A bone to pick with Fight! magazine

This is something that has been bothering me for a long time.  Fight! magazine is one of the best selling, most well known fighting magazines published.  It consistently has quality articles, and great insight into different techniques and so on.  Yet it almost every issue, there is one section that makes me want to tear my hair out.  The rankings section.  For a magazine that is so accomplished and so knowledgeable, to have such a poor ranking in numerous weight divisions is unacceptable.  Let me run down the rankings for those people who don't consistently read the magazine:

May 2010 Rankings:

HW:              LHW               MW                          WW               LW                   FW                   BW

1. Fedor     1. Lyoto       1. Chael Sonnen   1. GSP          1. Edgar               1. B. Fernandez     1. Cruz

2. Cain     2. Lil Nog        2. A. Silva              2. Alves          2. Melendez          2. Omigawa           2. Benevidez

3. Brock    3. Evans         3. Sheilds             3. Diaz            3. Sotiropolus    3. Aldo                      3. Bowles

4. Carwin  4. Lawal          4. Belfort              4. Koscheck   4. Penn                4. Kanehara            4. Page

5.Barnett   5. Rampage     5. Marquardt     5.Hardy            5. Florian            5. Faber                   5. Page

6. Monson  6. Couture      6. Filho               6. Fitch              6. Henderson     6. Mike Brown        6. Valencia

7. JDS       7. Mousasi   7. Henderson        7. Hughes      7 Kawajiri           7. Soto                     7.Yahya

8. Rogers   8. Rua           8. Maia                  8. Almeida        8. Pellegrino      8. LC Davis              8. Wineland

9. Overeem   9. Griffin        9.Minowa           9. Daley            9. Alvarez            9. Grispi                   9. Banuelos

10.Werdum  10. J. Jones    10.Akiyama    10. Thiago         10.Aoki              10.Warren               10. Torres


Now maybe I'm just nuts, or maybe Fight! magazine knows something I don't.  But C'mon! 

Anderson Silva not #1!!!

Bibano Fernandez and Michihiro Omigawa over Jose Aldo? 

Charlie Valencia and Eddie Wineland over Miguel Torres? 

JEFF MONSON over anyone in the top 10? 

Jon Jones TKO'd Vera in the first round, while Couture won a awful, boring decision over the same fighter, and yet he's 4 spots ahead? 

But my biggest complaints are in the Lightweight Division.   BJ Penn lost a close decision to Edgar.  Great, Edgar is now the new #1 fighter in that division.  But George Sotiropolus ahead of BJ at #3?  I have a problem with anyone in the UFC being ahead of BJ, and I have a problem with undefeated Gray Maynard. But to have Sotiropolus and Kurt Pellegrino ranked higher then Gray is just ridiculous.

As you can see I could go on for ever about how much I disagree.  With any rankings there is going to be some different opinions.  But to me, these are just outrageous and cause the magazine to look second rate.  Anyone that follows the sport knows that Jose Aldo is the best FW right now, and that there is no better MW (or possibly any  fighter at any weight) better then Anderson Silva.

Thanks for letting me rant, I must now go reserve a spot at the Bar at Buffalo Wild Wings

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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