2010 Bloody Elbow Reader Awards: Fight of the Mid-Year

Photo via MMA Weekly

I missed the first two rounds of this fight live. The Chicago Blackhawks had defeated the Nashville Predators in game 5 of their quarterfinal series earlier in the day (it was the miracle comeback in which Kane tied the game shorthanded in the third and Hossa put in the winner in overtime). In my hockey rage and an addiction to digital pucks, I hopped on the ol' XBox 360 for a few games of NHL 10 while I waited for the Aldo vs. Faber pay-per-view to start.

Now, to be fair, I loaded up a questionable stream of the prelim fights on my laptop while I played. I am an MMA journalist afterall. I just let my ears passively pick up the action.

Mike and Joe seemed incredibly excited from the get-go. I glanced over to the fight from time-to-time, but still had no intention of putting down my sticks.

I knew I made a mistake when the hyperbole didn't die down through two rounds. I finished my game, checked out the third round, and hoped it would make the pay-per-view show, so I wouldn't look like an asshole.

Fortunately for me, the Zuffa production staff wanted to milk this one for all it was worth.

I won't bore you with a description of the fight. Just go watch it.

Full voting results after the break.

Fight of the Mid Year
Fight 1st 2nd 3rd Total
Garcia vs. Jung 30 4 4 166
Leben vs. Akiyama 8 19 8 105
Lesnar vs. Carwin 8 3 6 55
Hominick vs. Jabouin 4 5 3 38
Condit vs. MacDonald 3 5 7 37
Bonnar vs. Soszynski 2 1 1 14
Munoz vs. Grove 1 2 2 13
Nogueira vs. Brilz 3 9
Varner vs. Shalorus 1 1 1 9
Rua vs. Machida 2 2 8
Evans vs. Jackson 2 6
Team Gracie vs. Team Mayhem 1 5
Aldo vs. Faber 1 5
Lawlor vs. Simpson 1 5
Werdum vs. Emelianenko 1 1 4
Filipovic vs. Barry 4 4
W. Silva vs. Bisping 1 1 4
Stephens vs. Stout 1 3
Sotiropoulos vs. Stevenson 1 3
A. Silva vs. Maia 1 3
Imada vs. Vanier 1 1
Koscheck vs. Daley 1 1
Le vs. Smith 1 1
Diaz vs. Zaromskis 1 1
Nelson vs. Struve 1 1
Doerksen vs. Lawlor 1 1
Pellegrino vs. Camoes 1 1
Sonnen vs. Marquardt 1 1
Franklin vs. Liddell 1 1
Leben vs. Simpson 1 1
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