FanPost are no snake in the grass.....

The upoming Sonnen/Silva fighthas been burning up the message boards....

Chael (whom most would argue is an inferior challenger) has made it a one man show when it comes to promoting the fight. He has lashed out at the whole Blackhouse Team, calling Ed Soares a "leader of pygmies"; Postured that earning a BJJ Black Belt from the Nogiera Bros. was akin to "getting a new toy in happy meal"; not to mention "putting Anderson on his ass and punching a hole in his face". The last comment is clearly easier said than done.

Okay Chael...We get it...You are the embodiment of a great wrestler turned MMA fighter and wish to be the new Capt. America.

Anderson has been extremely aloof, giving one word responses to the media.

If you get a chance...DO...check out the conference call between the Sonnen and Silva camps.

Josh Nason of Bleacher Report summed it up nicely here:

Has anyone wondered why Anderson is keeping tight lipped?

Has anyone wondered how Anderson would benefit from keeping his mouth shut?

To understand Ed and Anderson's reasons to be so hum-hum....

Think about what they have created.

Anderson Silva and Ed Soares have actually created more hype for this fight by keeping their mouths shut. Every MMA site has been filled with debates on how Silva and Soares aren't doing their part to promote this fight but they are....There are now countless fans who appreciate Anderson's talents but are disgusted with his behavior that will totally fork out the 50 bucks to watch Chael "punch a hole in his face".

The media clearly wants a champion who loves to interview and wants someone that they can put on the top shelf with Brock, GSP, Matt Hughes, Penn. etc....They want a "media darling" they can turn into a house-hold name.

Because Anderson has kept his mouth shut he will come out the big winner after the fight (assuming he actually wins).

He is clearly trying to re-build his image as a guy who goes out there and does his job.

By keeping his mouth shut and defeating Chael Sonnen, We will once again see "The Spider" on top of all the PFP rankings.


Everyone needs to remember this simple fact: The media, hype, message board posts, and press conferences do not win fights. 

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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