Masanori Kanehara, Yusuke Kawaguchi Return in Deep on Sunday

Deep's regional shows aren't always loaded with recognizable names, but Sunday's "clubDeep" card in Hachioji has a few bouts and exhibitions of note.

After losing his title to Marlon Sandro in June via brutal knockout, former Sengoku featherweight champ Masanori Kanehara (right) will dip his toe back into the water with a one-round exhibition against Outsider neophyte Tatsuya Nakazawa.

Also coming back from a defeat is Deep megaton champ Yusuke Kawaguchi, who hasn't fought since his May decision loss to Mariusz Pudzianowski. He'll be in a kickboxing match with Deep official Koichi Takemura, for whatever reason.

In the 125-pound main event, Ayumu "Gozo" Shioda will fight outside of Shooto for only the second time in 14 bouts, making his Deep debut against recent ZST import Satoshi Shinbori.

clubDeep Hachioji 2
August 1, 2010
Keio Plaza Hotel,
Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan

Main Event - Flyweight - 2R x 5 min.
Ayumu "Gozo" Shioda (7-7 / Paraestra Hachioji) vs. Satoshi Shinbori (6-5-4 / U-File Camp Akabane)

12 - Openweight Kick Rule - 3R x 3 min.
Yusuke Kawaguchi (Blue Dog Gym) vs. Koichi Takemura (Deep Gym Impact)

11 - Bantamweight - 2R x 5 min.
Takuya Inoue (3-3 / Superman Club) vs. Shunsuke Tanaka (Daido Juku Kichioji)

10 - Exhibition Bout - 1R x 5 min.
Masanori Kanehara (Paraestra Hachioji/Team ZST) vs. Tatsuya Nakazawa (Team Scream)

9 - Welterweight - 2R x 5 min.
Jun Ando (5-6-1 / Superman Club) vs. Takumi Nagase (Grabaka)

8 - Lightweight - 2R x 5 min.
Takatoshi Matsumoto (Paraestra Hachioji) vs. Kenjiro Takahashi (0-1 / Mach Dojo)

7 - Featherweight - 2R x 5 min.
Kota Ishibashi (0-5 / Dobuita MMA) vs. Naoki Tajima (2-7, 1 NC / Core Kamata)

6 - Bantamweight - 2R x 5 min.
Chiaki Wakana (1-1 / Ranger Shinagawa) vs. Takuma Matsuyama (debut / U-File Camp Noborito)

5 - Under 65kg (143 lbs.) Grappling - 1R x 5 min.
Mao Hata (Nanige Jiu-Jitsu Academy) vs. Yoji Nakamura (U-File Camp Machida)

4 - Lightweight - 2R x 3 min.
Mitsusaburo (Team Scream) vs. Take Cerberus (freelance)

3 - Under 65kg (143 lbs.) Grappling - 1R x 5 min.
Charmy Ogawa (Nanige Jiu-Jitsu Academy) vs. Takahiro Enokidani (U-File Camp Machida)

2 - Featherweight - 2R x 5 min.
Motoki Awaji (0-4 / Deep Gym Impact) vs. Takashi Ito (3-3 / Core Kamata)

1 - Under 57kg (125 lbs.) - 2R x 5 min.
Chikara Shimabukuro (0-1-1 / Core Kamata) vs. Yu Suda (1-0-2 / Kingdom Tachikawa)

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