Anderson Silva- A Two-Faced Champion?

Anderson Silva is one of, if not the best, MMA-fighters in the world. Heck, he`s one of the all time greats. He`s vicious on his feet with recent KO`s of Leben, Franklin x2, Irvin, Griffin and Marquardt, and he has submitted the likes of Travis Lutter and Dan Henderson, all in recent history.

Yet. Lately he`s been somewhat of a disappointment. His fights against Patrick Cotè, Thales Leites and Demian Maia were all fought at a very slow tempo, with Anderson being seemingly superior fighter, yet failing to move in for the kill against "helpless" opponents (No, Cotè didn`t put up a fight. Please re-watch that fight if any of you think it was even close).

His excuses have been: "I wanted to show that I could go 5 rounds" (Cotè) "He wouldn`t fight me. "(Leites) and "I couldn`t get the timing down" (Maia). What most fans (invcluding myself) and reporters have seen is a seemingly disinterested, lazy clown. Taking no risks whatsoever and show-boating at every chance he`s gotten. So, is Anderson lying through his teeth? Or is perhaps the truth hidden somewhere in between? Is there perhaps some other explanation?

In the same time-period as the 3 mentioned MW-championship fights, he`s also fought twice at LHW, against James Irvin (KO 1st round) and the former LHW-champion Forrest Griffin (KO 1st round).

Or another way of looking at it:

2006-06-23 to 2008-03-01

6 fights, all at MW. 4 TKO/KO, 2 submissions. None getting past the second round.

2008-07-19 to 2010-04-10

5 fights, 3 at MW, 2 at LHW. 5 fights at MW, 5 decisions, 2 fights at  LHW, 2 KO`s (both 1st round).


Here`s my theory. Anderson Silva is fighting with a build suited for LHW-combats. As an example: He fought Irvin at LHW, the very same Irvin that looked like a zombie at MW. Anderson Silva is not much smaller than Irvin.

Maybe Silva is just so good that a Silva with bad cardio and poor timing due to horrific weight-cuts is still juuuust good enough to win at MW. If he paces himself that is. The same Anderson Silva that is an absolute killing-machine at LHW... I also believe that Anderson Silva had intended a permanant move to LHW, but Machida being a seemingly unstoppable champion (and Anderson Silva`s friend) left Anderson hanging in a limbo between MW and LHW.





Lastly, I`d like to say that if I got to have one MMA-wish come true... It would be to see Shogun vs Anderson Silva. It would just be so awesome.

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