Is Dana White pulling a rabbit out of a hat?

I posted this at, but wanted to share here to get more thoughts!  Here is the article in its entirety. 


Dana White gets bashed a lot, but this time around he is showing his true genius and ability in this sport.......Enjoy!


Magicians typically surprise us by pulling rabbits out of a hat, cutting up their attractive assistants, or making things disappear.  You wont believe this, but Dana White has pulled his own magic trick right in front of our very eyes!  The trick doesn’t include smoke or mirros.  It actually begins and ends with the fighter known as Kimbo Slice.

What a difference a few years makes…  In 2008 Dana White went on record making statements such as ”I would never have Kimbo Slice in the UFC”.  It is no secret that Dana used to be at the head of the Kimbo hate parade, but suddenly Dana is quietly changing his tune.

On the eve before one of the best fight cards of the year, Dana White is sitting back in his super suite and has to be smiling from ear to ear.  He theoretically used TUF to transform Kimbo from an Internet sensation turned Elite XC bomber, to UFC money man.

The weirdest part about the entire situation is that he actually has intelligent MMA media personalities and broadcasters picking in his favor.  Could you imagine what the hardcore MMA type would have told youd two years ago if you would have said Kimbo would be in a UFC fight…and being picked by many to win?  You would have been laughed at and called a troll…May have have your lunch money stolen,and told to get back to your MySpace or Facebook gangster game.

You can call Dana White many things, but genius has to be one of them.  The brain that transformed a cult like sport into the mainstream market is doing it again with an overrated, over hyped, and under talented poster boy.  Kimbo Slice the fighter doesn’t hold a candle to Kimbo Slice the legacy, and with the help of White, Zuffa, and the UFC the legacy is just beginning.

The next step in this process will take place Saturday night in front of a pumped Canadian crowd as he steps into the famed Octagon to face a guy politely nicknamed Meat Head.  Mitrione in all aspects will be asked to do what Hous-Done Alexander was supposed to do.

Niether fighter are considered great by anyone other than their moms, but they will play a key role in this card.  They are being called upon to stand in front of each other and bang.  Providing the fans with an incredible display of excitement to get the paying viewers and attendees their moneys worth, and I fully expect these guys to do their part.

In terms of a prediction, in something I never thought I would say, I am taking Kimbo to win and be 2-0 in the UFC.  With a win, I see him cutting to 205 and taking on Chuck Liddell in a crazy PPV lined up to combat another organizations fights.

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