UFC 113 Prelims Review

Without the Spike prelim show we have been accustomed to in recent events, and the lengthy nature of a few of the main card bouts, we didn't get to see many of UFC 113's preliminary bouts. This isn't a stab at the card in any way but this post is more just a reflection on these missed bouts that I have managed to see due to some shaving gel and the UFC vault. So without any further rambling... the fights.

John Salter vs. Jason MacDonald - Salter defs. MacDonald via TKO (injury) at 2:42 of round 1.

This was a very unfortunate fight and was shaping up to be a pretty good technical battle. MacDonald was doing well in keeping the fight on the feet and battering Salter with strikes, who really didn't look like he wanted any part of the exchanges. As many of you have heard, the end came once MacDonald threw a head kick that partially connected but was predominantly caught by Salter who turned it into a takedown that resulted in MacDonald's ankle being caught underneath in a funny angle that resulted in "The Athlete's" leg being broken in two places.

The only real judgements I could draw from the fight were about Salter. This was his second UFC fight and sixth overall, and although he had been touted by some as an up and comer, he is still very green and his striking looked very below par (or is that above par... golf is confusing, anyways read: bad). While he has decent wrestling, he isn't going to last much longer in the UFC, and whoever they match him up with next will probably result in him getting the boot.


Yoshiyuki Yoshida vs. Mike Guymon - Guymon defs. Yoshida  via unanimous decision (30-27x3).

This was an odd bout, with Guymon taking a well deserved unanimous decision after controlling Yoshida surprisingly easily in all areas. The fight was strange basically because Yoshida didn't really turn up to fight at all and seemed to be almost indifferent to everything that was going on in the bout. While Guymon looked impressive, he really wasn't doing anything spectacular but Yoshida just didn't seem to have an answer or just didn't want to have an answer. Yoshida has always looked limp on the feet but it seemed after his first judo throw backfired he just went into his shell and just resigned himself to the loss.

It will be interesting to see if Yoshida gets cut following this bout because with his removal the Japanese fighter total in the UFC drops to two (or one and a half). He is 1/4 in his last four appearances though and his performance was so lacklustre I really don't think we'll see him back. Congratulations are in order for Guymon though, who looked like he really wanted this fight and his emotion after the fight was nice to see. He'll probably receive a middle of the road fighter for his next bout with my prediction going to the loser of the John Howard/Jake Ellenberger clash.

Tim Hague vs. Joey Beltran - Beltran defs. Hague via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 29-28).

I wasn't a big fan of this fight, as it was simply your run of the mill, sloppy, bottom-tier heavyweight brawl that Beltran prevailed in via unanimous decision that featured some semi-goofy scorecards. Some of the standing exchanges were fun, and Hague did well to fight through the beating Beltran gave him early on and his gastank running on empty but ultimately the fight was only a step above Madsen vs. Al Turk and just below Rodney Wallace vs. Jared Hamman.

Hague's hailmary guillotine of Pat Barry back at UFC 98 bought him three more fights in an organization (going 0-3) that he really doesn't have the talent to belong in. Beltran on the other hand has made the most of the match-ups he has been presented and has disposed of two opponents in Gracie and now Hague that aren't UFC calibre.  He will take on Meathead Mitrione in the coming months in an extremely odd match-up that will give one of those two a strange looking 3-0 UFC record.

TJ Grant vs. Johny Hendricks - Hendricks defs. Grant  via majority decision (29-27, 29-27, 28-28).

This fight frustrated me to no end, as I came away believing that Grant was the superior fighter but an unfortunate point deduction coupled with some iffy judging resulted in Hendricks getting the nod. Grant showed some dangerous stand-up that improved upon the work he started against Kevin Burns and some great guard work that allowed him to return the action to the feet where he landed very nicely on Hendricks. Hendricks was fearless with his own striking but lacked the polish to continously outstrike Grant and was nullified on several takedown attempts and almost completely when on the ground. Some errant inside leg kicks cost Grant though as he was warned in the first and then deducted a point in the third. Scoring the bout, I had given Grant the first two rounds comfortably with Hendricks notching the third decisively with continous takedowns, that was not to be though.

Hendricks should receive a higher profile opponent in his next bout and will probably end up facing someone like Mike Pierce in a bout that should help lay the pecking order in the welterweight division while Grant will probably get someone coming off a loss on the prelims again where he should be able to put on a show and begin a climb back up the ladder with his ever-improving skill set.

Marcus Davis vs. Jonathan Goulet - Davis defs. Goulet via TKO (punches) at 1:23 of round 2.

I won't talk about this fight too much as it was eventually shown on the PPV but some quick thoughts on it are that firstly, it eventually went exactly how I thought it would and secondly, Davis had a bit too much trouble carrying out the inevitable and his performance kind of made me lose faith in his ability to regain his position of an upper-level gatekeeper and will probably finish out his UFC and MMA career as crowd pleaser in entertaining fights with the likes of Phil Baroni and Chris Lytle.

Oh and to quickly touch on Goulet, it must be hella frustrating to have such an unreliable chin. I don't think Goulet would be a halfway bad fighter if his chin could withstand a stiff breeze. He'll most definitely return to the Canadian circuit after this.

Tom Lawlor vs. Joe Doerksen - Doerksen defs. Lawlor via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:25 of round 2.

I had an iffy feeling about this fight going into it, thinking that it was probably going to be a more dangerous fight for Lawlor than many anticipated. But of course I still tipped Lawlor and now come across as a dick trying to hedge his bets but I digress. Lawlor's desire to go for the finish when his opponent is hurt is admirable, but he really needs to measure himself and pick his shots in those circumstances rather than gassing himself out like he did here and against Aaron Simpson.

And well done Joe Doeksen.

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