How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 1st Week of June


A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA Twittersphere.



"Everyones a Critic and the best fighter in the world that watches from there couch."  -Dan Lauzon

"Anderson, you are going to be on your back more than a pornstar with a mortgage."  -Chael Sonnen

"A.S. Your run is T- 70 days. I'm not a math teacher from Ohio, I'm a gangster from Oregon. Talk is cheap, it takes money to buy whiskey."  -Chael Sonnen

"Ed, pray to whatever Demon effigy you prance and dance in front of with your piglet tribe of savages that I decide not to CRUCIFY you."  -Chael Sonnen, has only made 7 tweets so far, 2 of them to promote his candidacy, the other 5 to troll.

"I got some mews for ya'll!!! ...Nooo, I'm not drunk! Got News"  -Alistair Overeem

"Tanikawa; Mma fight with Badr Hari confirmed juli 10 @ dream 15"  -Alistair Overeem, big news!

"Damn, you people are fast!! No, it's not true. Just kidding."  -Alistair Overeem, NOT!

"Friends callin' me on the phone if it's true. Even Martijn de Jong got crazy. Thought it would be funny after Badr's action @ showtime."  -Alistair Overeem, gave the interweb a taste of their own medecine.



"Just saw mayweather, what a faggot! Put me against him MMA n I will fuck him UP"  -Jeremy Stephens, I know some will disagree, but I think Lil' Heathen will win that.

"@danawhite plz set up me in Flotd Mayweather, I will finish this n****a"  -Jeremy Stephens, haz tweetz like lol cat.


"Thank all my fans 4 riding with me! I love all y'all! @rampage4real good fight, I'll c u again I'm sure!"  -Rashad Evans, seems pretty respectful to his opponent after the match.

"Enjoying the After Party"  -Rashad Evans


"directmessage rampage4real lol, i think we made them all believe we hated each other. best fake fight in history. we made our money tho"  -Rashad Evans

"Attn: rashad's twitter was hacked today. We have since updated the password and home that the tweets have not affected ne1 negatively!"  -Rashad Evans, messed up the direct message format, or hacked?



"Hey you guys should write @BAMMAUK and ask if they are ever going to pay the fighters for what we did on May 15th on their BAMMA 3 card."  -War Machine

"BAMMA HASN'T PAID ME YET EITHER! ... @bammauk u guys need to pay us. We feed our families with that money!"  -Seth Petruzelli

"I'm going to bed now, maybe I'll wake up and money from @BAMMAUK will magically appear into my account! Night!"  -War Machine



"@chuckliddell @kingsbu @court_mgee @howard_davis @antoniobanuelos @pit_master, charlie and Davin flexing at chuckcamp"  -Chuck Liddell, where's chuck?


"That's awkward hahahaha how's training going? RT : whats up Chuck! wish I could have made it out there to train this time. My face could have given your fist a lot of work! lol"  -Chuck Liddell

"Exclusive photos with Nick Diaz-Dan Herbertson


"Headed to 10th Planet to train with Eddie Bravo!"  -Miesha Tate

"training in Vegas @wandfc gym!"  -Jeremy Stephens, has some quality training partners here.




"I will be signing my autograph with TITO at "Punishment" booth during the FanExpo. Please come see us ! ...Those of my fans came to see me at UFC FAN EXPO and PUNISHMENT booth, thank you very much!"  -Takanori Gomi, wow... look at the size of that melon.

"Through this tournament experience, I felt I got closer to U.S fans and other fighters."  -Takanori Gomi, had a grappling super fight on the UFC fan expo.

"I wouldn’t achieve my satisfying results with my current amount of practice against U.S. fighters, who has more reach, power and partners... But if I increase my practice amount by 3oo%,I shall make the octagon in rage! I have no choice but,to believe and practice!! Just do it!! -Takanori Gomi, now you're talking.



"My first tweet....Never been on here before...Holler C"  -Clayton Mckinney, (the gals' favorite TUF contestant) is on twitter.

"@claytonmckinney needed a little help so I had to oblige!"  -Tracy Lee




"At the pond at green valley ranch with the palms pool crew:) sexy ladies!"  -Chandella Powell


"Mi Bonita amigas:): Thanks for having us red rock cabana club! I had a blast…@ariannyceleste and I at red rock having a chill day at the pool:) -Chandella Powell




"Bikini designer, photographer,and model..can u guess who's who?!! Me either!That's the beauty of it!"  -Arianny Celeste, I'm pretty sure you're the model. Sorry, but it wasn't that hard to find that out.


"Just got done with hair n makeup and No photoshop bia!! Black bikini from and photo by "  -Arianny Celeste



"Machida with @chandellapowell and I. Men in suits,gotta love it!"  -Arianny Celeste, Shogun gave Lyoto a pretty bad scar there.




"Time to recap an awesome weekend: first I almost died and @bigwillswagg saved me... Then Damian Maia, @thedomin8r brandon vera and I were chillin at lake mead before the ufc expo -Phil Davis

"Wanderlei Silva Training Highlight UFC 116 with Rafael Cordeiro"  -Wanderlei Silva

"Check this video out -- Wanderlei Silva stands up for fans at UFC Expo 2010"  -Wanderlei Silva, how can you not love this guy? PS: check out his new tattoo.

"my 75 dollar suite"  -Jeremy Stephens


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