick tap against Murilo Bustamante at UFC 37 and Sonnen's non tap against Paulo Filho at WEC 31. In the former instance, Lindland tapped which caused Bustamante to release the hold, then Big John McCarthy restarted the fight on the feet. In the latter instance, Sonnen verbally submitted against Filho and then strongly objected when the fight was stopped. 

Ed Soares, Anderson Silva, Ariel Helwani and Kid Nate all comment after the break:

Here's Anderson Silva's manager Ed Soares talking about it after the fight to MMAFighting.com:

"What happened was, number one, I was upset that Chael was...trying to deny at first that he tapped. I went through that scenario once before with Chael myself, with Paulo Filho. Chael has been known to do that once in a while. I don't think Chael is a dirty fighter. I don't think any of that.

"But when I walked in the ring, I can remember looking over towards Chael's corner and I saw his boxing trainer kind of look at me and put the thumbs down towards Anderson. And you know what? I lost my cool. I can tell you that if I could take it back, I would, but my emotions got the best of me at that moment and definitely some words were said."

Soares went on to say that he didn't have any ill feeling toward Sonnen, but simply got caught up in an emotional moment after his fighter's dramatic comeback victory.

Anderson Silva also commented on it to Gracie Magazine:

Sonnen was very arrogant in promoting the fight. After having submitted he tried to argue that he didn't tap. What did you think of that?

Everyone saw that he tapped. But you can understand how he'd behave like that in the heat of the fight. I've made some mistakes and everyone does, nobody's perfect. The important part was that we had a good showing and the crowd liked it. I feel it's a fight that will make history, we're both to be congratulated. Now each of us will go to his respective home to see the family and we'll work on improving.

That's not to say there isn't another side to this debate, Ariel Helwani took up the no quick tap cause on twitter:

Be clear, Chael hasn't complained about the tap. That was clearly a tap. Not sure why Anderson didn't let go.

As I said on Sunday Helwani is missing the point:

Helwani is missing the point of the quick tap attempt -- it's about getting the other guy to let go, hoping the ref missed the tap and going on with the fight.

And in sum, here's what I wrote about the matter Sunday morning:

It doesn't matter to me what kind of stunts Chael pulled in his efforts to promote the fight. In a sport where men habitually take PEDs and allegedly grease up before and definitely during fights to get an illegal advantage, I don't think quick tapping is the worst sin in the world. I also don't think anything said in the name of successfully smack talking this fight into a hit -- based on our traffic across the SBN network, this is a huge hit event for the UFC -- is a bad thing.

Chael Sonnen is today's hero for MMA's cause. 

I've since reversed myself on Chael's lies to hype the fight, but we'll return to that later today. I do want to reiterate that Team Quest may be somewhat infamous for quick tapping and fighting hard outside the ring for what they perceive is fair treament, but they are NOT one of the camps known for performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) or greasing up before fights. 


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