Bellator XV Live Play-by-Play, Results and Commentary

Bellator returns to Connecticut's Mohegan Sun Casino for the third time tonight. Headlining the card is welterweight standout Dan Hornbuckle, who faces late replacement Tyler Stinson.

Bellator Fighting Championships returns to Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut tonight, and is on hand to bring you live results beginning with the first undercard fight of the night at 7pm EST / 4pm PST.

Headlining the show is a welterweight tournament quarterfinal bout between Sengoku's 2009 breakout star Dan Hornbuckle and Bellator open tryout winner Tyler Stinson. Also in the welterweight bracket, unbeaten prospect Jacob McClintock makes his promotional debut against Ryan Thomas, who'll fight for the second time in seven days after a controversial loss to Ben Askren in Chicago last week.

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In the interest of not spoiling the show for our Left Coast readers, results will be hidden after the jump.

And we're off! Show starts right on time and the fighters are ready to roll at 7pm sharp.

Referees for the evening look to be Kevin Mulhall and Dan Miragliotta.


Bout #8 - 190 lbs.
Dave Branch (6-0) def. Derrick Mehmen (8-2) via submission (rear-naked choke) R2 0:26


Bout #7 - Welterweight
Ryan Quinn (3-1) def. Matt Lee (11-8-1) via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-27)


Bout #6 - Welterweight Tournament Quarterfinal Bouts

Steve Carl (12-1) vs. Brett Cooper (11-5)

Round 1: Big Dan officiating. Big takedown from Cooper early on, but Carl reverses. Carl has Cooper on his knees, working for an arm-in guillotine from north-south position. Cooper keeps working for a leg and eventually breaks free. Carl backs Cooper into the fence, but Cooper switches spots and puts Carl on the mat. Now Carl escapes! With 20 seconds left, he takes Cooper's back and tries to sink hooks in. It's too late to get a sub, but it probably secured the round for him. 10-9 Carl.

Round 2: Carl catches Cooper with a smacking kick to the midsection. Cooper lands a big left hand which backs Carl up, then another combination from Cooper. Nice right hook from Cooper; Carl is countering with leg kicks. Cooper's hair has come loose from its clip and he's continually pushing it out of his face. Carl takes Cooper down against the fence and gets mount. Cooper flips and Carl is high on his back. Cooper escapes out the backdoor. Back to the feet. Carl barely misses with a murderous uppercut with ten seconds left. 10-10.

Round 3: Carl dumps Cooper to the mat and dodges upkicks. The two stand and throw haymakers, and the crowd roars its approval. Both men looking exhausted now as Cooper's hair tie finally falls to the floor of the cage. Carl shoots a double against the fence and Cooper runs away. Now it's Cooper diving in for the takedown, and Carl tries to snare a guillotine. Too late, too sweaty. Carl tries for an armbar, to no avail. Working from full guard, Cooper lets it all go, mashing Carl's face with everything he's got. 10-9 Cooper. scores the bout a draw.

Steve Carl (13-1) def. Brett Cooper (11-6) via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 28-29)


Bout #5 - Welterweight Tournament Quarterfinal Bout

Dan Hornbuckle (19-2) vs. Tyler Stinson (17-5)

Round 1: Kevin Mulhall our referee. Crisp volleys from both men early, until the two tie up and Stinson looks for a choke. Hornbuckle slides underneath and locks up a triangle, but it's at an awkward angle and Stinson appears to be okay for the moment. Now Hornbuckle adjusts and... Stinson taps.

Dan Hornbuckle (20-2) def. Tyler Stinson (17-6) via submission (triangle choke) R1 2:03


Bout #4 - Welterweight Tournament Quarterfinal Bout
Jacob McClintock (6-0) vs. Ryan Thomas (12-4)

Round 1: Big Dan refs this welterweight quarterfinal match-up. McClintock rushes Thomas and ties him up against the cage, sends a few knees up the middle from the clinch. Arm-drag takedown and McClintock scrambles to take Thomas' back standing. He's only partially on the back as he looks for the rear-naked choke and Thomas falls to the mat. After a struggle, McClintock gets both hooks in... and Thomas sweeps immediately. Thomas now in McClintock's full guard. McClintock shields the punishment from top, so Thomas stands and pirouettes, twisting to McClintock's side with a punch. Thomas has a crucifix now, landing dozens of flush shots to the face of McClintock. "Tick Tock" finally frees an arm and escapes, then nearly snares a triangle on the posturing Thomas. Thomas postures up again and rains down more blows. Miragliotta steps in to wave it off, and McClintock is not happy.

Ryan Thomas (13-4) def. Jacob McClintock (6-1) via TKO (punches) R1


Bout #3 - Featherweight Tournament Quarterfinal Bout
Patricio "Pitbull" Freire (12-0) vs. William Romero (5-0)

Round 1: Kevin Mulhall is our referee. Pretty intense staredown between the two featherweights as he gives instructions. This place is quiet like a Pride show except for about five people cheering for Romero. The pair tie up and Romero winds up on the ground with his back to the fence, upkicking at Pitbull. The Brazilian drops for a heel hook and Romero looks momentarily as if he'll tap. He holds out for a moment, but Pitbull switches to the other leg and forces Romero to submit.

Patricio "Pitbull" Freire (13-0) def. William Romero (5-1) via submission (heel hook) R1 2:01


Bout #2 - Middleweight

Dan Cramer (4-1) vs. Dennis Olsen (10-3)

Round 1: Dan Miragliotta officiates this 185-pound contest. Olsen drops low for a double, but Cramer stuffs it and backs into the fence. Olsen switches to a single, but winds up on his back with Cramer in his guard. Cramer postures up and sends down hard punches against the cage. Olsen tightens up his guard and Cramer punishes him with a fierce elbow right in the mush. The arena's filling up now, and there's a large section of supporters for the Danbury native Cramer. The round ends with Olsen pinned against the cage. 10-9 Cramer.

Round 2: Cramer bullies Olsen against the cage standing, but Olsen jumps guard. Olsen doing a good job of tying Cramer up and absorbing strikes, much to the frustration of the crowd, who calls for a stand-up two minutes into the round. Big Dan obliges. Cramer counters a right leg kick with a stiff right straight which puts Olsen on his back. Olsen snags one of Cramer's legs and tries for an ankle lock, but the fresher Cramer escapes. One minute left and Cramer's back in Olsen's guard. 10-9 Cramer.

Round 3: Olsen tries for another takedown and once again winds up underneath Cramer. Not much action as Cramer tries to extract himself from Olsen's half-guard, then gets pushed back to full. A barrage of elbows forces Olsen to try and roll out, but the scramble enables Cramer to improve position. With 20 seconds left, Cramer stands and stacks Olsen up. Cramer eats a hard upkick, but stays with it and finishes out the round. Should be a clean sweep for the local favorite. 10-9 Cramer. scores the bout 30-27 Cramer.

Dan Cramer (5-1) def. Dennis Olsen (10-4) via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


Bout #1 - Featherweight
Rich de Los Reyes (1-0) vs. Brylan van Artsdalen (pro debut)

Round 1: Kevin Mulhall is our referee. Van Artsdalen throws leather early and the two clinch against the cage. They wind up on the floor with Van Artsdalen in De Los Reyes's guard. De Los Reyes has an omoplata, flips Van Artsdalen over and looks for a kimura, but Brylan escapes. Van Artsdalen on top in north-south position, now driving knees to the midsection of De Los Reyes. Van Artsdalen tries to pull a guillotine, but it's not tight and De Los Reyes escapes, but gives up his back in the process. Van Artsdalen tries for a rear-naked choke, but is very high on the back and settles for hammerfists. Local boy De Los Reyes escapes to his feet as the round ends and the quarter-full crowd cheers. 10-9 Van Artsdalen.

Round 2: They clinch again to start the second frame. Van Artsdalen botches a trip and winds up fully mounted by De Los Reyes, who quickly moves to the back and grabs a rear-naked choke. It looks deep, but Van Artsdalen somehow manages to stand up with De Los Reyes on his back. Van Artsdalen somersalts forward, but can't shake De Los Reyes. Moments later, Van Artsdalen is forced to tap.

Rich de Los Reyes (2-0) def. Brylan van Artsdalen (0-1) via submission (rear-naked choke) R2 2:03

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