UFC 113 Prediction: Daley v Koscheck



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First, I will begin by offering my congratulations to both fighters. Both know HOW to hype a fight. Unlike Sonnen v Silva, where all the insults have come by the way of the American, both Daley and Koscheck have not held back with trading insults via the web, their blogs and in interviews. As I result, I can barely contain my excitement for this fight, and I might just have to keep a spare change of underwear handy before the event starts.

What makes this fight interesting, apart from the 'smack talk', is the fact that both fighters actually have a chance to win. For example, despite what Sonnen says, it would be hard to find anyone who believes that he will 'put his head down and charge' at Silva without getting his skull cracked from a vicious knee. Paul Daley, however, possesses a mean left hook, some vicious elbows and some nasty knees and leg kicks. His takedown defence, according to the man himself, has improved alot since the fight with Jake Shields. If Daley can stuff Koscheck's takedowns, this fight could potentially proceed much like the Alves v Koscheck fight.

On the other hand, Koscheck started off promoting the fight seemingly prepared take the fast route to martyrdom for the fans, by claiming that he would 'stand and bang' with Daley. Whilst his initial courage would certainly have been applauded, his fight IQ would have been a cause for concern. However, sometime during the buildup of the fight, Koscheck seemed to have discovered Youtube and luckily stumbled across the videos of Daley fighting Nick Thompson and Sam Morgan, because his in recent blog he claimed that he would now  take him down, beat him up and choke him out. If this is true, we could see another repeat of the Anthony Johnson fight, minus the eye pokes.

So how does this fight play out? 

Although the WEC recently gave us a 'Wrestler v Striker' matchup in Roller v Njokuani, the outcome of that match should not be considered in light of this fight. Daley has that stocky build akin to a refrigerator, which makes him harder to take down than the walking lamp-post that is Njokuani. The audience also knew that Roller had no intention whatsoever in trading blows with his fearsome opponent. Koscheck, on the other hand, might just be spewing his wrestling talk to try and fool us into believing that he has changed, but instead, it could be a ploy to set us up for the 'surprise' KO.

However, I just don't think Koscheck is that fight-smart. I honestly believe that he will, at some point, try to stand with Daley, and in the process, he will get his neurons scrambled. Therefore my  money will be on the Brit come Saturday night. The victor will be Daley, by KO in Round 2. What do you guys think?

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