How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 2nd Week of May


A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA Twittersphere.



"just met @migueltorresmma and he was cool as f*ck. makes me remember meeting roger huerta and how he was a douche! btw congrats toby imada!o"  -Joey Beltran, but isn't he so dreamy?

"Dear person who took my shopping cart at Target today, I had stuff in it. It was obviously being used. I will find out who you are."  -Amir Sadollah

"Airport security asks what kind of mouth wash is in this bottle. I say the tequila kind. He says what. I say its ok, I'm Mexican."  -Miguel Torres

"In the airport restroom, I was washing my hands and speaking to myself loudly in the mirror. There was 7 other people in the room. A man asked why was I talking to myself in the mirror. I say I wanted to talk to the only other intellegent person in the room."  -Miguel Torres

"Kid asks me, why are you so great? I say, if I'm so great give me 20 dollars. Kid says hell no. I say I aint that great."  -Miguel Torres

"New Mr. T or Old Mr. T, who wins in a fight? Im goin wit the old school cause he is a night elf mohawk. -Miguel Torres, referenced this commercial.

"Who wins in a fight, Old Mr. T or new Mr. T? The best reason wins a signed @eckomma tshirt by Torres and Cotto. Get u some."  -Miguel Torres, starts a twitter contest.

"@MiguelTorresMMA The Old Mr. T. slept with a pillow under his gun. I win."  -Kenny Florian

"@Kenny_Florian I hate u so much, f*ck you and your blue steel wit. This is the answer to beat, dont let kenny win this people."  -Miguel Torres, had to pull that Zoolander card.


"15th May @ St. Louis, USA - Strikeforce. Not thinking about giving my title away. Now training... I'm training hard right now and I'm happy to fight in the USA and show that I'm the Strikeforce champion... Yes I'm in the USA. Together with Martijn 'the specialst' and Roberto the master Coaches"  -Alistair Overeem

"Watching the NBA playoffs and I tend to focus on their running form. If he'd just lift his legs when he runs, he could get there faster ;)"  -Natasha Wicks

"I'm a peeing machine! Ugh! 2 gallons of water a day for 3 days before weigh ins...water trick is annoying but helps cut 4 lbs easy! ...Water trick-u force down 2 gallons a day for 3 days...body keeps peeing...24hrs b4 weigh in zero water. But body thinks it still needs to Keep peeing. Anyway long story short it helps u cut 4 pounds or so easy. The rest sauna suit and treadmill....ugh... 13 pounds left to cut...haaaate ittt!"  -War Machine

"I am not fighting until August or September, need to make sure that my forehead heals well. Till then, twattin and trainin."  -Miguel Torres, I already have a word for that. "Twaining"



"meu cinturao. Hhheeeeyyyyyyy... Thanks to all you for the support! It's a dream come true, and it was just amazing. Thank you guys, it's all because of you, the fans! ...And happy Mother's day yet again to all the Moms, my mom and my wife Renata, mother of my baby girl Duda =) ..."  -Shogun Rua



"Hahaha! I love Daley! Awesome! That's what Kos gets for faking!"  -War Machine, on Daley's cheap shot.

"I'm sorry I let y'all down.. Im ok just dissapointed... Thnkxx again for all y'all supporting me.. It gives me motivation to move forward..rough morning though"  -Kimbo Slice

"Did I miss something ? Just finishing the deal for toney and every ones talking about shogun . Love to fight him but toney first ! He must Have called me out and I missed it . Great performance by rua . Id love a crack at him after toney in aug . Maybe rua in oct :) ufc 120"  -Randy Couture, probably not going to happen. Sorry.



"Its funny how brainwashed some of yall ufc groupys a bunch of bored ***** ****... call me racist...i know its da truth... Yall some zombies...what would yall do if shields beat gsp? Its called marketing...yall keep fallin for the same shit... Yall the ones that bought into the hype about mousasi, and look what happened. Yall make it seem like people For yall idiots that think that im done bitin my tongue...look at the mma crowds, music, and the words yall usin... Tool, douchebag, stfu, and other words like dat aint used by my potnaz mayne. Yall clowns think yall hard..come c me face 2 face... Come c me face to face wit and be wit dat SOS....and put on hull... Btw...i aint talkin down on no just tellin some of the zombies to open they eyes up. I love mma...ufc, sf, dream,sengoku, etc... Them pussy ass haters on twitter can say what they say on twitter but u betta miss me wit dat bullshit face to face."  -King Mo

"To them haters...thanx for helpin me kill only gonna respond to logical comments from here on out"  -King Mo, then went on to respond to dozens more.



"@lostanton I hope the Octo girls were handed their scripts for when they're asked about the Koscheck fight: "They were really good!" ;)"  -Natasha Wicks

"Some people should take some communication classes when trying to represent one of the biggest companies in the world #imjustsayin booooom!"  -Arianny Celeste, I think someone, (who denied having octogirl beef), felt a little left out... booooom!

"@chip_jordan not hatin Chip, making fun of the past situation.. Hating would be if I made fun of your ringside sunglasses ;)"  -Natasha Wicks, got a number of negative responses from twitter and even from some MMA bloggers who took things too seriously. (you know who you are)

"Thanks @stantonsgrave @supergalo @matthew_kurtz haha you guys get it! Gawd, people are so sensitive.. Relax and laugh about life :D"  -Natasha Wicks, teh internet iz seriouz business.



"Old picture!! I took this cuz no one belives me that bouncers in the clubs in hbg wear mma gloves, even better they wear @ufc gloves..."  -Phil Davis


"The new Hardy Boys - @danhardymma and @jeffhardybrand join forces; villains around the world quake with fear"  -UFC


"El Negro pimpin the KCBandit tee... -Jason High


"My hot chic team about to kick team MMA 30's butt at dodgeball!"  -Chandella Powell


"My mom and I getting our windy hair on in Vegas! Love my mom"  -Natasha Wicks


"D'Yer Maker ;)"  -Natasha Wicks, gets +20 brownie points for that Led Zepp shirt... I have the exact same one also... Mine's not cut off shoulder of course, that would be weird.



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