WEC 48: Aldo vs. Faber News Extras and Links


Pros Pick: Aldo vs. Faber
Marcus Davis is a smart man: "Blazing speed, vicious strikes and cage control guide Aldo to a KO/TKO victory."

Will the UFC takeover help WEC succeed?
FightLinker takes a look at whether what appears to be a UFC takeover of the WEC during PPV operates means bigger doings for the lighter weight organization.

Ex-poster boy Faber out to reclaim WEC crown - Sports - ReviewJournal.com
LVRJ calls Faber the "ex-poster boy" of the WEC. Since when? He hasn't lost to Aldo yet.

WEC fights its way up in TV class - Sports - fresnobee.com
"Some say WEC is the little brother of UFC. However, the WEC has certainly been growing up in the world of MMA, landing television contracts with HDNet and eventually Versus several years ago. "'We are the No. 1 watched show on Versus," Harris said. 'People can watch us on free TV and get familiar with our brand and our fighters. We've been on the Versus network for almost three years, and now we are able to branch out into pay-per-view.

Strikeforce didn't want Jake Shields to lose as Dana White suggested - Josh Gross - SI.com
@ez215: Is the "J" in Jose Aldo silent? I remember seeing that it wasn't. Friends don't believe me.
• Nope, not silent. Not pronounced as "H" either. The talented WEC featherweight champ's name is said with a strong "J." Tell your buddies it's Jose "With a J" Aldo.

Little guys bask in limelight: Featherweights clash for title - USATODAY.com
On Saturday, the mixed martial arts pay-per-view switches to the lighter weight classes of World Extreme Cagefighting, the corporate sibling of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The biggest fighters on the card are lightweights. The main event and...

ESPN Primer: WEC 48 - ESPN

Jose Aldo, Urijah Faber, Sacramento and an amusing WEC story
Well, not that amusing.

WEC 48 preview: Can Faber, Cerrone climb the mountain? - MMA Fighting Stances: Mixed martial arts intelligence from the cage and ring - USATODAY.com
Everyone knows Henderson vs. Cerrone is going to be an entertaining affair, but why is no one asking if Cerrone actually has a chance to win? Is it because the WEC lightweight title lacks significance?

Coconut Creek's Brown set for pivotal MMA bout - Fighting - MiamiHerald.com
The featherweight title fight between Jose Aldo and Urijah Faber will get top billing on Saturday's first-ever WEC pay-per-view show, but another intriguing 145-pound bout will take place when Coconut Creek's Mike Brown faces Manny Gamburyan.


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