The FightLockdown Verdict: Frankie Edgar vs. BJ Penn

Hey guys, as always your pals over at FLD are tryng to find ways to generating interesting discussion, and we do it this time in the form of a newly featured series on our ever-growing site. Introducing "the FightLockdown Verdict", a series that will pit three of our writers as judges of mixed martial arts bouts, scoring contests using the 10-points must system as they feel appropriate. Kicking-off this new series will be this past weekend's hotly contested LW title bout between BJ Penn and Frankie Edgar, which Jack Barrington, Brad Taschuk, and Miles Hackett will breakdown with their own scoring. 

Jack Barrington's Scorecard


Round #1: Penn held the center of the Octagon, beating Frankie Edgar to the jab and winning the majority of the exchanges as he found success with his straight right. Penn landed more, and Penn landed harder, winning him the first. 10-9 Penn.


Round #2: The second was more of the same, only Edgar had less success with his own strikes as he threw fewer leg kicks than the previous round, in favour of more clinching and half-hearted takedown attempts. Penn found greater success slipping inside Edgar’s jab as he established his range, and again landed the harder shots on Edgar coming in, putting him two rounds ahead. 10-9 Penn.


The 3rd and 4th rounds were about as even as I have seen. Neither fighter had any particularly telling moments; Penn shrugging off all but one takedown – from which he got back to his feet immediately – was about as eventful as it got, and was not enough to push either fighter into the lead. The only difference in these rounds was control, and scoring on Octagon control alone would give Penn the third and Edgar the fourth, as each man held the center of the ring. Octagon control alone doesn’t win you fights though, so I see both of these rounds even.Round #3: 10-10. Round #4: 10-10.


Round #5: Edgar held the center of the cage and had more success standing as he landed some solid shots particularly on his way out of the pocket and when breaking from clinches, and also scored a takedown, although Penn didn’t stay down for long. It was still a relatively tight round, but it was one that Edgar won, and won decisively. 10-9 Edgar.



To summarize, this was a fight won by decisive rounds. Penn took two rounds decisively and Edgar took one. The third and fourth were clear examples of 10-10 rounds and as the punch stats endorse my stance, control was the only dividing factor. Neither man dominated the center of the Octagon clearly enough to earn the round in my book, and the importance of scoring even rounds even, shines through here.

Brad's breakdown and my breakdown can be read here (as well as a comparison of how we all scored the fight):

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