MMAD's Strikeforce in Nashville: the debate

Gegard vs. 'King' Mo

You might have thought that King Mo would be the man to introduce the Pimp Slap to MMA.




After that fight Mo looked like he should have just given Gegard the money.  What a one-sided beating Mousasi layed on Mo.  And I'm not here to blame the judges, I completely understand why Lawal got the nod -- I don't agree with it, but I understand:  a take down is clean, it's understandable, it's easy to explain to someone who has never been slapped by an angry pimp (and that's most of us).  But maybe, in my opinion, it should be part of judging curriculum to get jumped by the Diaz brothers on route to your graduation day from 'judging school'.  If you don't know what it feels like to get struck, to have your arm twisted, to be tired, to be scarred, AND you are so sheltered that you can't possibly imagine those things, then why are you going to pass judgement on them?  You wanna tell me about 'cage control,' aggression', or 'effective grapping' -- I can understand that, and I understand that that was why Lawal won.  I just think that those things are secondary to taking a beating.  In my humble opinion, damage delivered should always be the most important criteria.

A round by round analysis can easily illustrate what I'm talking about, and I would be a little surprised if some of you thought I was 'crazy' in how I scored the fight:

R1: 10-10 When Mo took it to the mat for the first time, I was thinking "why isn't mousasi even trying to defend the takedown", then I quickly understood why -- Mo wasn't able to do anything from Gegard's guard.  On the feet, the round was a push, and on the ground it was a push also. Mo got the take down and Mousasi had the more effective striking.

R2: 10-8 Mousasi   What an absolute and utter domination by Mousasi. He was laying on his back inviting Mo to lay in his guard and get Bitch Slapped!  How anybody, even the judges or casual fans could have thought that was anything other than a 10-8 is beyond me.  How can you give that round to King Mo?  The fight, maybe, but that round -- no way!

R3: 10-9 Lawal  Less effective striking by Gegard and some impressive take downs that actually looked like they hurt.

R4: 10-9 Lawal  Ditto

R5: 10-9 Gegard  Ok, so Mousasi won this round by doing more damage and proving that King Mo was utterly impotent on the ground, and standing for that matter.  The point deduction was bull shit as the strike either didn't land or had no mustard on it (it's crazy for up-kicks to be illegal anyway), and since this is a fantasy world where I get to judge, I refuse to make the deduction. 48-47 Mousasi (the commission catches me and forces me to rule it a 47-47)

Cmon now -- that ain't so far fetched, is it?


Aoki vs. Melendez




The picture kind of sums it up. I think we all know what's gonna happen:




In all fairness, and I was really surprised to learn that Aoki refused to give this any credence, but the cage, the mat, and the ref-ing, hurt Aoki and his unique style.  Don't get me wrong, Melendez proved he was the better man, and the result would have been the same under DREAM rules, but the fight would have been better under DREAM rules.  Aoki's most effective weapon in that fight (the rubber guard) was completely neutralized by the cage -- you can't complete a gogo-plata with your head up against a cage (in dream, your head goes through the ropes, and you can finish the choke).  Aoki usually has quick and decisive clinch moves, but on such a hard surface, Gilbert's backwards movement was just to quick (a little softer mat would have slowed Gilbert just enough as to let Aoki secure a few more 'judo clinches').  Every time the fight got interesting on the floor, granted not real interesting, the fight was stood up -- wouldn't have happened in Japan.

Overall, Aoki showed he's way too one-dimensional to be considered anything close to a 'Divisional God.'  Anybody with Aoki on there P4P list needs to re-evaluate their criteria and/or get a CAT-Scan.  What would happen to Gilbert in the UFC, against the 'other' top 5 LW's? -- he'd get KO'd or submitted.


Shields vs. Hendo

Let me just say up front that this fight doesn't change my opinion about Jake Shields at all.  The most exciting part of the fight, for me, was when Jake got knocked unconscious -- just like the most entertaining part of his fight with Mayhem was when he was getting choked unconscious. That being said, these fights were entertaining for me.  I suppose the key to marketing Jake, is to make sure he really has to fight for his life. He's in a very tough position because if he loses, people will forget about him quickly, and if he wins, without ALMOST losing, then people will forget about him quickly.

He is getting better, and I would absolutely LOVE to see him fight Jacare (or even Mayhem) -- so I guess my opinion has changed a little.



My real quick two cents:

There were two things wrong with what 'Mayhem' did post-fight: 

1) It was in bad taste.





2) It was stupid.




1 + 2 =



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