The Week in Quotes: July 11th - 17th

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"I think it’s hard to make it back this year due the physical therapy, conditioning and all else. Then I might just get back next year." - Fabricio Werdum, revealing that he will go under the knife to repair an injured elbow which would put him out until 2011. (Super Lutas)

"[Werdum's] gotta do what he's gotta do. The re-match will be there, pre elbow surgery or post. That's what the fans want and that's what they will eventually get." - M-1 Director of Global Operations Evgeni Kogan, who's done a commendable job adopting the M-1 dog-and-pony routine. (Bloody Elbow)

"Fighting within the year is a possibility if the right opportunity presents itself." - Werdum's manager Richard Wilner, giving us the "good news". (Sherdog)

"It's not Fabricio Werdum. He already beat [Fedor]." - Strikeforce promoter Scott Coker, making matches like Lindsay Bluth and Tobias Funke discipline their daughter.

"Depending on if there's any future fights, if he fights Overeem, it might not be a title fight. It doesn't have to be. If Fedor is on his last fight with us, we wouldn't make it a title fight with Alistair. But why shouldn't that fight happen regardless?" - Coker. Please just scrap your titles, Scott. They're meaningless objects, and it's clear you feel the same way.

"I just don't think they'll have a choice." - Coker, on potential pushback from M-1 Global.


"That’s not a free television bout. That’s a pay per view fight." - Strikeforce matchmaker Rich Chou, discussing a fight between former pro wrasslers Bobby Lashley and Dave Bautista. Sometimes the truth is the funniest thing in the world. (

"Absolutely. That’s a pay per view fight." - Coker

"When you tune in to a Strikeforce fight, you know you’re going to see some great fights. But every once in awhile, when you get a chance to throw in a fight like this one that’s just fun to watch? Why not?" - Coker, who should have followed Dana White's lead and just out-and-out called this a freak show. This would be fun in the it's-so-bad-it's-good/LeBron James "Decision" sort of way.

"You can’t give away everything for free." - Chou. I'm not sure people would take this for free, either.


"That's why they used the loophole, and that's why they jumped." - Bob Sapp, who failed to make Impact FC promoter Tom Huggins escrow part of his purse. The fight fell through, and Sapp is out of a payday. (MMA Junkie)

"I'm not going to allow anybody to screw me over." - Sapp, threatening to sue over the ordeal. But wait!

"For three weeks, we tried to get Bob to commit to flight dates and sign a contract. He never actually signed the contract we sent him weeks ago." - Huggins, claiming that tickets from Bulgaria - where Sapp is currently filming a movie - became too expensive given the connecting flights he would have to take to get to Australia. That and... (Sherdog)

"He's 350 pounds; he can't fly coach." - Huggins. Yeah, that'll make it tough.


"That's where your opinion is, that GSP looks normal. Because he's not 260 pounds or 240 pounds, but he's an extremely big 170 pounder." - Ken Shamrock, pointing out that sheer size is hardly evidence of steroid use. (MMA Fighting)

"But because he's not this mammoth, he's safe. I'm not saying he is or he isn't, but what if he is?" - Shamrock

"And he's extremely ripped and extremely muscular and he's put on 10 pounds of solid muscle since he's been in the UFC? And he's doing just as much as Overeem's doing? But yet, because he's a smaller fighter, we tag Overeem." - Shamrock.


"The guy beat the heck out of the back of Michael's head to the point where it was beet red." - Michael Kirkham's father Dennis Kirkham, describing Michael's bout prior to the one which led to his death. (MMA Fighting)

"This could have been second-impact syndrome." - Former adviser to the North Caroline Boxing Authority Dr. Joe Estwanik

"From a few days to three-to-four weeks after somebody suffers a significant blow to the head, a second blow can trigger an overwhelming response by the body that we still don't really understand." - Estwanik. Michael Kirkham fought just two days after a 30-day medical suspension.

"Even a minor blow could result in massive swelling of the brain and there's up to a 50 percent chance of dying." - Estwanik


"When I caught [Kawajiri] and tried to submit him, I heard a loud crackle sound. He did not tap so I thought 'Ok, this match just became a death-fight' and I was going to destroy his leg." - Shinya Aoki, channeling his inner Rousimar Palhares. (Sports Navi)

"I knew Kawajiri never taps so I could not win without breaking his bone. I was hoping for an open-fracture." - Aoki. But would he have cried at the site of an exposed limb?

"The people who mocked me in my fight versus Melendez, I wanted to kill them all. Even in this fight, too many people said 'Kawajiri would win!'. I felt like telling these people 'Go to hell!'" - Aoki


"He told me tonight that watching the show open messed him up." - UFC President Dana White, referencing Chuck Liddell watching the intro spot for UFC 116. Yikes. (MMA Weekly)

"All I’m hoping is that he’s going to make the right decision. You know what I mean by the right decision, I hope he’s going to retire." - White. Thanks for the clarification.


"I've already stopped eating KFC, chocolate, that stuff. I've got a personal trainer, never had one of them before." - Mark Hunt. You can get other compelling Mark Hunt material by signing up to Mark's blog for the low, low price of $100. (Sherdog)

"We have a lot to work on but standing at the base of the mountain you already climbed is a lot less daunting then climbing it for the first time." - Shane Carwin. True, but when you gassed the first time up the mountain, what makes you think you'll get to the top the second time? (The Underground)

"I don’t turn down nothing. Sometimes I don’t even turn down my collar." - James Toney, letting the world know he wants to fight Brock Lesnar. (MMA Weekly)

"Who doesn't want to go out and take out their hero?" - Chris Leben, campaigning for a fight and TUF coaching gig opposite Wanderlei Silva. To answer the question, people who admire Stephen Hawking. (Versus)

"As long as the fans come and keep watching me, I’ll keep getting beat up." - Ken Shamrock, with as sad a declaration of being a broke fighter as you'll see. (Sherdog)

"This is a declaration of war against the WWE and UFC. From Asia, we will take the world." - K-1 President Sadaharu Tanikawa (MMA Fighting)

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