Japanese Twits: J-MMA on Twitter

I've just discovered a rich mine of Japanese MMA celebrities on Twitter. 

The Japanese are furious bloggers; they fastidiously blog on everything, from interesting and completely random things to a near-religious devotion to reporting on what they eat. 

Thanks to the Japanese mobile phone industry, which has long been set up to allow the maximum cross compatibility between the internet and mobile phones (all Japanese mobile phones have an email address for text messages that functions like a normal email address), the Japanese have been photoblogging for longer than most of us. They're also all sensitive and stuff, so you'll get former and current MMA champions commenting on the beauty of cherry blossoms.

What's more, in Japanese, one character can say a lot more than a single letter can in English, so they are able to cram much more information into a single tweet. 

Enough of that. Time for some stuff! First episode: Pictures!

Eiji Mitsuoka snaps His Sexiness slurping some lucky piece of dessert into his gob. What I wouldn't give to be a spoon right now. Or maybe an oversized watch face. Mmmm. 

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Shigeru Saeki reveals the new DEEP light heavyweight belt.


Caol Uno: Elite level MMA fighter and designer of babies' bibs.

����������� on Twitpic

Aoki gets his Strikeforce gloves. Weapons of war.

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Aoki "dreams of getting a bed this size." He must sleep on a tiny bed at the moment.

����������欲��� on Twitpic

Aoki does peace sign in front of cherry blossoms. Every year, the Japanese go mad about some pink flowers.

��� on Twitpic


Tapout show Aoki some love!

������������ on Twitpic

Next time: What they are saying!

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