Lloyd Irvin Home Invasion Story Not Only True, but Frighteningly Bizarre

Mike Chiappetta breaks some incredibly scary news:

In the pre-dawn hours of Oct. 4, Irvin woke up on his couch at 4:30 am to find two gunmen standing over him. Taking bold action when the opportunity arose, Irvin disarmed one of the perpetrators, forcing them both to flee. No one was hurt in the attempted home invasion, but now the case has taken a chilling twist.

According to Washington D.C. news outlets including WUSA-9, police now believe that one of the men involved in Irvin's home invasion attempt is a suspected serial killer. 

The news station's website says the Prince George County, Maryland police are holding a "person of interest" that police chief Robert Hylton calls a serial killer.

The suspect, whose name has not yet been released publicly, is being held on federal gun charges pending indictment in at least one murder case, according to WUSA. 

"This person is going to be responsible for additional murders," Hylton told the news outlet, who also reported that murder indictments could come next week.

According to various reports, at least five deaths are being investigated in conjunction with the person of interest, who seemed to target mothers and daughters who lived together.

His targeting of Irvin's family may have proved to be his undoing. Irvin is a highly decorated martial artist, with black belts in jiu-jitsu, judo and combat sambo. He's also spent considerable time instructing police and military teams on the use of martial arts in real-life situations, including defensive gun and knife techniques. Apparently, Irvin's methods have practical application, as he reportedly removed the gun clip from one home invader's weapon before removing the gun from his hands.

As you can see in the video, Irvin was able to disarm one of the attackers during the robbery, thereby forcing both would-be thieves (and potentially killers) to flee. Irvin's young son was emotionally damaged, but no one was physically harmed in the attack.

For those new to Bloody Elbow, this story carries some significance. We were the source who originally broke the news of Irvin's robbery in 2008, only to be mocked and have the story's veracity questioned by sports blogging juggernaut Deadspin.com. They eventually recanted their absurd claim and just for good measure, we published the horrifying 911 tape of Irvin and his wife calling for help during/after the incident. BE 1, Deadspin 0.

It's very comforting to know Irvin and his family (as well as UFC light heavyweight Brandon Vera, who was in the house and held down by gunman at the time) made it out physically unscathed. Yet, one also shudders at the thought of how badly it all could've turned out. Crisis averted.

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