Machida vs Shogun I Recap (w/ gifs)

With UFC 113 less than one week away, I thought I'd share some UFC 104 gifs that I made.

One of the major contributing factors to the controversy surrounding UFC 104 was the fact that it seemed like Shogun was blocking all of Machida's punches.

Shogun did a good job of keeping his hands up, and as a result made it difficult to see whether or not Lyoto's shots landed. I thought I'd share the ones with you guys that I found the most interesting to me when I watched it again. Many of these looked like they were blocked or didn't even land when I was watching it live. But, upon taking a closer look we can see just how clean ( and accurate) some of Machida's counter shots were.

Of course there were a few cases where Shogun was able to deflect Machida's counters or Machida would miss entirely, but I feel those moments may have lead fans into believing Shogun was dominating the fight, when that wasn't the case at all.

I want to make it clear that this is not a post claiming Machida won or that Shogun's defenses were lacking. But, I felt that after catching these moments upon watching the tape, it drastically changed my perception of the first fight and brought to my attention just how close it really was.


This one was the most surprising to me, I was sure when I was watching it live that Shogun had blocked the punch. But, upon closer review we can see that it catches him right underneath his left eye. This(combined with the next .gif) gave Shogun a noticeable black eye for the rest of the match.


This one was also difficult to see while watching it live. But, as we can see from the final frame, not only did Machida's right hand land flush but, also gave Shogun a decent size bruise under his left eye.


This is one of those that didn't even look like it landed upon first glance. Lyoto is able to get in and land his counter before the full brunt of Shogun's kick but, again his trip fails.




Here's a nice head kick, partially blocked by Shogun. The right side of Shogun's head was purple for the remainder of the match.


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