Quotes of the Day: Tito Ortiz, Kenny Florian and Pat Miletich Respond to Fedor Emelianenko's Loss to Fabricio Werdum

Tito Ortiz and Fedor Emelianenko in the Affliction era via Zimbio

Has he ever been tested? Maybe once or twice? You can't say you're the best in the world if you haven't competed against everybody in the world, and he hasn't. And I think by him not coming to the UFC put a big (stain) on his record. You can have a company back you and say you're the best guy in the world, but until you compete against the best guys in the world, you're not that guy. There's a lot more things going on behind the scenes, and it's not just Fedor making those decisions. Fedor is fighting for his country. But it is what it is, and it just proves that he's not invincible and that he's not one of the top heavyweights in the world. I think he's a decent fighter overall...

(Fedor's wins over "Cro Cop" and Nogueira) were a long time ago. That was when he was in his prime, I guess you can say. He hasn't fought anybody on the UFC's level...

Tito Ortiz quoted by Sherdog

Fedor is all class & will be back. He is an amazing athlete. He needs to update his training. If he does this, he will be back on top. Fedor is still the greatest heavyweight of all time, but the sport is so new & changing so fast. So easy to get left behind in MMA. No such thing as "just got caught." It was a technical error. He didn't slip & fall into the triangle. Got caught (twice).

Kenny Florian quoted by Sherdog

Today on all the forums, Twitter and Facebook, people are saying they knew he wasn't the best fighter in the world. Really? All I can say is, he wasn't (Saturday) night.

Fabricio Werdum was insistent in his interview that Fedor is the best in the world. I respect Fabricio for saying this. This shows true class from a true world-class fighter, and Werdum is a true fighter. What Fedor said was something only a man like he could say. Fedor said, "A man that does not fall, does not stand up."

I just wonder who out of all those who are so critical of this man will stand in front of him when he stands back up?

Pat Miletich quoted by Sherdog


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