The Week in Quotes: June 20th - 26th



"Literally today they called me from the Tapout firm and told me that they were contacted by the representatives of the UFC, and that under the threat of tearing up all the contracts with their organization demanded that Tapout categorically stop producing all the shirts from the line of Fedor Emelianenko." - M-1 Global head Vadim Finkelstein, creating a very collectible piece of MMA memorabilia. (

"It's always easy to take a look at someone’s fights and find weaknesses. The question is whether you can take advantage of those weaknesses while you're in the fight with them." - Fedor Emelianenko, heading into his Strikeforce bout with Fabricio Werdum. (Sherdog)

"If I beat Fedor on that night,  I'm better than him that night. I don't consider myself better than anybody else. I just know that I have a place on the top. I think to beat Fedor is like having ten belts in the house." - Werdum (Sherdog)

"If we have to grapple for the entire fight, we can do that as well." - Emelianenko. As Luke Skywalker told the Emperor while aboard the second Death Star, "Your overconfidence is your weakness."

"Frankly speaking, nothing. The one who doesn't fall, doesn't stand up." - Emelianenko, expressing his (non?) feelings after being submitted by Werdum just over a minute into the first round. And there was much rejoicing. Yay. (Cage Writer)

"Fedor is the best in the world. Fedor is the best." - Werdum. No, Fabricio, you won.

"If God decided it that way, that means that was the best way for this very time. I thank God for everything." - Emelianenko, who must have been caught with hairy palms or something. (MMA Junkie)

"If there will be a rematch, which we are not demanding, I am pretty sure that Fedor is going to win next time." - Finkelstein


"His 'miracle recovery' underway I was told I am going to have to face Frank Mir to earn the opportunity to face Brock (something I had already been given and taken away now twice)." - UFC interim heavyweight champ Shane Carwin desperately wants you to know he EARNED this title shot. Also, can someone clue me in about this Brock pulling out of the fight twice thing? Am I forgetting something? (

"No excuse but it was a lazy day and I had just been in a epic water balloon fight with my son and I was trying to keep a straight face." - Carwin, offering up his excuse for a boring interview during the TUF 11 Finale. If he's gassing after water balloon fights... (The Underground)

"This is kind of my second coming, its brought a lot of life into me and my training camp." - UFC heavyweight champ and Joe Rogan's sexually arousing viking king Brock Lesnar, on his near-death experience with diverticulitis (and I spelled that right from memory, boo ya!). (MMA Mania)

"I won't have to cut any weight this time. I came in this morning right at 265." - Lesnar, who has me hoping this leads to a faster, dynamic Brock rather than a lingering sign of his illness.


"I apologize to all my fans.  I ask for your prayers for a successful surgery and healthy body.  I will be back in shape to fight again and to give you more excitement. A big hug for all of you and be with God." - Wanderlei Silva, who had to pull out of his UFC 116 bout against Yoshihiro Akiyama. Silva tried to battle through a torn knee ligament (which will now require surgery), but finally put himself on the shelf when doctors discovered three broken ribs. (Fighters Only)

"The UFC called me and they said Wanderlei was hurt and they want me to fight Akiyama." - Chris Leben, who takes this fight less than two weeks after a tough TKO victory over Aaron Simpson. (

"Why would I not take a great opportunity? It would be stupid of me. Not to mention that but I want to be a company man with the UFC, I want them to be happy with me." - Leben

"I am not pleased with the change." - Akiyama. He spoke from a plush velvet chair, adorned only with a gold crown and thin leopard-print loin cloth. Akiyama continued... (

"In the worst case, I will not take part in the event." - Akiyama. My heart fluttered. Could it be true? Will his sexy presence be absent from the Octagon on July 3rd? But no, he accepted the bout with the evil scourge they call Leben. He may explain his change of heart as a favor to Mr. Dana White and the UFC, but I know the real reason. Thank you, Yoshi. I've missed you.


"GSP told me straight up, I'll fight him [Anderson] right now." - UFC President Dana White. All right, let's get this thing signed! (TSN's Off the Record)

"I don't think a fight with GSP will ever happen. It's not a fight I want to have and I don't think GSP wants it either." - UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva. Uh, what? You were talking about this fight two months ago. (Rover Radio)

"First, Anderson Silva has a couple guys he needs to beat. He needs to beat Chael Sonnen and probably Vitor Belfort, should Vitor win his next fight." - White. And then when he beats those guys he'll have to beat Yushin Okami, right? Or Yoshihiro Akiyama? Or you'll want him permanently at 205?

"Here's the other problem, Georges St.Pierre is a natural 170 pounder. Anderson Silva not only cuts to 185, he's fought at 205. That's kind of why the fight doesn't make sense to me." - White. It made sense before UFC 112 when Anderson said he would cut down to 170 for the fight.

"People ask me that all the time. This is what I believe. I believe my job is to put on fights that people want to see. I keep hearing that and if enough people want to see it, I guess I’m gonna have to do it." - White (Sports Radio Interviews)


"Believe me when I tell you guys I have done everything in my power, I have flown to crazy parts of the world, done all this stuff, been on the phone for hours, not hung out with my kids on weekends because I’m on the phone with these lunatics and just can’t make the deal. They don’t want to do it so we gotta get over it." - UFC President Dana White, who can finally give up on his quest for the holy grail that was Fedor Emelianenko.

"It sucks. I have nothing but respect for him and I hope to see him back soon." - White, after Emelianenko's loss to Fabricio Werdum. Just kidding. He was talking about Keith Jardine. (Cage Potato)


"An athlete holding a professional record of 20 wins and only one loss can’t be disrespected." - Paulo Filho. With the volatility of the MMA landscape, it's nice to know that one thing will always holds true: Paulo Filho is crazy. (Tatame)

"I told Strikeforce when we accepted this fight that if Scott were to lose, there was going to be a third fight." - Scott Smith's manager Mike Roberts. Smith lost via second round TKO. Good luck fitting in the rubber match in between Cung's movie schedule and/or inevitable retirement from fighting. (Sherdog)

"I definitely feel I won the fight. But you know what? Kamal Shalorus is now the toughest guy you have heard of. I have much respect for this guy." - Jamie Varner. Yeah, we got that what with all the "Thanks yous" and "I like you toos" following the fight. (ESPN)

"Most of us believe this is a brutal sport. Some of us are willing, however, to legalize it because of the money it brings in, and I find that a pretty horrific type of attitude and position to have, because we're trying to stop bullying in schools, we're trying to stop gang violence and domestic violence." - New York Assemblyman Bob Reilly, who must be on a crusade to outlaw professional football, hockey, and boxing, right? (WGRZ)

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