Shooto - Gig (6-25-97)

I'm not sure if this was ever released in a more complete version, I've gotten two copies of this and both are unfortunately just highlights of the event with no full fights. But man, from the highlights witnessed here, it looks like it was an awesome show. These are the 6 matches that are in highlight form on this video:

1. Caol Uno vs Yuzo Tateishi
2. Kimihito Nonaka vs Kenzi Daikanyama
3. Hayato Sakurai vs Hiroyuki Kojima
4. Masahiro Oishi vs Yoshiyuki Takayama
5. Tetsuji Kato vs Masato Fujiwara
6. Jutaro Nakao vs Akihiro Gono

From the first fight highlights, we saw Caol Uno unleash his trademark takedown (which is one of the most beautiful moves in MMA), and then later we see Uno do an awesome rapid fast application of a rear naked choke. No one does that choke quite like Uno. What is shown of Daikanyama-Nonaka is brief, but we do see a nice little reversal on the ground. In the Hayato "Mach" Sakurai segment, we see Sakurai bust out an awesome cartwheel guard pass that leads him into getting side control. It was pretty neat.

The last two matches get the most time on this video, and they seem to be really good fights. The Kato-Fujiwara fight is the closest thing to a full match on the show, and it looks like the best fight. Kato pulls off a very good performance and the match contains some very memorable striking exchanges. The Gono-Nakao fight also has some cool highights like Gono's excellent striking, and Nakao's trip takedown and his attempts at flying over Gono's guard. So not only does this contain some fun stuff, it's also a great look back at some early moments involving Caol Uno, Hayato Sakurai, and Akihiro Gono.

But since I couldn't put any full matches for this event, I thought I would put a little extra and post a link to my favorite highlight video (it includes that previously mentioned choke) of my favorite Shooto star, Caol Uno. Thanks to GoForkHL's for this beautiful video of Uno and his wars:

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