How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 4th Week of July


A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA Twittersphere.


UPDATE: According to Fight Hype, that was a fake James Toney account. Dana White and a couple of other followers (like me), just got fooled:

"That motherfucker wants to be me that bad? Tell whoever started that fake page that they are not me and they can suck my d***! I don't need anyone trash talking for me. I got that department sewed up! No Mercy (Percy Crawford) can tell you I don't fuck with computers and all of that shit anyways,"



"holla at ya boi, James lights out Toney the one and the only, coming to ya MMA Randy i promise u ama knock yo ass out. BICHCO SISTERS 00100"  -James Toney, is now on twitter. What's interesting though, is that his userpic is almost 2 decades old.


"@danawhite hey pops, u better make u boi readhy coz ain't going nowhere, neeeexxt Brock lesner, come hollla"  -James Toney

"@Randy_Couture Randy I promise you d it goes to d ground Ama choke yo ass out, all u fans hate me you gonna pay ama take out so call legend"  -James Toney, talking smack to randy.

"Tune in august 28 lights out comming at ya bitches aka d dark empiror pound 4 pound best fighter in the d world period."  -James Toney

"@VitaliKlitschko hey let's put the fight together u and ur sister runnin from me for 7 years everyone knows am the best in the world period."  -James Toney, is even trolling Vitali now.

"If he goes down ama knock his headoff his shoulders and Brock lesner pick it up n put in giftbox and give it to d pops Dana white. Holla"  -James Toney

"@James_Toney hey james why dont you put up a more recent photo ?"  -Randy Couture - 1, James Toney - 0.

"@Randy_Couture Randy I can't wait u runing your mouth on Twitter that ain't shit august 28 it's lights out fo ya ama take u to d dark side... @Randy_Couture all the grapling and girly stuff am ready for it baby, hey u come with dirty boxing promise u right hand left hook n go home"  -James Toney

"@_Wladimir_ @VitaliKlitschko I bet u moma got more balls than u do"  -James Toney, is just trolling now.

"@danawhite i promise u ama knock ur boi out august 28 ama show u whatch call freakshow. Scared runnin girl Brock lesnar neeeexxt. Light out"  -James Toney

"@_Wladimir_ @VitaliKlitschko yall been callin the gay david haye come get d IBA heavywight championship don't be scared come holla at me."  -James Toney

"All u fans hate me come holla yall be runnin around like Brock lesner. My fans loveyall. Lights out... juijitsu wrestling dirty boxing ama kick his ass regardless. Am d real ultimate fighter period... 1st round ko baby or reverse choke -James Toney

"He block me in Twitter he's scared. I told u he can't win in d ring or outside d ring. Ma fans make sure he get Ma massege. Holla"  -James Toney, Is he talking about Randy? I'm not sure who blocked him, cause he's trolling a lot of people here.


"So now Nick Diaz is suddenly a 170 pounder only when he has to fight someone who can whip his ass? Not so gangster, is he?"  -Mayhem Miller

"Some assclown stole my laptop & I've been reorganizing my iTunes in my new laptop for the last few days. May try this "back up" thing. Lol... I left my Mac laptop exposed in the back of my car. They smashed the window & took my laptop. Missed them by minutes/seconds. Pissed!"  -Kenny Florian

"They didn't steal my laptop in Boston. It was in another city... Laptop was stolen in Montreal but I still got love for u."  -Kenny Florian

"Somebody just called me wondering why I keep taking their newspaper every morning. Said he was coming over to resolve it... He goes, 'u want me to come over there?!' I was like, 'u can come over, but i don't recommend it'"  -Jason High



"Whenever I meet someone new as were shaking hands I like to say do you jerkoff with this hand cus this is the one I use to wipe my ass with"  -Forrest Griffin, probably had a lot of hand shakes on his book tour.

"I only got sued twice for the last book I'm betting I can double that on the one- Forrest griffin Harper Collins slave"  -Forrest Griffin

"Buy this book now you can pay your child support next month"  -Forrest Griffin

"Buy this book OR Mel Gibson will punch your wifes teeth down her fucking throat. Matthew Harper made me say that I find it reprehensible"  -Forrest Griffin

"If this book told you to go fuck yourself, you'd have your own child"  -Forrest Griffin

"This book will save your life or your money back. Contact Matthew harper for all returns"  -Forrest Griffin

"This book must be stored seprately form other books or it may sexually assault them"  -Forrest Griffin

"Oprah thought this book was delicious"  -Forrest Griffin

"The English Language is afraid of this book for good reason"  -Forrest Griffin

"If chuck Norris was still alive he'd buy 20 copies of this book"  -Forrest Griffin

"P.S. Chuck Norris has been dead for ten years. It's actually an evil robot parading as the chuck."  -Forrest Griffin

"This book was not tested on animals. It was tested on migrant day laborers... Hey, f*ck you, they signed waivers. No, they couldn't read English, but whose fault is that"  -Forrest Griffin

"Guys it not me it this book. The book wants me to tell you he's coming aug. 3rd. This book is so intellgent it confused Steven Hawkins."  -Forrest Griffin

"My book says it can take Chuck Norris. In fact it says he's such a douche he reuses feminine hygiene products... Whatever that means? ...When Chuck Norris was asked to review this book, he simply stated I'm not man enough. -Forrest Griffin

"This book is so intelligent it speaks Braille... I wish this damn book would quit making me tweet stupid shit."  -Forrest Griffin



"It's Ultraman!"  -Roxy Modafferi, this brings back childhood memories


"What tha?! Is my cookie telling me to get fake boobs?! No way, sorry cookie!"  -Kenda Perez, real>fake anyway.


"2nd caption contest. Best caption wins pair of @ shorts."  -Miguel Torres


"Borrowed this sweet gadget 4rm my friend 4 2nite.reading script. Big day 2morow! Ufc Ultimate Insider cmn soon! GN!!"  -Arianny Celeste


"last shot of the day almost ..done long day!"  -Arianny Celeste


"Sun bathing on my porch, I can hear a live band..soooo cool!! Ps I love red velvet cupcakes!! Happy sunday! :D"  -Arianny Celeste




"I approve of how @mmasarah is acting re: Challengers cards.Get the 135lb champ on CBS!@Strikeforce"  -Roxy Modafferi

"First day of wrestling with mark munozs at his new gym Reign. It's a nice place to train. I feel great !"  -Tito Ortiz

"He came by my gym! He's an awesome guy!"  -Mark Munoz, talks about training with Tito Ortiz.

"With @junior_cigano at the GYM"  -Anderson Silva, tweets in english also.

"1 more week! Camp is over! The calm before the storm! I'm ready, focused, & determined! Thank u all for your support!"  -Mark Munoz

"Here's my walkout kit!"  -Mark Munoz, very nice logo if you ask me.





"I'm doin' me and enjoying it"  -Floyd Mayweather, whoa whoa whoa, let's keep it PG-13 here... -- PS: Why won't you fight Manny?

"Traveling with my 5OK diamond I-pod. Any artist in my i-pod is platinum anyway thanx to the case...Lol... The real breaking news in sports is my $50k iPod. Somebody tell Yahoo theres other stuff going on in the world. That's just me being me lol"  -Floyd Mayweather, if I would spend $50,000 on an iPod Classic/Video.... I wouldn't.  -- PS: Why won't you fight Manny?


"I'm glad you guys appreciated that :) Off to castings!"  -Logan Stanton, #BringLoganBack


"Me and Natasha from "Fantasy" working the Queens Croquet.. ;) ...Hearts wins! ;) happy friday.. Be smart and safe twitter friends... "  -Natasha Wicks



"A mile in, YIKES... I think I saw somethin! ;)"  -Natasha Wicks


"Yaaay over 3500 twitter friends! You m-m-make me soo haaaaaappy! Thanks"  -Natasha Wicks




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