Abu Dhabi World Pro Cup Results (2010)

The results for this years Abu Dhabi World Pro Cup are:

(I was unable to watch the event, but apparently Rafa Mendes was even more amazing than usual).  The results are copied from  Enjoy


-63 KG
1-Tareek Alkutbi (UAE)
2-Ahmed Gloum (UAE)
3-Raymond Lee Massa (NZ)
3-Ghaleb Odeh Ahmad (Jordan)

-68 KG
1-Matheus Luckmann (Brazil)
2-Jacob Sandoval (USA)
3-Talib Saleh (UAE)
3-Kevin Mahecha (USA)

-73 KG
1-Daniel Agard (UK)
2-Daniel Svensson (Sweden)
3-Issa Able (USA)
3-Takatoshi Matsumoto (Japan)

-78 KG
1-Khlaed Abdulkareem (Jordan)
2-Jonathan Tuck (Guam-USA)
3-Zaid Jarandoka (Jordan)
3-Mario Marwan Kamal (Iraq)

-83 KG
1-Kit Dale (Australia)
2-Gustavo Silvestro (Brazil)
3-Faisal Alsouqi (Jordan)
3-Wesley Charles (South Africa)

-88 KG
1-Krysztof Saganowski (Poland)
2-Majid Alnaqbi (UAE)
3-Tamer Sameer (Jordan)
4-Sami Mohamed (Jordan)

-93 KG
1-Faisal Alkutbi (UAE)
2-Celso Frabetti (Brazil)
3-Bjoernar Beylich (Norway)
3-Brandon Kalapu (NZ)

-98 KG
1-Yahia Mansoor (UAE)
2-Marcelo Tarso (Brazil)
3-Tarek Matar (UAE)
3-Orlando Sanches (USA)

+98 KG
1-Hideki Sekine (Japan)
2-Willie Leonard (USA)
3-Mohammad Almenhali (UAE)
3-Alex Fraser (Canada)

1-Jonathan Tuck (Guam-USA)
2-Mohammed Naser (UAE)
3-Ali Monfaradi (BAHRAIN)
3-Ahmad (Kuwait)

1-Faisal Al Kutbi (UAE)
2-Tarek Mattar (EGYPT)
3-Ali Mehali (UAE)
4-Hideki Sekine (Japan)

-65 KG
1-Rafael Mendes (Brazil)
2-Guilherme Mendes (Brazil)
3-Almiro Barros (Brazil)
3-Kataniwa Katsunori (Japan)

-74 KG
1-Gilbert Burns (Brazil)
2-Claudio Matos (Brazil)
3-Michel Maia (Brazil)
3-Celso Vinicius (Brazil)

-83 KG
1-Claudio Calazans (Brazil)
2-Braulio Estima (UK)
3-Delson Heleno (Brazil)
3-Guto Campos (Brazil)

-92 KG
1-Alexandre Ceconi (Brazil)
2-Romulo Barral (Brazil)
3-Zumbi Larara (Brazil)
3-Carlos Alexandre (Brazil)

1-Ricardo Abreu (Brazil)
2-Gabriel Vela (Brazil)
3-Luiz Felipe Theodoro (Brazil)
3-Marcus de Almeida (Brazil)

1-Claudio Calazans (Brazil)
2-Braulio Estima (UK)
3-Alexandre Souza (Brazil)
3-Gabriel Vela (Brazil)

-63 KG
1-Luanna Alzuguir (Brazil)
2-Beatriz Mesquita (Brazil)
3-Hillary Willians (USA)
3-Juliana Holanda (Canada)

+63 KG
1-Gabrielle Garcia (Brazil)
2-Luzia Fernandes (Brazil)
3-Cassuza Fornari (Brazil)
3-Rosangela Conceição (Brazil)

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