Who's in shoguns future?????


first off, im soooooo happy right now, havent been this excited over a win since cro cop beat eddie sanchez.


shogun is clearly gonna be champ for a lil while, and who could be his next victims lets see:D


winner of rashad and rampage clearly is first, i see rampage winning and shogun already murked rampage, but rampage's boxing has gotten ridiculously good since z pride days, but shogun would prly still win, hopefully by knee bar.

rashad would try and wrestle him until shogun finally either submitted him or knocks him on z feet, shogun is never on his back long, everrrrrrr.

another could be bebe nog, only two fights so far (one coming up) but by the time shogun and rampage/rashad get it on nog should have another bout scheduled.

jon jones would be a crazy fight, mainly cuz i could honestly see shogun losing this one, jones is just too ridiculous of a manhandler and shogun is smaller than matt the hammer and nowhere near as good a wrestler as him and jones destroyed him on z ground, kinda home the janitor mops him somehow.

im just gonna say it, ryan bader has been on a dope streak, and if he were to actually fight thiago and pull off a win, i would say he could be close to a title shot, maybe tho, shogun would mop him up soooo bad tho, just overwhelm him four seconds into the bout.

and finally THE SPIDER, silva is obviously a contender at LHW and i could see him mopping everyone leading up to his potential title shot, they used to train together and silva always talks about not fighting his bffs, everrrrrr. but if were to happen, i could honestly seeing shogun being the man to derail his ridiculous ufc win streak, shogun is pretty close to as fast of silva and prly a little harder of a puncher, maybe tho, would be an amazing fight, and i could see silva pulling it off too tho. mmm mmm??

have to wait and see.

we have now entered

THE SHOGUN ERA...........................again:D

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