Reasons to buy UFC Undisputed 2010, UPDATE: Plus submission guide

UPDATE: Loads of people seem to hate the submission system.  Which is a shame because I really like it.  I think a lot of the dislike comes from a lack of unerstanding.  A guy called Vadle did a really helpful tutorial on the new submission mechanics which helped me greatly.  Its buried in the forums over at the games official website.  So here's a helpful link:

ORIGINAL POST: Anyone who hasn't bought UFC Undisputed 2010 yet needs to go at least rent it to try it out. You may be severely and unnecessarily missing out on hours of utter fun.  I only started giving it the time it deserves this week because it took me over a week to complete the sublime Red Dead Revolver, (not 100%, just the story) and I've had a few distractions with the also excellent Blur and Prince of Persia, and the very average Alpha Protocol, but since I have I've been nothing but impressed.  I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a game this much.  Probably UFC Undisputed 2009.  But before that probably Goldeneye on Nintendo 64.  Its that good!  Unashamedly promotional review type thing of the 1/3 or so of the game that I actually play after the jump.  JUMP!


If you hated Undisputed 2009 you likely won't find anything to convert you here, but if you even remotely liked last years game then I don't see how you couldn't love this years.  It's so much more than just a roster update, its the refining and expanding of ideas, creating what amounts to achieving the near perfect computer game representation of MMA that last years game so very nearly was.

The stand up this year is amazing.  The addition of the sway system and increased effectiveness of head strikes has made for tense, realistic, tactical stand up battles as well as ferocious knock down drag out brawls.  Whether it lasts five rounds or ten seconds the stand up game is simply superb.
The same can be said for the new submission system (I recognise this is more controversial but personally I'm a huge fan).  The loss of button mashing initially hit me hard because I'm a terrible shiner (shining is speedily rotating the right analogue stick to achieve submissions), but its well worth it to see turbo controllers become a waste of money.

The charge system and submission switching have added tactical depth to submission struggles while not resorting to the mini game gimmickry that I think will ruin EA MMA.  YUS!  The charge system in particular is wonderful, the feeling when you release on the sweet spot and it results in a perfect submission, no shining required, is every bit as satisfying as connecting with a highlight reel spinning backfist for the KO.  The new submissions themselves are also pretty sweet.  A dapper peruvian necktie looks good on any gent.
The roster is another thing I'm thrilled with.  Huge, pretty much up to date and with promised DLC to make up for the few who were signed too late to make the cut, and all near photo-realstic.  Plus the inclusion of people we really didn't have a right to hope to see included such Arlovski, Henderson, Parysian and Werdum.  Excellent.
The new sub-position system.  If your not playing ranked matches and getting unaffectionately dry-humped to gruelling decisions by win-loss record obsessed 12 year olds fond of homophobic and racial slurs then the ground game is infinitely more realistic and exciting than last year, with the focus now on transitioning, submissions, reversing/sweeping AND allowing you to posture up to delivering ferocious damage via striking.  A great improvement on last year which really focused solely on achieving mount and occasionally submissions.
The new standing clinch system and use of the cage adds a whole third dimension to the game, while being completely and properly integrated, unlike last year, and THQ have pulled it off masterfully.  From dirty boxing to greco roman wrestling to brutal fight ending Muay Thai knees or devestating slams the fight flows seamlessly and is realistic and perfectly balanced throughout, with controls that are surprisingly intuitive once you learn the basics.

Yes there are flaws,  but its still utterly goddamned amazing!  I stayed up to 7 am on Saturday night playing online player matches, random selecting my character every fight.  I never play against the computer AI because it shines too fast/smooth for me, and I don't play ranked matches because people take it too seriously and only care about winning at all costs rather than experiencing all the fighting system has to offer.

I love the ground game but some people in ranked matches have adopted a tactic of taking you down and instead of trying to transition to advance position or even hit you they just continually flick the right stick to get reversals.  They've paid their money and and are entitled to fight/win however they see fit but I really don't enjoy those types of matches.  Thankfully they're a rare occureence in the much more friendly atmosphered player match.

That night I lost as many as I won but I experienced 5 round wars of attrition, Maia-like submissions in under a 40 seconds, doctor stoppages due to cuts from vicious elbows, ten second heavy handed KOs, got knocked out by a beautifully animated Bones Jones spinning back elbow, got Jon Fitched for 3 rounds to lose a 27-30 decision then in the rematch got Jon Fitched for 3 rounds only to score a last minute head kick knock out, completely destroyed a guys legs with foot stomps, Randy Coutoured a guy against the cage and dirty boxed his face off, and my personal favourite got muay thai clinched and kneed in the head repeatedly by Anderson Silva for 2 rounds, miraculously surviving, before taking him down, edging into mount, punching his dance loving face til I rocked him before slapping on a triangle arm choke for the win.

Seriously, give it a go.  Its amazing.

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