Silva vs Maia: what's wrong with you people???

Come on!
I strongly believe that people screaming at AS do not get an ounce of what cage fight in an octogon is!
If you don’t like to see people able to run away from attacks eternally
just don’t watch any UFC event anymore!
The octogon was design especially for this purpose!
Why? because an octogon doesn’t have corner! so as a matter of fact you can’t corner someone!!!!
the only way a fighter can really stop an adversary to run is :
-to overcome in pure power dixit push him onto the cage 
-or overcome him with technique being able to take him down! 
 Obviously Maia wasn’t any close to any of this…so why was he in the cage? did AS choose him? no!

So tell me why in the world would you go getting risk to lose or even get hurt if you are already winning? why would you risk to hurt your face if you already shown that your skills are way above?
 Maia was losing! it was his call to go get AS! he just couldn’t do it! 
end of the story…
AS is not a an SadoMasochist, is he? would you be happy to see him in leather and a gag-ball just for the fun?maybe…but unfortunatly that will just happen in your fantasies.
A fighting competition is not a brawl people…if you want to see people getting hurt just for fun go to your favorite bar and do not watch a professional fight.

Now how about AS attitude.
A fight is not only about pure physique but also psychological…making your opponent lose self-confidence by provoking him, making him look stupid is obviously a very smart move…why? because the less you feel confident the more you’ll hesitate before attacking and even a split second of hesitation can make you have a huge advantage. But don’t forget! taunting is not up to anybody! If you don’t believe me just step in a cage!

Now please with everything i said in mind go watch the fight once more. And just appreciate AS mesmerizing fighting skills…

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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