UFC 116: Lesnar vs. Carwin Live Results and Commentary

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As with every major show, BloodyElbow.com will be here to bring you live results and commentary for UFC 116: Lesnar vs. Carwin.  The live blog will start with the beginning of the Spike broadcast (at 9PM ET) so make sure to make Bloody Elbow your home for this event. 

As always we have our one rule: NO SPOILERS! In the interest of not ruining anything from the undercard that may make the broadcast we ask that you do not discuss the results of the undercard in the comments until either the broadcast ends or the fight makes the air.

SpikeTV Preliminary fights:

Seth Petruzelli vs. Ricardo Romero

Round 1 - Petruzelli starts off with an inside leg kick. Also a front kick followed by a right. Failed single leg takedown attempt by Romero. Petruzell is pouring it on with left and right hooks. Head kick by Petruzelli but he slips. Failed uchi mata by Petruzelli. Romero trying to get inside from a front head lock, but misses. Also a miss by Petruzelli on a spinning back kick and now Romero has Petruzelli's back. Romero attempts Peruvian Neck Tie, but fails. Decent GNP by Petruzelli. Romero sits up to escape and reverses Petruzelli. Now Romero has Petruzelli mounted. Romero faking the paintbrush to set up the arm bar and now he's got Petruzelli's back.  Romero attempts the arm bar but misses and Petruzelli drops Romero with an uppercut. A fatigued Petruzelli gives up his back after landing vicious hammerfists. 10-9 Petruzelli, but just barely.

Round 2 - Jumping knee lands from Petruzelli. Romero shoots, but with no set up. Petruzelli rolling for an armbar, but can't get it. Romero now on top. Some bodywork by Romero, but not much else. Romero moves to N/S. And Knee on Belly. From side control with the near arm trapped, Romero delivering elbows and taps Petruzelli with a straight armbar.

Romero def. Petruzell by submission (straight armbar) at 3:05 of round 2.

Brendan Schaub vs. Chris Tuchsherer

Round 1 - Right hands from Schaub land, but they're short punches. A one-two over the top from Schaub drops Tuchsherer. Schaub follows up with hammerfists and referee Herb Dean stops the fight.

Schaub defeats Tuchsherer by TKO/ref stoppage at 1:07 of round 1.

Gerald Harris vs. David Branch

Round 1 - Right hand glances for Harris. Harris landing strong punches inside. Branch throws a kick, but it's blocked. Fighters trading winging punches, but nothing significant lands.Harris jumping in and landing hard punches. The fighters clinch as Harris attempts a single leg/high crotch TD against the fence. Harris switches to a double. Branch readjusts his feet and Harris bombs him to the canvas. Branch working an active guard. 10-9 Harris.

Round 2 - Slow start to the round. Lots of movement from both fighters. Harris rushes Branch to the floor and now in Branch's full guard but against the cage. Steaming right hands from Harris. They're back to their feet and clinched against the fence. Harris drops low for a double and laterally off balances Branch to the floor. Now in Branch's full guard. Harris lands a shovel punch as Branch stands. Harris lands another good right hand. 10-9 Harris.

Round 3 - Still lots of movement from both fighters. Branch reaches for a TD, but Harris throws him by. Once on the ground Branch attempts a triangle, but Harris slams out of it. Branch reaching for another TD after the fighters stand, but Harris rips him off of his hips. The crowd boos as Branch clearly grabs the fence. Ref. Herb Dean separates them. Harris working for a single against the fence. As he does Branch tries a guard pull. Harris crossfaces him first then slams him to the mat and puts him out cold.

Harris def. Branch by KO (slam) at 2:27 of round 3.


George Sotiropoulos vs. Kurt Pellegrino

Round 1 - Both fighters trade, but George with the longer reach. Pellegrino's chin is high in the air and gets clipped. Both fighters back to their feet. The lack of head movement is costing Pellegrino big time on George's right. Left hand lands for Pellgrino. Pellegrino gets the TD.  Both fighters back to their feet. Right hand by Pellegrino. Another right hand by George, but Pellegrino gets the TD. Mission control by George, but Pellegrino hits the classic stand-push-and-pass. 10-9 Sotiropoulos.

Round 2 - George attempting a standing single leg and lands it. Now George works for the pass, but Pellegrino recaptures full guard. Pellegrino tries to whizzer to stand and almost gets mounted. George in half guard working GNP. Pellegrino holding George with the half guard lockdown, but he's getting smashed with short shots. Pellegrino working to stand against the fence. George attempts a tight waist slam, but can't get it. There is still zero head movement from Pellegrino. Jumping knee to the body lands by Pellegrino. 10-9 Sotiropoulos.

Round 3 - Pellegrino just looks slow as the fighters trade in the middle. George landing nice jabs. Left hook by George, but a double leg by Pellegrino. Short but respectable GNP from Pellegrino. Pellegrino shakes free mission control, but both fighters are now on their feet. They clinch against the fence. At the bell Pellegrino drops George. 10-9 Pellegrino.

BloodyElbow.com scores the fight 29-28 George Sotiropoulos.

The judges score it 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 for a unanimous decision win for George Sotiropoulous.

Krzysztof Soszynski vs. Stephen Bonnar

Round 1 - Immediate flurries from both guys right away. Soszynski lands a nice leg kick, but Bonnar drives him to the floor. Armbar sweep by Soszynski and now teeing off on him against the fence. Bonnar already bleeding. Fighters trading again in the middle of the ring. Spinning back kick by Bonnar misses. Soszynski forcing Bonnar to counterfight. Bonnar landing a few shots on Soszynski including a nice body kick. Right hand by Soszynski. Left hand by Soszynski. Push kick by Bonnar. 10-9 Soszynski.

Round 2 - Soszynski rushing into Bonnar trying to land, but to questionable effect. Bonnar landing nice shots on Soszynski until he gets clipped. Knee and a right hand by Bonnar. Another knee by Bonnar. Double leg TD by Bonnar and now in partial N/S. Soszynski back to his feet and working in the clinch against the fence while a huge knee for Bonnar lands and drops Soszynski. Bonnar hammers him in the ear until referee Mario Yamasaki stops the fight.

Bonnar defeats Soszynski by TKO/ref stoppage at 3:08 of round 2.

Chris Lytle vs. Matt Brown

Round 1 - No surprise Lytle hunting for the overhand right. Fighters clinch against the fence. One-two for Brown. Trip TD by Brown, but Lytle back to his feet quickly. Fighters battling for underhooks. Brown winning the clinch battle by firing and turning and off balancing Lytle. Trip TD from behind by Brown. Oma plata attempt by Lytle, but just as a sweep attempt for space. Brown now attempting a D'Arce choke. Brown lets it go after failing to turn Lytle off of his base. Left hand by Lytle. Lytle firing home run shots and missing. Jab lands for Brown and drops Lytle, but it's a partial slip. 10-9 Brown.

Round 2 - Running right cross from Brown. Left hook lands for Brown and an uppercut by Lytle stumbles Brown. Guilltone choke from mount attempt by Lytle, but now it's a mounted triangle for Lytle from side control. He's also working for a far side armbar. And he gets the the tap.

Lytle defeats Matt Brown by submission (armbar) at 2:02 of round 2.

Chris Leben vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama

Round 1 - Reminder: Leben is a south paw. Leg kick from Leben is caught and Akiyama takes him to the floor, but Leben back to his feet in the scramble. Leg kicks from both fighters. Right hand over the top misses from Akiyama and Leben lands a left. Akiyama lands an inadvertent groin kick. Right hand from Akiyama. Spinning back fist misses from Akiyama, but lands an outside trip. Leben turns for an armbar, but no dice. High guard from Leben and again an armbar attempt fails. Akiyama attempting a kimura from topside sitting, but Leben escapes. Akiyama in half guard. Leben back to his feet and they clinch against the fence. Both fighters land and Akiyama lands another trip TD into side control. 10-9 Akiyama.

Round 2 - Straight right to the body from Akiyama after a slip from Japan. Spinning back fist from Akiyama lands but Leben barely budges. Both fighters now landing punches. Both fighters trading huge punches in the middle. Akiyama with an outside trip and lands on top. Leben back on his feet after taking small damage on the way up. Both fighters are utterly exhausted. Leben attempts a standing guilltone, but nothing doing. 10-10.

Round 3 - Leben lands a left in the dirty boxing clinch. Leben appears to be the fresher fighter. Leben slips again and Akiyama is on top. Leben attempting another armbar from guard but can't get it. Akiyama fakes with the head an arm triangle and gets mount. Leben now back to full guard. Leben highly active from the button with busy punches and lands a triangle. Akiyama TAPS!

Leben def. Akiyama by submission (triangle) at 4:40 of round 3.

Shane Carwin vs. Brock Lesnar.

Round 1 - Brock comes out right handed, not left as advertised. Carwin stuns Lesnar a little and avoids the takedown with a whizzer. Back to their feet. Carwin is pounding Brock Lensar badly after stunning him on the feet. You're watching a star in the making in Shane Carwin. I can barely type. I can't believe what I'm seeing. Shane Carwin seems like a god right now. I exaggerate not. Who can stop this man? Monster elbow from Carwin. I can't believe this. I can't believe this. This might be the end . Lesnar just covering up at this point. Lesnar still awake. Carwin's power is the sickest I have ever seen. This is crazy. Carwin in half guard. This is unreal refereeing by Rosenthal. When it mattered. Brock Lesnar is still awake? Knee by BROCK. Brock Lesnar is still pushing. Both men are heavily breathing.  10-7 Carwin.

Round 2 - Left clips Brock not they're both taking it easy. Lesnar with a takedown and in half guard. This in unreal. I still can't believe I am watching this. Lesnar still moving slowly. Josh Rosenthal, I love you. Brock Lesnari is...OMG.



Alright, I'm calming down. There is still some dispute as in there are contenders, but that man, ladies and gentleman, is an athlete.

Lesnar def. Carwin by submission (arm triangle) at 2:19 of of round 2.

UPDATE: Apologies for the irrational exuberance. The criticisms are fair. I'll do my best to go back to normal.


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