Apportioning blame for the Strikeforce post-fight fiasco




There is plenty of blame to go around. Rather than point it all in one direction, I decided to come up with a realistic apportionment of it, in line with the statistical analysis of the pound for pound rankings.

66.6% The Super Diaz Bros: Not since Mario and Luigi has a pair of siblings been as wantonly destructive as this. Holding somebody down while your boys put the boots to him is just straight-up thuggery. The Diaz Bros. have finally gone too far and it's time for athletic commissions and the promotions (both Strikeforce and UFC) to ban them from the sport in punishment for at least a year.

13.4% Mayhem Miller: No, this incident was not comparable to the UFC's scripted post-match hype showdowns by GSP or Brock Lesnar. This is more equivalent to a fan running into the ring or streaking across the baseball field. It was a bid for attention by a guy who was mad that his squash match didn't get shown on national TV. Mayhem abused his position as Hendo's cornerman and should not be allowed to serve as such in the next event. (Side note: Anybody know if he suffered any serious injuries from getting stomped by the Super Diaz Bros.?)

So who makes up the other 20% of the blame?




8% Gus "Sometimes these things happen in MMA" Johnson: That will become the epitaph for Strikeforce on CBS and MMA on national TV for quite some time. This is what happens when you let a man with questionable knowledge of the sport onto a big stage with no cue cards. If Rogan was commentating, he not only would have put it into better context and spoke of how "unfortunate" it was, but he may have nipped the confrontation in the bud before it became an all out slugfest. Clearly, the inmates were running the asylum and Johnson had no control.

6% Scott Coker: Sure, I understand you needed to get backstage to set up the press conference, but the fact that you weren't present is emblematic of how you let this event get away from you. There's no excuse to run 40 minutes late into affiliate time. By the time the riot happened, Coker had already shot himself in the foot with an awful event. The total clusterfuck of cutaways, commercials, replays and conflicting moral pronouncements in the super awkward Shields interview with Toothy Shamrock was a prime example of what happens when nobody knows what to do because they can't find the boss to tell them.

3% CBS: They got into a business they didn't understand, yet arrogantly insisted on controlling the means of production. That's well and good when things are going according to script, but when all hell breaks loose, you need people like Dana & Rogan to regulate the outsized personalities this sport attracts. And the local affiliates have every right to be pissed at the network for not controlling the time better. The local anchorwoman looked tired and pissed when she came on at 10:40 last night.

2% Jake Shields: He's always been socially awkward, but in this case, it had violent results. If he would have just quipped, "You'll get a rematch when you beat somebody who isn't -1500" than he would have beaten Mayhem at his own game. Instead, he acted weird, and then threw two awkward punches--a stronger effort to finish than anything he had displayed against Hendo in the previous 25 minutes.

1% Gilbert Melendez: His shove was all the spark needed to set the Diaz Beatdown Train into motion, but he wisely declined to participate in the boot party, and you can understand him trying to protect his teammate Shields from Mayhem, who it should also be noted is significantly bigger than Melendez.

Strikeforce post fight brawl (via thechris1989)

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