Alistair Overeem to Escape Urinalysis? Missouri Coy About Drug Tests

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This weekend Alistair Overeem makes his triumphant return to Strikeforce, defending his long forgotten Heavyweight title against Brett Rogers live on Showtime.  Many have speculated about Overeem's dynamic and seemingly impossible transformation from lithe light heavyweight to rippling heavyweight. There seems to be more interest in whether or not Overeem can pass the steroid test, certainly significantly more interest than whether he can pass the "Brett Rogers" test.

Unlike Nevada, New Jersey, or California, the actual drug testing procedures in Missouri are shrouded in mystery. The law allows for testing, but doesn't specify when or how it can be conducted. What we know for sure is that the fighter has to foot the bill for all tests, likely ruling out any expensive procedures, despite reports elsewhere of cutting edge testing. Earlier today I talked to Tim Lueckenhoff, the Administrator of the Missouri Office of Athletics who told me what he could reveal about Missouri's testing is limited.

The Missouri Office of Athletics is committed to insuring that MMA events are conducted in a fair and safe manner.  Contestants are required to submit proof that they are not infected with the HIV virus or hepatitis B or C virus.  In addition, we have authority to require any contestant to submit to a drug test or a medical exam.  Failure to submit to the drug test, or pass the medical exam may result in our refusal to allow the contestant to participate in the bout, or we may take disciplinary action against their license.  Information related to our directive that a contestant submit to a drug test or medical exam in not public information unless we file an action seeking discipline of their license.

Lueckenhoff is aware of Overeem's reputation and says that speculation about this bout has sparked unprecedented interest.

I have spoken to Scott Coker about this issue simply because of the media outcry.  He reminded me that Overeem has been tested two times by Strikeforce and each time it has came back negative.

Missouri has tested fighters in the past, usually selected at random from the card, so it is possible Overeem may not even be chosen.  Lueckenhoff wouldn't say how they plan to conduct testing for this show, but confirmed Missouri's policy that fighters are responsible for the use of illegal or prescription drugs.

I do not want to tip the fighters off about any type of testing.  When we test someone, they are notified minutes prior to the fight and instructed what they must do after the fight which is drink water only, and that an inspector will accompany them from the cage to the location to be given the test.

Overeem seems unconcerned about the testing, and for good reason.  Even if he is using steroids or human growth hormone (and he has never tested positive for a banned substance) so are plenty of other top athletes in the sport.  The fact remains, at Overeem's pay level, a smart fighter can afford the types of drugs and the type of medical care that would make a drug test failure unlikely. We likely will never know if Overeem used steroids to prepare for his fight with Brett Rogers.  But we won't know about any of the other fighters on the card either.

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