And the #1 Heavyweight In The World is...

Still Fedor. I know, I know. You're in denial. You're a fanboy (God I hate that term!). Blah, blah, blah (reply setup #1).

Which is really worse, the blind, still lost in Pride nostalgia, Fedor is a cyborg crowd or the he has never fought in the UFC so he can't be great crowd? Can't we all just get along (reply setup #2)?

I'm sure there are still Fedor superfans lying in bed this Monday morning, hoping to wake up from a bad dream where their idol has suffered his first ever defeat. Yeah, that's right. I don't ever want to hear from anyone complaining about the UFC and how they represent fighter's records, again. I was in awe, as I was barraged with Strikeforce announcers representing Fedor as undefeated (even though we all know he really was!)




So, to the point. Who is #1? If Carwin beats Lesner is he #1? Well, by that logic, shouldn't Werdum actually be #1? I mean, after all, he did do the impossible when he knocked off the greatest heavyweight in the Universe.

Are we ready to award Lesner the top of the mount? I mean he only has a few fights and has already lost (legitimately) to a true light heavyweight, Frank Mir (sarcasm).

Of course, Werdum beat the #1, so doesn't that make him #1?

The truth is, we will have a new #1 by this time next week, and that is OK. After all, it is just rankings we are talking about. Not who has faced every other fighter out there and won. What a crazy world that would be! We can only dream of a day where the every fighter may possibly face off against any other, be it through one super promotion or co-promotion, or whatever other concept comes along to organize some sort of association of MMA in the world (reply setup #3).

In my mind, the top heavyweight in the world is still Fedor. Not because I have a silly man crush on him, but because I think he is the best right now. Yes, there are questions about who he has faced, who he can face and how he would handle a monster like Shane or Brock. These are all legitimate and I can only hope that we will find out some day soon, on some sort of fighting surface, perhaps one with eight sides.

The bottom line is, many people are celebrating a great fighter's defeat, when we should be amazed at what he has accomplished. In a sport where losses are very acceptable and there are so many ways to lose fights, Fedor went on a remarkable run of avoiding those devastating strikes and slick submissions, to put together an unbeaten streak that would be impressive against about any level of competition. What he did was truly amazing and as the sport evolves, something we are highly unlikely to witness again.

So, get ready for the next generation of annoying fans and equally as annoying haters, the new #1 hype train is now boarding!

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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