UPDATED: Scott Coker Wants Fedor Emelianenko to Fight Alistair Overeem, Antonio "Big Foot" Silva, or Sergei Kharitonov Before Rematching Fabricio Werdum

It's cool, we've got a handshake deal. Photo via Showtime sports

Sergio Non talks to Scott Coker:

"Whether it's Overeem or whether it's Kharitonov or whether it's 'Bigfoot' Silva, or anybody that we put Fedor in the ring next to ... I think we'd rather see another fight before he fights Fabricio, instead of getting a rematch," Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker told Fighting Stances this week. "Bigfoot Silva and Fedor, that would be another great fight."


"I'd like to see Overeem fight 'Bigfoot Silva, I'd like to see Overeem, when Fabricio Werdum is healthy, fight him," Coker said. "I'd like to see Overeem fight Fedor at this point. I'd like to see, maybe even Overeem fight Kharitonov at some point."

Meanwhile Fabricio Werdum is telling Sherdog that he wants to rematch Fedor in Russia. 

Fedor's management, M-1 Global, told Bloody Elbow earlier this week that, "(Fedor vs Werdum 2) is what the fans want and that's what they will eventually get." 

Let's just say I don't much like Coker's chances of getting Fedor in the cage against Overeem anytime soon. Big Foot Silva seems like a more likely alternative, but I wouldn't put it past M-1 to put Fedor on the shelf until the rematch with Werdum is available.

UPDATE: Loretta Hunt has more (HT BE reader BigDNotDallas):

Richard Wilner, Werdum's manager, said recent reports that the Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt will be sidelined for the rest of 2010 to undergo elbow surgery are incorrect. In an e-mail to Sherdog.com on Friday, Wilner wrote that Werdum will meet with a physician next week to evaluate his elbow and that if he required surgery, it "would certainly be minor."

"He's back in the gym helping his teammates train for their upcoming fights. He is at the same time still celebrating his victory, enjoying his family, making appearances, teaching, etc.," wrote Wilner. "Fighting within the year is a possibility if the right opportunity presents itself."

And as for Fedor's next opponent? Scott Coker talked to Hunt:

"It's not Fabricio Werdum," he said. "He already beat (Fedor). To me, it's only been a month (since the first fight). We saw the Werdum fight already. I think when they eventually hook up and fight again, it will be an amazing fight and event."

Coker knocked rumors that a proposed Overeem-Emelianenko match served to lock the Russian into a "champion's clause," a component of standard contracts that makes it difficult for a fighter to exit a promotion once he wins a title.

"That's not it at all," said Coker. "Depending on if there's any future fights, if he fights Overeem, it might not be a title fight. It doesn't have to be (for the title). If Fedor is on his last fight with us, we wouldn't make it a title fight with Alistair. But why shouldn't that fight happen regardless?"

When asked what might transpire if M-1 Global is adamant that their client only face Werdum next, Coker had a stern reply.

"I just don't think they'll have a choice," he said.

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