Five Tough Questions With Comcast


As you may have noticed here and on other SBNation Combat blogs, Comcast has stepped up as a huge sponsor on our sites before UFC events. You're probably wondering why Comcast chose SB Nation and We were curious as well, but once we spoke to them we were very satisfied. We know why they are here and we think they came to the right decision. In short, they believe in MMA and wanted to be where MMA fans are. We think we can help them with that.

MMA fans have a lot of choices on how they want their sport delivered. There's live television, Internet alternatives and on demand choices available to the discerning customer. What makes Comcast different? Why should fans care about what they offer? What's different about what they do given the current landscape?We sat down with Comcast to ask these questions. We know the true MMA fan wants to see corporate sponsors committed to the sport and to the MMA fan experience. And luckily, they're here to prove they are in it for the long haul. Here now is Five Tough Questions With Comcast.

1.    What does Comcast offer the MMA fan, in terms of programming? How is it different that your competitors?

Comcast offers the MMA fan programming at their fingertips, anytime they want it.  In addition to all of the favorite shows and live events that you've come to expect from Spike, Versus, CBS, Showtime, and HDNet, Comcast has the ability to provide hours of content through UFC® On Demand.  With a few clicks of the remote, you can select from a variety of choices, whenever you want.  DirecTV can't match that.

Specifically speaking, with UFC® On Demand from Comcast, you have access to UFC® FREE ZONE, with fight previews, UFC® FIGHT ZONE with single fights from recent or historic events and UFC® EVENT ZONE with the latest UFC® Pay-Per-View events, the greatest Classic Fights, the hottest selling UFC® DVDs of all time and some of UFC®s most memorable specials. And we are working to constantly expand and enrich the on demand experience for users.  Examples of this including the new UFC 114 Countdown preview show and All Access Jackson on UFC star Quentin "Rampage" Jackson.

This combination of live programming and On Demand content provides MMA fans with more choices and control over the viewing experience.  This allows Comcast to separate itself from competitors.

2.    Why should MMA fans consider using Comcast to fulfill their MMA needs with DirecTV already offering almost comprehensive coverage?

Comcast offers comprehensive coverage for the MMA fan.  In fact, DirecTV simply cannot offer the level of coverage that Comcast can provide.  In today's world, the term "comprehensive coverage" means a lot more than providing more programming on live television - it also means providing access to the information, news, and discussion surrounding those events as well. 

Comcast goes beyond just television by providing high-speed internet service as well, allowing MMA fans to share their experiences among the community and keep up to date with the latest developments.   

Simply stated, Comcast not only provides live UFC events, but also great on-demand content and the fastest Internet speeds.  This combination allows us to serve up all the content that MMA fans want, in real time and in an easy-to-use format.   We want MMA fans to stay in the know and connected.

3.    DirecTV is considered by most MMA fans to be the most fan-friendly MMA provider.  How do you respond to that claim?

One of the most compelling things about MMA is its close-knit community of fans.  And connecting those fans, allowing them to comment, discuss, relive, and review everything that is going on in the sport is perhaps the best example of fan-friendliness out there.

Comcast keeps fans in the know, with a great mix of products for the MMA fan.  From live UFC events, to UFC content available 24/7 On Demand to High Speed Internet service in addition to television.  DirecTV cannot offer MMA fans that type of media mix.

Fans can get on message boards, follow blogs like Bloody Elbow, hold live chats during events, Tweet results, and do a variety of other things that connects them to other fans.  In addition, Comcast offers digital phone service, allowing fans to call one another as well.  The bottom line is that connecting the community is fan-friendly. 

Our goal is to allow MMA fans to demonstrate the power of their community.  The fans are what rule the sport, not networks, publishers, the establishment or media elite.  It's all about the personal experience for MMAers.

4.    Why are you sponsoring our sites and SB Nation?

Mixed Martial Arts is a growing sport - driven by the passion of its fan community.  The fellowship of MMA fans cannot be disputed, as those that stood apart while MMA was a niche sport continued to influence new fans during the move mainstream.  There is an entire fan base that holds the same values and beliefs when it comes to MMA.  And all of them are invested in the success of the sport.

From Pay Per View events to WEC on Versus, Comcast is also invested in the growth of the sport, and has a stake in its success - more so than virtually any other sponsor.  We truly believe that our products and services provide the fan community the best MMA experience possible.  As such, this is where the SB Nation sponsorship comes in.  But more than that, we want to work with and hear from the community about ways to improve, get better, and offer even more to fans, in order to continue driving success in the future.

5.    Why doesn't Comcast carry HDNet?

Many MMA fans believe that HDNet is not available on Comcast, when in fact, it is and we're currently rolling out new markets with coverage.  While we continue to add HDNet nationally, it is available in places like Chicago, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, Minneapolis-St. Paul and Washington, D.C.  Please call 1-800-COMCAST to find out if HDNet is available in your area
Comcast is a proud sponsor of and SB Nation.  Comcast is committed to providing MMA fans with the most comprehensive means of enjoying the sport, through our standard and HD video programming, On Demand offerings including UFC ® on Demand and high-speed Internet access, all in one service offering.  For more information on subscribing to Comcast, please call 1-800-COMCAST or visit

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